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damn I have 14.5 left of the 50 mini-stories left to write.... I don't wanna T-T


9/24/2010 #31
Weiss Rose Schnee
Aww then just stop and release what you have if its bothering you that much lol. But if your determined to finish then continue. Dont give up yet. Im sure the finished product will be great xd...a little confidence boost before I go back to work should help yes?
9/24/2010 #32

lol I'm trying really hard to find motivation.. but this isn't your typical 50 prompts.. this is actual mini-stories trying to shove it all into a paragraph... obviously if I was writing a fic for each they wouldn't be in one paragraph but w/e :(


13.5 left :o

is my icon messed up or is it just my computer... cause mine is the only one that isn't showing up :S

9/24/2010 #33
Weiss Rose Schnee
Oh alright I understand. And yeah your image doesnt show up here either. Its not just your computer tho. wonder why its messed up. Did you change it or something. Well im glad I could somewhat motivate you xd.
9/24/2010 #34




No I didn't, it's showing mine again for some reason... and now I can't see yours... weird and this site has been giving me so many problems in the past few days... maybe major maintenance or neglect? who knows I just hope it gets fixed soon :S

teehee :3

well I just got an idea for a new multi-chaptered fic but I can tell right now that it's gonna be longgggggand very in-depth like Yoshiyuki Ly's- Effervesence long and in depth

that's like DEATH :S

I'm not a very committed person in relationships... let alone fanfics o_0

i don't know if I could do it xD because the length of the chapters themselves would be fricken long ass chapters... anyway.. if I plan to start it at all.... I won't start until after the next release :)


it did it to me three times now in this one post :S

9/25/2010 #35
Weiss Rose Schnee
Yeah and im so mad. Cmon gimme my Flight back damn website. You could be right on the whole bugged up site. I see yours is back. Now im sad xd. Hmm sounds interesting that you have a idea for another fic. And dont worry about being devoted or at your own pace. But yeah this site has been having problems. Hopefully they will be resolved quickly. my good posts as replies in RPs wouldnt go through a few months ago and trust me i wasnt happy either. But yeah proving again the net isnt as perfect or effective as everyone wants to believe. Now site gimme my Avi back!
9/25/2010 #36

hahaha. Clearly I feel your pain :)

teehee ^-^

lmfao :D I hate everything

I have 38.5 out of 50 done :OOOOooooOoO

Hooray :]

9/25/2010 #37
Weiss Rose Schnee
Thank you for understanding. It suxs I cant see Flight whenever I post a post and I luv that picture. Anyway congrads on making your fic well past the halfway point. I feel that way sometimes hating xd but thats usually customers who piss me off or life in general. Good luck with the remaining promps... Meh im being Lazy not starting on mine but got alot in life to distract me from starting...and also I have a slight case of the dreaded writers block..meh...
9/25/2010 #38



don't make me angry woman! :0o0O0o0O0o0o0oo

teehee ^^ it is okay but there are better ones.. but that is one of the better Flaire icons anyway :D

once I get a time when I can sit down and commit to finishing the story, then it shouldn't take long.. I'm kinda spouting out more ideas :) changing a few prompts cause some of them were just dead ends lol ^^'

omg START lmfao ^-^

9/25/2010 #39
Weiss Rose Schnee
Eh im sorry. Does Flight sound better xd. and yeah its good but yes there are better ones. Ill go for this one for now then maybe change it and urgh...dammit! Anyway thats good to know you can and yeah that can happen I suppose xd. Just trying to formulate more balanced ideas then ill start and maybe the ideas will be good..most of my ideas i had in my head sux...come to think of it... Good luck with your new ideas and I hope they are good...
9/26/2010 #40

