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Madame Apathy

Gord- I am what I am

Jimmy- I'm just a kid/ the batman theme(don't ask where that came from)

8/14/2010 #31
Miss Ordered

Well, Jimmy is a modern vigilante, although he's not rich and his parents aren't dead (at least, one of them).

These songs remind me of Bullworth in general:

"A is for Action" by Ima Robot


"Tear You Apart" - She Wants Revenge


8/14/2010 #32
Madame Apathy

Cool. "Everybody's fool" reminds me of Mandy because of her problems thanks to her clique status.


8/15/2010 #33
Miss Ordered

Teehee. I love that song. (Now that I think of it, the lyrics do fit her pretty well.)

Songs I'm Listening to Now:

"Double Rainbow Song" by schmoyoho


"Strut That Ass Song" by schmoyoho


8/15/2010 #34
Madame Apathy

I tend to listen to spoof lol. This guy's quite good at them:


8/15/2010 #35
Miss Ordered

LOL. I've listened to him before. (On a closer look, I realized that I own the same leather jacket he's wearing in the video. Weird...)

This song reminds me of Lola.

"Gentlemen Aren't Nice" by Emilie Autumn


8/15/2010 #36
Madame Apathy

That song is now in my favourites. :)

8/15/2010 #37
Miss Ordered

I'm an Emilie Autumn fan. There's actually a few songs that remind me of certain characters, although those can wait for later.

This song reminded me of Beatrice. (Cue the jazz vibe!) I could imagine her singing it. For some reason, the lyrics seem like what Beatrice would say to Casey.

"Faces Like Mine" by Emilie Autumn


"I should not be telling you

I'm flattered by your interest

Who am I talking to?

Could be the demon with a mask

Why should I trust in you?

I don't feel safe

I never did

But what else can I do?

But why do you ask?"


On another note, I've been listening to this piece lately.

"Promise (Reprise)" by Akira Yamaoka; Silent Hill 2 OST


8/16/2010 #38
Madame Apathy

We can so use that later in the rp :)

8/16/2010 #39
Miss Ordered

OH YES. It's a lovely song.

This song reminds me of people who betray their own cliques.

"My Fairweather Friend" by Emilie Autumn


"The one thing that I'm sure about

Is that you won't be anywhere around me when I fall

I'd like to think I wouldn't die for you, but you know I would

'Cause that's the fool I am

And that's the rule you bend

Absent in the end

Love you only bend

Wounds you'll never mend

My fairweather friend."

8/16/2010 #40
Madame Apathy

I listened to that this afternoon :)

8/16/2010 #41
Miss Ordered

I have been listening to the music playing at my parent's store. It's killing me, but I'm so glad I have my iPod.

I've been listening to this all afternoon.

"End of the World" by Skeeter Davis


8/16/2010 #42
Madame Apathy


This is quite a nice version of the show must go on.

This reminds me of Johnny Vincent:


Just the lyrics where it says:

His eyes upon your face.

His hand upon your hand.

His lips caress your skin.

It's more than I can stand!

And then where it goes:

You're free to leave me,

But just don't deceive me,

And please believe me when I say

I love you.

I just get the image of the greasers dancing with random girls while Johnny's having a big heartfelt monologue. But maybe I'm just weird :P

8/16/2010 #43
Miss Ordered

I've been listening to "El Tango de Roxanne" for a few minutes now. Yes, his singing was indeed epic, although the bald guy with the hideous voice in the background screaming, "Roxanne!" totally killed the mood. Does he start his monologue after the singing? Or does he actually sing his monologue?

MOAR RP fodder? (Although I wonder what would make Johnny and his boys agree to perform on stage. Getting a couple of guys from a place like New Coventry to dance is also going to be difficult, although it has potential to be cracktastic. Just imagine it. Someone teaching the Greasers how to tango. LOL, another potential Pinky/Norton scene.)



"Charlie and the Death Parade" - from No More Heroes 2


(Skip to 1:40 for the epicness.)

