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Have you noticed that some of the characters from Oliver Twist are practically completely ignored in the world of fanfiction?

What characters do you notice don't have many fanfics to their names? Do you think they need more attention?

5/1/2010 #1

I defiantly think that the strange and obviously troubled relationship of Bill and Nancy is not explored enough.

Another thing is that strikes me is how much Nancy hates Fagin while all the boys still working for him are besotted by him like he's their saviour or something, there obviously comes a point where breaking off from the gang and making your own way in the world becomes necessary. (Assuming that Fagin has been running a gang of pickpockets for some time) It's a wonder how there a no men who maintain a close relationship with Fagin after he "brought them up" and of course Nancy is still associated with Fagin because she's on the receiving end of brutal threats from Sikes if she does not comply.

8/24/2010 #2

I agree! One thing that annoys me when people do try to explore Bill and Nancy's relationship is that they tend to make it overly fluffy. In almost all fandoms that involve troubled relationships, people have an annoying habit of watering them down into no more than generic romance. It's the troubled aspects of such relationships that make them fascinating to read about, and I wish more people would acknowledge this in their writing.

Your second point is also really interesting. I don't think I've seen a single fanfiction that addresses this.

8/26/2010 #3

Exactly, Sikes is a brutal criminal who obviously has some sort of psychotic disorder or serious anger management problems and Nancy is a lower class prostitute from the slums of Vitorian London.It's unrealistic to say that they could ever have a relationship that's considered normal. The fanfic I'm writing at the moment explores Nancy's relationship with men and how she teaches her daughter about them and eventually about facing Bill again. It would be cool if you could check it out.

8/26/2010 #4

That sounds really interesting! I'll go and look at it now.

8/27/2010 #5

I agree, that story does sound very interesting; I'll have to check it out myself. The characters that get the least amount of attention (from what I've seen) are the other boys in the pickpocket gang. How did they get there, who they were, and what happened after they were discovered. Lots of things that were never mentioned.

1/3/2013 #6
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