First come first serve for the main cast of vgcats Leo,Aeris,etc. Have fun! :3
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Aeris looked down at herself to see that she had a black dress on,"Why the he'll do I have to wear this?!" "Oh since your not doing anything important and everyone is required to wear something nice you had to have your clothes changed, sorry! And it's with your other clothes. You'll get them back later. But for now you and Leo should come with me and Max will show Aeris what she needs to do!" Mona said smiling as she skipped out of the room.
9/21/2010 #451

"Ehm... alright, let's go. Later Aeris." Jack said as he and Leo went after Mona.

"Where is my cap?!" He moaned, his left hand on his head.

(He LOVES that cap =P)

9/21/2010 #452
(g2g) "Fine. If it's really that important to you," Mona said snapping her fingers. A man appeared almost instantly and gave him his hat back. "Okay now to get this show on the road! Presenting, Nina!" Mona said as she opened the doors to a room in which Nina was in dressed in a beautiful silver dress, "Hi Jack," Nina said blushing.
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(Alright, me too anyways.)

"Thanks..." Jack said as he got his black cap back. He smiled and placed it on his head before adjusting it.

Then the door opened and Jack was amazed as he saw Nina.

"Woah..." He said, stopping in his tracks.

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Nina blushed a more at his reacation,"So do you like it?" spining around slowly so he could see the whole dress. It was a long dress that went to her ankles and it had spagetti straps that zigzag down her back. "Mona picked it out she said I'd look go in it," Nina explained.
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Jack walked slowly over to Nina. He smiled at her as he took her hands.

"You look... perfect." He said, still smiling.

9/22/2010 #456
"Really you think so? You do, too," Nina said smiling back at him,"I don't think this dress is really my style but it is very pretty."
9/22/2010 #457

"Hey Mona." Jack said happily. "Could you turn on some music? I wanna dance with this beautiful girl, heh."

9/22/2010 #458
"Sure thng! Cue music and lights!" Mona said and all the lights in the room shut off execpt for on spotlight that hovered over Jack and Nina as a slow love song began to play.
9/22/2010 #459

"So..." Jack said, taking off his cap and throwing it towards Leo. "Nina? Can I have this dance?"

9/22/2010 #460
Nina nodded, unable get her words to come out of her mouth, and took his hand.
9/22/2010 #461

Jack smiled some more as he raised Nina's hand and placed his free hand on the right position.

He began to dance, chuckling a bit.

"My dad is a bit rich, and wanted me to learn 'real dancing' rather then disco and hip-hop. So I know some moves to this kind of music, heh." He said, sounding a bit nervous.

"This is... very, very..." Leo began, but somehow the word he usually would say didn't come out. In stand he said: "...romantic?"

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Nina was looking down making sure that she didn't step on Jack's feet. "Well at least you know. You'll have to show me sometime," she said looking up into his eyes and smiling warmly. Mona who was hugging Leo tightly, sniffed and smiled ,"Yeah it really is! It's like a scene in a romance novel or movie!"
9/22/2010 #463
Krytonian Patriot
Then one of mona's thugs came to speak with her. "miss.Mona? We got two guys with batons outside. I think they saw us take jack and his friends and got the wrong idea."
9/22/2010 #464
(lol! They're not thugs they're just um...big scary guys that work for her :3) Mona glared at him,"Then go deal with it! What do you guys think I'm paying you for?! Go!" (Mona doesn't like to be messed with when she's in happy romance land)
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Krytonian Patriot
(sorry I took so long. I was eatin dinner.) A few hours ago.... "man, I'm bored!" pichu exclaimed as he was laying on the couch watching RVB. "what do you want me to do?" bob said as he was looking at today's cyanide and happiness comic. "I got an idea! First let's go to burger king, then stop by aeris and leo's." pichu said. After an amazing meal at burger king, pichu and bob were heading to aeris and leo's apartment. Pichu brought his coke with him. And he was arguing with bob. "dude," pichu said, "Godzilla could DESTROY the monster from cloverfield." bob disagreed "no way! The parasites would bite Godzilla, causing him to blow up!" then all of the sudden a car went through aeris and leo's house. "holy ####! My coke is diet! I wanted regular!" pichu yelled. They saw guys coming out and grabbing jack, aeris, and Leo. "whoa!" said bob. "we gotta save them! Somebody help us!" then seizure man came (I love cyanide and happiness! XD) "this looks like a job for me! Seizure man!" seizure man said. Then he fell down and started to shake. "thanks seizure man!" pichu said. "come on," bob said, "let's go. Well follow the car."
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Krytonian Patriot
(sorry I have no clue how it did that)
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(eh, don't worry about it. I'll fix it , fixed and thank you! :) )Five of the black suited men came out of the building to face Bob and Pichu. "I'm sorry but you two must leave. As for your friends, they're you don't need to worry about them," said one of the guys,"If you don't leave now we will have to use force."
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(LoL... your posts made me rofl XD You guys got funny minds =P)

