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  1. No Mary Sues. My numero uno Golden rule. The most crucial commandment. If I feel like your character's a Mary Sue, I WILL FEED THEM TO MY PET SARLACC.
  2. No Godmodding. At least not without permission. No one likes it when someone else hijacks their character!
  3. No Mary Sues. Repeating this one because Mary Sues.
  4. Write in 3rd Person! None of that one liner nonsense, and PUNCTUATE. USE SPELL CHECK. CONSTRUCT COMPLETE SENTENCES. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
  5. Be polite and respectful! We're all here for a good time.
  6. Don't do anything crazy like blow up a planet without permission. LOL.
  7. Don't make everything revolve around you. You're not the Chosen One. So no plot-hogging. We can't all be Anakin Skywalker (and idk why anyone would want to be tbh--Darth Vader, yeah lolol but not Ani)
  8. Try not to double post a gazillion and one times. Wait until someone replies to you. BE PATIENT, MY YOUNG PADAWANS.
  9. Keep things PG-13. Don't get extremely graphic and gory. No sex scenes. This isn't a porn site LOL.
  10. Have fun and don't be a creepy psycho stalkers! LOLZ

If you agree with these rules, write "IT'S A TRAAAAP!"

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moew moew im a fishercow

its a TRAAAAAAAP!!!!

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