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Voldy's Worst Nightmare

fairly simple; you have two dice, and you roll them :P

according to the number on the dice, you pick the characters, place, item and opening line.

Here's the lists and how many you pick of each:

Characters - two (one dice per character)

1 - Merlin

2 - Arthur

3 - Gwen

4 - Morgana

5 - Gaius

6 - Uther

Items: 1 (either one or both dice)

1 - Handbag

2 - notebook

3 - rubber duck

4 - red herring

5 - sword

6 - chain

7 - guitar

8 - potted cactus

9 - a tin of baked beans

10 - ninja costume

11 - Uther's crown

12 - prunes

Places: 1 (either one or both dice)

1 - Kitchen

2 - Library

3 - Gaius's quarters

4 - Arthur's room

5 - Merlin's room

6 - The Forest

7 - Ealdor

8 - the Great Hall

9 - Uther's room

10 - The Jail

11 - The guardhouse

12 - The dragon's cave (under the castle)

Opening Line: 1 (either one or both dice)

1 - "You're an idiot"

2 - It shouldn't have happened the way it did...

3 - "My lord, the king requires your immediate presence on pain of death"

4 - If it had been anybody else...

5 - "Okay, we messed up but it was TOTALLY worth it,"

6 - The world was coming to an end...

7 - "MERLIN!"

8 - In a land of myth and a time of magic...

9 - Before then, it was a good day...

10 - "Gaius..."

11 - "I can't take you anywhere can I?"

12 - "He's gone mad, sire,"


- no changing the numbers unless they're the same on the first list. That's cheating and manipulating the challenge - don't do it.

- yes you can have the same characters as another person, but try not to do exactly the same thing with them

- any pairing

- it doesn't have to be a romantic pairing, it could quite as easily be friendship, or just they-happen-to-be-there

- go crazy; i know most of the stuff in these lists isn't canon or historically accurate but just imagine what the reaction would be to something like a tin of beans.


- oh yeah; "..." means "continue the line" XD

-and OCs are allowed if you want one in there XD

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/9/2010 #1

I would roll it, to see what I get and then try and attempt it, but I'm dice-less *goes to look for a dice*

7/9/2010 #2
Voldy's Worst Nightmare


7/9/2010 #3

Oh sod it. I'll do this if I can find some dice. I think I know where they are. I'll take this challenge on holiday and do it on the plane so it wont be up for some time. xD

7/9/2010 #4

Right, I just have one dice but here goes. :P

Characters: 1: Merlin *YAYS!* 5: Giaus *Also, yay! I like his character!*

Items: 6: Chain *heh... I can do something with that. xD*

Places: 4: Arthur's Room *daaaamn. And I thought this was gonna be kinda easy* xD

Opening Line: 4: If it had been anyone else... *..Giggle*

7/9/2010 #5
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

hehehehehe that sounds fun XD

7/9/2010 #6

Can I have another one? :P Can I have two so I has plenty to write on the plaaaane?

7/9/2010 #7
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

have as many as you like! the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!! XD

7/9/2010 #8

YAY! Well. *Picks up dice*

Characters: 4. Morgana 6. Uther

Items: 5. sword

Place: 4. Arthur's Room... again. xD Haha, I might make this a two part story... Ventures in Arthur's Room. xD

Opening Line: "You're an idiot." Awww there's always something that makes it difficult. xD

7/9/2010 #9

I CAN'T FIND A DAMNDICE! I HAVE A YATZEE GAME SOMEWHERE WITH 5 BLOODY DICE IN IT! BUT CAN I FIND IT. NOOO! Is my Mum being helpful, noo 'I'll look when I get back' she said THIS MORNING! It's now evening and has she looked... noo! grr! Strupid lacking of dice -.-

7/9/2010 #10



Ninja costume

Gaius' quarters

You're an idiot.

No guarantees but i'll try and writ something

7/9/2010 #11
White Shade

My characters: Gaius and Morgana

The items: A handbag and a rubber duckie (fun!)

opening phrases: "It shouldn't have happened the way it did," and "My Lord, the king requires your immediate presence on the pain of death."

Places: The kitchen and Gaius's chambers

I can't believe I thought of this random'll see soon enough!!!

7/26/2010 #12
White Shade

Just a note, sorry 4 the double post. I'm picking one of the phrases, places, and items. I'm just giving you guys my results when I used two dice, not disobeying the rules or anything! Just an FYI.

7/26/2010 #13

I actually have my fic almost written up in my notebook from when I wrote it by the pool in Ibiza. xD It'll be up shortly. :D

8/21/2010 #14

Alrightie, here goes!



Red Herring

Merlin's Room

In a land of myth and a time of magic...

Okay. this is gonna be crazy and swell! Will write and post asap!

10/11/2010 #15
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