First time I watched it, I was like, "LOL WUT." I then realized how epic and full of awesome this scene really was. My eyes burn from the inherent WIN that is in this scene. (I want to play No More Heroes now...)

8/17/2010 #44
Madame Apathy

Might use it in the musical. It has a few votes on the poll :)

I'm just a kid by Simple Plan reminds me of Petey :P

8/17/2010 #45
Miss Ordered

Having writer's block lately. (*slams head on desk*) WAKE UP! RAAAAAAHHHH!

I seriously do not know why this reminds me of the RP right now.

"I Love You" (aircheck) - 'K.K. Slider'; Animal Crossing


There's something quite disturbing about this tune, although it sounds all innocent. Might be a song reflecting their mental states.


Something amazing I found.

This song was made only with the use of children's toys, a harp, and her voice.

"Hairnet Paradise" by Cocorosie


Also strangely sad. It gives me the impression of hope being stabbed to death and left to die.

8/17/2010 #46
Madame Apathy

Wow. I'm currently watching Adulthood, which is pretty bleak.

8/17/2010 #47
Miss Ordered

I read the summary. Indeed it is.

Reminds me of Bully (the movie, not the game).



"The Best Commercial Ever"


8/17/2010 #48
Madame Apathy

I love the guy at the end :D

8/17/2010 #49
Miss Ordered

I do, too. We all love that guy.

For some reason, I imagine Ted being cracked out like that one day. His whole team would be like, "LOL WUT the hell is wrong with you?"

8/17/2010 #50
Madame Apathy

Lol :)

8/17/2010 #51
Miss Ordered



Right now, I'm watching two awkward teenagers dance.

"Without Emotions" by Combichrist

Dancing by peanutgirly


"Without emotions

Without feelings

Without love

Without hate"

8/18/2010 #52
Madame Apathy

Not my type of music, but the dance was good :)


This made me laugh :P

8/18/2010 #53
Miss Ordered

"My first album just has some innuendo

But by my third album I'll act like a full blown ho"

LOL. I remember that song. I also remember what they were talking about when the song mentioned lip-synching on SNL. OH LAWD, Ashley Simpson...


This little song is similar to that.

"Popstar" by Hania Lee


8/18/2010 #54
Madame Apathy


Because we're epic as we are. :P

8/18/2010 #55
Miss Ordered



8/18/2010 #56
Madame Apathy

Oh, how cute!

By the way, you asked about moulin rouge, so as an insight:



8/18/2010 #57

Well... The only fic I've written this far is mostly about the greasers, so here's what I've listened to get in the mood.

For the greasers in general, I've listened to music that reminds me of the times gone by, the auto shop, and the shop class theme. The most common one's I've gone for are the themes of Silver Neelsen, PJ, Antonio Guster, Roger Buster, and Lily Flyer from F-Zero GX. It's obviously modern music (agh, don't make me use more accurate music terms, I don't know them) but draws inspiration from older styles, kind of like the very likely nostalgia-smitten greasers y'know?

Also, there's the hippie theme from Mother 1, oh god.

For Lola, there's... Well. I'm not sure how I ended up with this one, but somehow I associate her with the song Valse de la Lune. Probably via Moi Lolita, which makes more sense in this context. In fact, watching the artist Alizee sing and dance and then replacing her with Lola is what I imagine to be what traits about her are supposed to drive boys wild.

Then, when things get crazy, like when a character gets very sick or is struck by terror, I go for the insanity noises from Eternal Darkness... Like these ones here. Skip to 2:00 to hear them.

8/20/2010 #58
Miss Ordered

OH YES. Eternal Darkness. The game that's designed to screw with both you and your character's mind. I adore that piece. It reminds me of some kind of hideous monster that everyone tries to run from, only to find out that it's already there, nested in their minds. In fact, it had always been in there.

I'm glad I'm not the only person who listens to wordless pieces.

8/20/2010 #59

Yeah, well I'm sort of the type who can't walk and chew gum at the same time, so I can hardly really listen to something that has words and type words simultaneously without messing up.

8/20/2010 #60
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