No it doesn't :D

START WRITING!!!!! :OO0O0O0OooOo0Oo0O0o0o0o0o0oo0oo0000OOOOo0Oo0oooO

I just read a story with Fang being the main person... and it was about her being raped and getting pregnant while they were on Pulse or something :S

did not put me in the mood I was hoping for, to finish my story xD

9/27/2010 #41
Weiss Rose Schnee
I will but its hard for me to come up with what story idea I want to use..I had plans for two stories well 3. One was the casino or bar with that card match playing the game my brother made up The one when Vanille goes ape shit so to speak and tries to kill Light and Fang has to protect her or another idea i had where Fang and Light are together and Vanille meets Fangs look alike cousin and falls in love with her. Its my OC Zafia in the story but just for this fic i switched her from Fangs sister to her cousin instead because someone already wrote a fic with Fang having a sister and I dont want to be a copycat. Nooooo Fang isnt supposed to get raped. Me angry at all 3 of the rapy Fangy. My Fangy musnt be harmed..evil Hope Snow or Sazh! and yeas to story completion. May not start writing until I go on my VK in a couple of weeks and if I visit my grammy ill use thier computer to type. I dont own one just borrow. I type her via mobile xd. has the same net as a computer except cant type stories xd
9/27/2010 #42
Weiss Rose Schnee
Eh scratch the yea. I reread yur post and awws...plz continue to write soons tho...
9/27/2010 #43

well than do it!!! before someone else takes the idea... but the OC one I won't read lol ^^

41.5 done now :) I'm furiously working on it!!!

9/28/2010 #44
Weiss Rose Schnee
Heh you dont have to read the OC idea tho I did get a request from Snickers i believe to write it. I plan to maybe make that a oneshot the other idea a full blown story. I warn you now i am going to mess up Lightning but after reading other Flight fics I could manage. Alright your getting there yea! And sofar no one has taken the idea. Hmm...i was thinking of doing it from each persons POV but mostly all writers use POV but what the hell itll be interesting if I can pull off a darker side of Vanny because shes too sweet a person to imagine evil xd...
9/28/2010 #45



Just thought I'd drop my story status here while I'm trying to finish up :)

uhm START!!!! :O0O0OoO0oO0o0Oo0

10/4/2010 #46
Weiss Rose Schnee
Lol thats alot of work you did xd. Youll make it. And I would but my brothers being greedy with his computer and refuses to share even his laptop. My mom and sister wont even let me borrow thiers. I have computer issues. If my mobile had a writing program id gladly start xd. And i dont have the time to go to a library or whenever i get a chance to use some computer ill start typing my fics up..I promise...
10/4/2010 #47

lmao this was all amusing to read. imo for your first post, definitely the second. i couldn't stand reading fang thinking about vanille while shes with light, i'd rather it be the other way around because it means her interest for the other character is there.

Now LOL i thought i was the only one doing this. counting up the amount of fics each pairing has. we had a huge jump awhile back and we're alot closer to pedoglorifiedn now. i wish i could put up more fics but im in such a rut. i've got about 7 different stories but only one chapter written for all of them. lol and id rather fix and finish my current than post a bunch of unfinished work, its really great to have so many fics but quality over quantity anyday imo. i remember back when fanille had more fics, i was just glad that flaire had more good ones.

11/9/2010 #48

Yes I died; but I've come back from being dead for a while...

On to the next one...

1/27/2011 #49
Weiss Rose Schnee
Oh a new story..nice. Must check it out. Ive been dead and my lifes been hell. Anyway heres a solution. If ya want to get rid of Vanille just pair her up with my OC Zafia in a story and have Fang find out Vanilles been cheating on her with my OC then Fang is heartbroken and all then theres alot of Flight goodness... xd yeah this is a fic idea but like most good ideas..already done xd. I just think someone should commision my idea....when theres time. My OC can be found in my ive said. Or when I think of a way I may use this idea instead when and if i decide to write...cursed writers block xd..
2/24/2011 #50

uhm yes... best get on that like... now .. lmao


how about you finally write :D

2/24/2011 #51
Weiss Rose Schnee
Lol um yeah I should even tho works been overtaking my life and I need to plan because I really want this to be good and not be accused of copying other peoples OC ideas...
2/27/2011 #52
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