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InDiGo MaRcH

Hi, folks! This is where we shall post the stuff that has happened! ... and stuff!

9/6/2010 . Edited 12/6/2013 #1
InDiGo MaRcH

"What is this? Is it my meatloaf, or my brownie?", IT'S ALIVE!!!, Obi Wan Kenobi, "I have to paint my eyebrows on every morning.", Nightmares, "All part of my brilliant plan, my friend. You see, if they're in front of us, we get a rather nice view of their backsides.", "It's not like we blew up the Temple or anything--", BOOM! Random Attack on the Temple, Ugly Sith, "So, what's up?" Naula asked, casually. "Oh, not much. Just going against Master Yoda's orders and risking my life. You?" "Same. It's pretty fun though." She said. "Fun? Your insane.", "Holy man! Ri! Run for it! EVERYONE! SITH ON THE LOOSE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!", Ryce Fai and Kadin Bennet, "We're Jedi, Scarlet,", Random game of Cards in the Middle of an Attack on The Jedi Temple, "Someone's on their man period!", Doing reckless and stupid things, "Live together, die alone.", "Hey! Ugly! Leave him alone!" From behind the crate, Rilou slapped a hand to his forehead. "Ugly?" he repeated. "That's the best she could do?", "I'll just hide behind here," said Rilou, disappearing again. "Good idea.", The Houk Bounty Hunter, "A chance to blast some more arrogant Sith punks? I've never passed that up." p.1-3

9/7/2010 #2
Wazzy Wazlib

Master Bondara and Tarak Sark kick butt, "Oh, good, they didn't die..." , Master Yoda is in the hizz-ouse (wow, random), Rilou takes the lead, "Heck, I can't even remember the last time I saw the village, never mind how to get there.", Kadin needs a friend or two, "What? I gotta pay the bills. And the taxes.", Kadin really needs a friend or two, "First I missed breakfast, and now this?! I'm hungry! I want food! I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEONE IF I DON'T GET AT LEAST SOMETHING TO EAT!", Naula is a wee bit cranky, the Temple's not the only thing on fire, "On second thought, you can carry me.", Seriously if Kadin doesn't get some friends soon Im'ma go all Sith, "Yeah. Rilou is kinda sexy sometimes.", Born to be a killer, Kadin is a heartless robot, "Though too focused on food you are, Naula.", Apologies and biscuits, Naula randomly kisses Rilou and freaks everyone out, "Well, now we are homeless, starving, and sleep deprived. Could this day get any worst?" Yes, yes it can, DISEMBODIED HAND!!! Kadin's scared of it, "Sure am. I can always throw it at Kadin whenever he's in one of his meditating moods and I think he's gone and died from not moving for prolonged periods of time.", Yes, keeping a dead hand is disturbing, "Old Xarga at Ajur the Hutt's palace taught me three rules to live by in life; women are evil, men are stupid, and no good deed goes unpunished.", "Seriously, Kadin? Don't be such a baby.", Rilou is a pompous git, Getting eaten is a horrible way to die, Reminiscing, "Keeps you from hopping in the speeder, runnin' a red light and tauntin' the cop 'til he shoots you.", "Sorry! I have bad aim when I've only eaten a few biscuits.", Kadin is a smarmy @ss, "See ya, Rilou! Don't let anyone die!" "And if the two of you die?" "Don't worry about that." p.4-6