Jack chuckled again as he peered into Nina's eyes. "Maybe..." He said, smiling at her. "But I think you're dancing just fine."

Leo felt a bit awkward as he moved his head so he was looking at Mona.

'.........' His mind was blank, why was she hugging him?

9/22/2010 #469
"Well I do think I'm starting to get the hang of it," Nina said. "Oh and while I was here I heard Mona and someone talking. She said you had something to give me? What is it?" she asked wanting to know. Mona looked up at Leo,"Something wrong, darling?"
9/23/2010 #470

Jack smiled, taking out a red box from his pocket. "And here I thought I would look stupid giving it to you, heh..."

"Ehm..." Leo said, not wanting too sound rude. "Where's Aeris if I might ask?"

9/23/2010 #471
Inside was a silver chain necklace with a silver locket in the shape of a heart. It had the letters "J" and "N" carved into the front and on the back it has the word "love" writen on the back. Nina gasped when she saw it,"Oh my god! It's beautiful, Jack! you did have to through all that trouble just for me! But thank you!" Mona frowned at the when she heard Aeris's name,"She's helping with cooking and stuff. But dn't worry about her, okay? Rght know just worry about you and me!"
9/23/2010 #472

Jack smiled, placing his hands on Nina's shoulders.

"Glad you like it... your cousin helped a 'bit', heh." He said, glancing at the necklace before looking into her eyes. "Put it on, I wanna see how you look with it."

Leo forced a smile out, not sure what was going on. "So.. your name is Mona, right?" He asked, still a bit confused and nervous.

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Krytonian Patriot
Then one of mona's big scary giys that work for her came in holding pichu and bob. "sorry ma'am. But they said they are friends of the group."
9/23/2010 #474

"Hey!" Leo said, running over to Pichu and Bob. "Pichu, Bob. You guys alright?"

9/23/2010 #475
Krytonian Patriot
"yeah" pichu said. "hey Leo could you help settle a bet?" (g2g)
9/23/2010 #476
Krytonian Patriot
(back) "yeah" Leo said. "what is it?" pichu answered "who would win in a fight? Godzilla or the monster from cloverfield?"
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(Hey Shippy. I think you missed my post so I will repost it =P Heheh)

Jack smiled, placing his hands on Nina's shoulders.

"Glad you like it... your cousin helped a 'bit', heh." He said, glancing at the necklace before looking into her eyes. "Put it on, I wanna see how you look with it."


"Both dies." Leo said, giving Pichun an answer.

9/24/2010 #478
(actually I haven't posted yet) Nina nodded and put on the necklace. "So how do I look?" she asked once she had it on. Mona pushed Bob, Pichu and Leo out the room and into a hallway,"Out! Out! Out!" Once outside she put her hands on her hips and pouted,"Didn't you notice the romantic happenings that are going on inside? I refuse for this to be ruined! Now I would like an aplogy,"Mona said crossing her arms.
9/24/2010 #479

(Oh. In that case, sorry =/)

Jack smiled, looking at the necklace and then at Nina. "Perfect, if not more."

Leo scratched his neck, feeling dumb one again. "Sorry..."

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