9/10/2010 #3
InDiGo MaRcH

Huh, I guess he has a heart after all. He knew?, "Well, he's either helping the kid, or planning on eating it.", "Believe what you want, Naula. You're the one kissing Rilou over biscuits.", Kadin is being sneaky, "Awesome, you're not dead. Where's Naula?", Not stalking--just conveniently winding up in the same place, "Meh.", Another Random Card Game, Kadin has a friend :3 FINALLY!, "To beat you over the head with it if you bugged me!", Rilou beats Terra, "Says the boy who was skipping around singing after winning a card game.", Kadin is injured--onoez!, "Obi Wan is missing. He might need our help.", Naula had to pee, "Hello! Any one out here? That wont eat me?", "Aw, don't be so shy Rilou! I already kissed you, so is a hug really that bad? And I havn't seen him. Maybe he died.", Kadin has a broken rib, "I think she's 'gone round the bend', if you get what I'm sayin'.", Obi Wan is a BAMF, "Great. Naula is loose in the jungle. What else could go wrong?", Rilou and Ryce set off to look for Naula, "Why did the ant climb a tree?", Sith Ants, "The Sith go marching one by one, oh no! Oh, no! The Sith go marching two by two, oh no! Oh, no! The Sith go marching three by three, the ugly one stops to kick a tree. And the Jedi fall down laugh-ing. To the ground. Cause it's funny. The Sith go marching four by four, oh no! Oh, no! The Sith go marching five by five, oh no! Oh no! The Sith go marching six by six, the stupid one tripped, cause he's a prick. And the Jedi fall down. To the ground. Laugh-ing. Cause its funny! The Sith go marching seven by seven, oh no! Oh, no! The Sith go marching eight by eight, oh no! Oh no! The Sith go marching nine by nine, the uncoordinated one stumbled, messed up the lines..., "Stupid tree!" Naula yelled, after falling from the top branch. "I just want'd to go bird watching!" p.7-9

9/10/2010 #4
Wazzy Wazlib

Tree-Yeller, Randomly skipping through the corridors and secret spies, Mr. Sunshine p.10

"I doubt a connection between Kadin and anything living is possible.", Rilou has the hots for Ryce, "Him and his stupid identity stealing ways.", Rilou climbs a wall or two, Hu'leks p.11

Loons, Humans, and Twi'leks that aren't jealous, Rilou does some stretches, "Huh? Gees, all I came up here to do was my stretches. Calm yourselves. Gosh.", Moral Support p.12

Pig Tails, Terra gives a pep talk, Ryce and Kadin get a bit frisky (no, just kidding XD), and we're having pudding for dessert--I hope it's dead p.13

9/16/2010 #5
InDiGo MaRcH

Flying Sausage, Negotiating Pudding Matters, "This feels worse than when an Ewok hits the back of your head with a staff....", Run away Bacon!!!, "My toast isn't brown nor white, my egg is jiggeling, and my orange just blinked at me.", "At least what you've got hasn't run away from your fork screaming...", Brainwashing the Lunch Lady p.14

Blinking Oranges, Jennifer, "That was before I nearly got my leg blasted off,", Obs is a Stud, Kadin is a Sleepwalker p.15

"I'm a growing boy!", Training and Stuff--KADIN FINALLY LAUGHS!!!, "You know, I do sense someone...someone with a really big gun.", The Houk returns p.16

"Thought we had a talk on the Human jokes. Just gets us into trouble.", Diablo the Orange and Terrible Parenting, DAG AND KYLE!!!, Terra Scarlet...what an ironic name..., p.17

"Your macaroni is trying to get away.", "Excuse me while I destroy it.", Stomach of Steel, "Mewing salad is my favorite.", Lightsaber talk p.18

"And choking him is your idea of nice?", The Tournament, "GIVE 'ER THE OLE ONE-TWO!", "Yeah, yeah. It's only my future on the line. I'm fine.", "GO, NAULA! YEAH! SHOW 'ER WHO'S BOSS!", Rilou does some pull ups and Ryce hugs a bucket p.19

Kyle eats some popcorn, Rilou kisses Naula, Terra gets body-slammed, "Yeah, baby! That's how I roll!", Obi Wan gets a temper, "THAT'S NOT FAIR! KICK HIM WHERE IT HURTS, OBS!", Obi Wan is sent away :(, "Gosh darnit!! I mised it all!", Terra wins her match (as did everyone else) and Kyle is an imbecile p.20

9/16/2010 . Edited 9/16/2010 #6
Wazzy Wazlib

"I can't believe you didn't notice Siri had clawed you,", The Masters discuss their choices, Dag "loves" kids, "Well, you should talk more. Your conversation skills are terrible.", "I like you, Louie!", Kadin is shifty, "Dag told me he'd make me run circles around the Temple if I didn't have his food ready. I swear, he treats me like a slave." p.21

"I want pie.", Kadin's on the Roof for the last time, "Not this time, Kid. Now where's my burger?", "Stop hugging people. It's un-Jedi-ish.", Group Hug!, "Let's see...he was young...and handsome...and looked kinda constipated,", The Padawans are Chosen, Yah!, M-0GO, "Rilou and I hijacked one of the smaller starships. It was a slow day." p.22

"Beep, beep, squeal!, beep.", Naula and Zane arrive on Endor, "It's been ten seconds... and she's already touched me... why...", Asking too many questions, Hehe...kittens...and he's a Cathar... , Moogoo and Azure p.24

"Cut this chain for me, please, if you've got a spare moment!", Fate brings us all back together, "LOOK AWAY, YOU PERVE!", Seth the Sith, Happy Birthday--or not, Fight--blood--kill--Burgers, Terra takes a shot for Kyle, "THAT WAS MY PADAWAN, YOU BASTARD!", Confrontation, "I'm not playing games, I'm simply buying time." p.24

Seth is a prick, I mean seriously, "And you're time's up.", Seth and the other Sith quickly got into their ship and took off to get Seth medical treatment, Kadin has a girly voice, Naula's got her eye on Rilou, "Who wants to go get burgers?", "And once you've reached Knighthood? I'd be stuck with a monstrous starship I can't drive.", Killing terds p.25

9/24/2010 . Edited 9/24/2010 #7
InDiGo MaRcH

"You should leave the robe off more often, N.", Inside Jokes, "The Ewoks even taught me my signature sticking-your-lightsaber-in-your-opponents-head trick.", Johnson and Diablo Return, "You kept your blinking fruit?", Naula and Rilou, "You know, your kinda sexy now.", Kadin is a bamf p.26

"Hey! Hey, bah-babe!", Terra castrates a couple of drunks and punches Kadin in the face, Rilou and Naula flirt shamelessly, "Crado practically ripped his face off.", Kadin gets floored again, Kadin has a twin brother?, "So your Kadin, and the guy I wanted to kill with a passion is your twin? Cool." p.27

Whiskers, the Chancellor's Palace, Dag is a bit threatening, "I don't quite enjoy being left in the dark.", Suicidal Missions and Noogies, "As long as I get to kick someone's ass," p.28

Korriban, "Of course it's a trap, Master. These sort of things are always traps.", Meditation, Loss, and Irony, Visions, "Killer headaches." p.29

"Oh? Am I someone to talk to? While we're both searching the innermost crevices of our minds?", Rilou and Ryce relive the good days, "Oh no! Oh no! Bloody hell, this is so childish. The Sith go marching three by three...", Up the flagpole, Diagnosing Visions and Not Being Hungry, p.30

"OK, OK, gees. Don't getcha metal bikini in a twist!", Sexy Attire, Fearless Leader, Humpty Dumpty, "Yes, as much as we want to see you half naked, Kyle, I think we'll have to pass on that offer,", Terra wants to wear a skimpy outfit, "Can't say I blame him. I wouldn't be the happiest bloke around if I was a metric ton of fat blubber either." p.31

The Red Hawk, Stowaways, and crates, Kisses of Excitement, "Well that was weird...", KORTO!, Frazzled p.32

Food, Discussing Good Plans, "Meh. I don't really care for plans. I just kill 'em all. More fun.", "I have boobs, too, you know.", Rilou has a plan p.33

"How did I get mixed up with such strange people...", Platt and the Slave Girl, Dag is a Stowaway, "What?! They have those things that make you wanna rip their pants off!" p.34

Terra dances, "Your twin sure is a freak,", Rilou has a blaster pointed at him, "A huge freak. With greasy hair. Rilou's coming back.", Plan B P.35

Terra makes contact--Zzzzzzt--nevermind, Draaamaaa, Rilou is under stress and Ryce is being odd, Dag is a bit...blunt, Rilou yells some more, Kadin steps in, Rilou stays behind p.36

Dag scouts ahead, Musing about Palpatine's intentions, Talking and Talking, Ryce brings up an unfulfilled promise p.37

"Now pick up the pace or I'll kick your @ss all the way there,", Naula randomly gets kidnapped, Dag has a spazz attack and Kyle flicks him on the nose, Dag punches Kyle, Dag whacks Kyle on the back of the head, "Do you want me to knock you around a few more times?", Seth and Terra negotiate, Dag and Co infiltrate the base p.38

"That guy's a terd,", Rescue!, Operation BUTS is a go, "Please, just let an old man out of his prison, so I can fight for my last chance of survival.", The Slaves Rebel, "What? I don't get to stab anyone? Whatever!", Climbin Walls is Fun, "No one look up my skirt!" p.39

Mysterious Old Twi'lek is a bamf, Rilou's on the way, The power is out, TERRA!, The Vision comes true..., Dag blows up a ship, Kyle is KIA, (CAN TERRA PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE KILL SETH NOW?!?!?!?!), "If you don't kill the filthy bastard, I will." P.40

Things are getting intense up in here X), "That's why I just said were going down there, dunderhead!", "I'm going to kill you now," she told him, raising her lightsaber high above her head. "And you are not going to like it.", Seth is dead and Ryce gets shot, Something randomly bit Naula who isn't sad about anything, Dag isn't his usual gruff self, Terra blows up the base and kisses Korto, She then hugs Kadin and says, "Be happy I didn't kiss you,", a sentiment that he agrees with, "I dunno, I'll figure it out later."

Kyle's Funeral:

"Emotion, yet peace.

Ignorance, yet knowledge.

Passion, yet serenity.

Chaos, yet harmony.

Death, yet the Force."

Seven Months Later p.41

Naula hugs a stranger, OBI WAN!, Terra flirts with Obi Wan Kenobi and bashes a few heads, Dag is drunk and also bashes a few heads, Naula learns something horrible, Ryce also bashes a few heads, Dag pukes--YAY!, Obi Wan is sexy, Dag is ashamed, Kadin is still a bamf, Meeting up again p.42

Awwwkwaaard, Naula feels a wee bit guilty, Ryce and Estell talk about Kadin, Rilou and Toki are going to the Palace, Randomness, really p.43

Crado says a few blunt things and leaves, Estell and Ryce talk some more, Terra and Obi Wan talk about the Lost City, "He just said it's a suicide mission!", Naula breaks up with Rilou p.44

Naula has gone to the Dark Side, "AND ERASE HIS MEMORY! I stupidly killed his master and revealed my secret. No one must know of this!", Palpatine kills Murrie, Naula kills Rilou, "Rilou is...dead?", The Naula you knew is no more., Sith goes down, Darth Nix is born, Tai, Ryce goes after Kadin p.45

Ryce begins her search, Tai throws a cucumber at Ryce, Terra is more than a bit depressed, Ryce has a run-in with Naula, "She wouldn't be if you weren't SCREAMING MY NAME!", Rexi and Rico, Naula escapes, "You killed him you know!!!" she screamed. "You loved him and then you killed him!!!" p.46

"Oh, you killed me? Didn't even know. Ah, well! But we still can't be together, cause I'm a Jedi Master now and I can't have attachments", Tai and Naula swap conversion stories, Terra and Co are shipwrecked, Moogoo is abducted by Woolamanders, "Oh, dear! Master Crado will have wondered where I've gone off to! I do hope he's alright!", Ryce finally meets up with Kadin, "And, yes... I'll contact Estell and tell her I'm still alive.", Funness, "What is this place? Oh, hey! Hey! Those are my appendages! My, word! Don't touch that!, Rilou and Toki's bodies are gone?!, "So yer tellin' me two dead guys just got up and walked out of the cargo hold?" p. 47

Ryce and Kadin talk, Taungs, "So you killed them because they were annoying you?", Flying Fruit, Terra and Korto also get abducted p.48

"You are. You've got your mysterious side, your quiet side, your nice side, and a whole bunch of other sides.", ABDUCTIONS!, "Stupid imposable thumbs," -.-, SEXUAL TENSION!, "AVAH, MOORAH!", Moogoo is the King of the Woolamanders, "I've always wanted to be roasted over a pit by monkeys!", Sacrifice, "I DON'T WANNA DIE AS A SACRIFICE FOR MONKEYS! SOMEONE HELP US!", Has anyone seen my arm?, RILOU AND TOKI ARE ALIVE!!!!, Poke p.49

The Secrets of Yavin IV, "Don't worry, kid, my girlfriend tried to kill me too,", No force, "Yeeeah...having no arm is really humiliating...", Naula and Tai crash too, WHAT?! I CAN'T HERE YOU! AND I THINK WERE ABOUT TO CRASH AND DIE!", Naula and Tai have amnesia, "Hello, Naula. Long time, no see." p.50

10/10/2010 . Edited 10/10/2010 #8
Wazzy Wazlib

Questions and Answers, Traitorous Bitches, Falling in love p.51

Lovelace takes control, Naula is confused (no surprise there), and Tai is annoying p.52

Naula's a little smartass, Terra attacks her (which is hot), Hole in the Foot. Toki looks for answers. Yavin IV P.53

"Screw the Lost City," Dag huffed. "There's a reason it's lost, innit there?", Master Ikrit, "I love you. And stuff.", Going Home, Expectations... p.54

Three Months Later, Retirement and Milo Gen, Back to Yavin IV, "AND FREE DESSERT!", Ryce comes to visit p.55

"Korto and I went looking for Moogoo, and then we were kidnapped by Woolamanders, and suddenly Rilou and Toki were there, and the next thing I knew I realized Rilou and I were in love, but then Korto and Dag fixed the ship and we came back and now I'm pregnant,", Reminiscing the old days, "Back when Naula wasn't psycho, Rilou wasn't stuck on a magical moon, and the only thing I had to worry about was my food crawling off of my plate." p.56

Dinner with the Organos, Small talk can be quite painful, Fishy Pastry Deliveries, THE GALA! P.57

The Kiffar returns, "Hey, how's it going? I've got lots of credits. You should dance with me.", Giggling Twi'leks, "Did I mention I own a intergalactic restaurant franchise?", Jahn the Juggling Zeltron, "Well, I was going to take that bet, but the lazy twat fell asleep,", Random Sith Attack! :3, p.58

Broken Ribs and Smashed Windows, You stab me, I shoot you, Terra takes action, "DIE, DAMN YOU!" P.59

"And for your information, Kadins not my boyfriend.", Ryce is kidnapped, " 'We'? What 'We'? Were not a 'We'. Your a you, 'The kidnapper', and Im a me, 'The Kidnapped.", Terra nearly strangles Kadin, "No, a we as in 'you and me', the Kidnapper, that's me, and you, the Kidnapped.", Kadin is really bossy, "Excuse me if I'm an unstable psychotic PREGNANT WOMAN!", Father and Son reunite, "It's not like you can get off the ship, so if beating me up makes you feel all tingly inside, go ahead." p.60

"If I wasn't receiving such graphic visions of you repeatedly stabbing me in the chest, I'd think you were flirting with me, Jedi,", I went there, Awkward situation, "Look, Im a Jedi. Im not gonna lay on the ground and play dirty-dirty with Sith Lords.", Sid disagrees with that statement :P, "Who cares? Im sick of you calling me blondie. And you obviously wanted to be on first name basis, from what you did in the hallway.", Bantering ensues, "I saw what was goin' on through that dirty little mind of yours.", DIE, JEDI!!!, Ominis, Kadin lies p.61

(Wazzy made an evil Sith who kidnapped Ryce and Terra is 3 months preggo still and Dag is on the ground unconcious with blood leaking out of somewhere, presumably dead), "Tell her I say hi and stuff,", Dag is ALIVE!, "I need to get you out of those clothes.", Bribing the cook always works, "For Sith, its not that bad...scratchy, though.", Dinner with a Sith, "We evil, manipulative, and all together unpleasant Sith aren't supposed to divulge such personal information,", Try not to land on your head, Ominis gets a master p.62

Verloren, Swapping stories with a Sith, "It's not poisoned, you know. Might have a bit of Hutt slime in it, but it won't kill you.", Sarcasm is a Sith's best friend, Literally flirting with danger p.63

"Damn, I missed all the action, didn't I?", Kimiru makes the scene, Walking on Coals, "I never said I was working with the Jedi,", Sid 'disposes' of Ryce, "Gee, this is the thanks I get for helping you escape? Was messing up my hair really necessary?" p.64

"Obviously. Now go before that Ish-guy comes around wanting to rip your organs out. And stop looking at me like that.", Ryce escapes and Sid jumps off the landing deck, "Jedi knight Kadin speaking, do you need assistance?", Shock and then...nothing, "Of course he was after Organo! Did you not hear him say, 'Where's Organo? I know he's here!' at least twelve-thousand times?", Naula and some guy Lucario randomly get married p.65

Terra's eventually gonna kill someone, Or Dahj will... XD, "It's Ryce and Kadin! Back from their honeymoon." p.66

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tear off your head right now.", Kadin explains, "Says the girl that ran down two flights of stairs, past a bunch of droids, and out onto the landing decks, when I already had the situation under control.", Hormones and Curses, "Orrrr...he wants her in the pants!", Terra has to pee, "Stupid pregnancy. Not only do I have to pee every five minutes, but I also have a craving for Tatooine Pickles and I keep staring at Korto's backside." p.67

"Who said you could party without me?", Terra is a cranky pregnant woman, "All being a Jedi ever got me was a cracked skull, a few gray hairs, and a dead Padawan.", Terra throws a shoe, "Where the hell were you when I was bleeding all over the furniture?", Karain and brownies p.68

"Why would anyone throw a shoe at you?", Talk talk talk, "If you ask me, you can't go wrong with a little bit of yellow.", 5 MONTHS LATER, Obi Wan Kenobi is back, "Well, I can't really kick butt with a melon attached to my stomach," p.69

Discussing evil things and Tatooine Pickles, Terra's going to Coruscant, "...don't die and remember to aim for the crotch. KENOBI! ARE THOSE BROWNIES?!" p.70

11/11/2010 . Edited 11/11/2010 #9
InDiGo MaRcH

Crap, everything was erased!!! -.- p.71

"And? Your a Sith, and Sith dont randomly walk through gardens to talk about the weather with Jedis. Answer my question," Droid Attack on Alderaan and Arguments p.72

"It's my time to go, Shaalir. Say goodbye to Terra for me.", Kharr Crado's last thoughts, "Say goodbye to her yourself!" , Darth Od escapes, Dayne and the Red Demon, Dag is arrested p.73

Dayne is a Psycho O.O, Terra's in denial--no, wait, she's in labor! "CALM? I'M HAVING A FRIKKIN BABY AND YOU WANT ME TO BE CALM?!", Kadin's in Macho Mode, Dramatically fainting and odd accomplices, Rylo Gen is born, Kadin's a Keeper...snicker... p.74

The Council gets involved--oh joy, "You wanna read me my rights? Or just stab me in the chest and get it over with?", Sentences and Energy Cuffs, Imperial Caravel--whatever that is XD, Visits, Verloren's Story and Professor Wyrick p.75

Terra escapes and Baby Ashoka has an accident, Ryce admits her love for Sid, "Well, get over here, Blondie! I'm sort of shackled to the floor, in case you didn't notice.", Terra shoots Palps the finger and Sid tells Ryce she needs to let him go, The Blondie and the Cretin, Dayne hits a tree--yay! :P, Sid strikes a deal and tells Windu what he wants to know p.76

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #10
InDiGo MaRcH

"okay, i havent checked this in a while...lets see...jet camo...check...blink teleporter...check...hologram emiter...check...armor base with dented crotch plate...check-wait...TECHIE!!", Leaving for Tatooine p.77

"Evidence?" Plo Koon pointed out. "Is evidence meaningless in the trial of one of our own?", Space Battle and Crash Landing p.78

"Thanks for leavin' us down there to drown,", Church and Tucker, Dragonsnakes and Confrontations, Liberated Prisoners, "I'm afraid Terra has gone to the dark side.", Sid saves the day, "RETESFIGORFOHMEH!!" p.79

"Were still working out the kinks!", "And on top of all that, me and Tucker have to watch Caboose with his newly acuired brain damage.", Ryce meets the Next Gen, Guilty Attachments, Mysterious Noises and Ryce's confession p.80

"They couldn't even handle ten minutes.", "No, can't say I am. I don't have the dire need to rip anyone's head off at the moment. Sorry to disappoint you.", Rescue Mission and getting food, Palps is odd, Lopez the OKD p.81

Attack of the Droid, L0P-3Z, Pilot Battle, "Buenas Noches", "I want to kill you,", Shot in the Chest p.82

Jashia Niersta, Terra's Escape, the Truth finally told and Blue Eyes, "Kharr Crado would not want an innocent man killed for a crime he did not commit,", "Well, seeing as I was sort of drowning at the time, yeah, I was pretty serious." p.83

Delgado's head, "Stop complaining, droid, and get inside!", Mamby Pamby Land, Stewjon and Windu, "Shut up, Moogoo,", Milo's Plan B, Nubian Crackersp.84

"He's still set on killing me? Lovely.", Discussing the plan, "Haven't we already established Kadin's a nosy twit?", "Zeltros!" Dag crowed. "My thoughts exactly!", Staging Escapes, "Cracker? It's from Nubia.", Hit and Run, "I can kidnap Fai again! It'd be just like old times.", Random Denio chick, "As enthralling as that idea is, I'll have to ask you to refrain from tearing the child's head off." p.85

"You have to be the worst Jedi I've ever met.", A plan is formed, "You could always eat Kadin," p.86

Tatooine, "Lovely day for a picnic, I'd say,", Jabba's Guards, "Ambushing Jabba the Hutt? Absolutely fool-proof." p.87

Sid, Dag--go!, "Let's ditch this Popsicle stand, Alema,", Left Behind, Escape from Tatooine, "'s the plan; I knock him out, you hotwire the starship, I hide the body, then jump in--", Ryce takes Charge, "May the Force be with you,", Chasing Butterflies, Shooter p.88

The Nightshadow, Making Friends really was Pointless, Searching for Jashia p.89

Teleplyos, Party on Stewjon, "Women are on'y good fer two things: one, cookin' food, and two, they're a lot more comfor'able then a sack o' flour, believe me", Training, "Once a Jedi, always a Jedi, no matter how far one strays from the path.", Zeltron pretzels and a distracted Chancellor, "I don't like Prostitutes!", Sid has regrets, Cheap Alcohol and Ice packs p.90

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