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Yet another points thing. I just wanted to create this in the first place.

What happens is you ask for one, and I give you a dare.

The dare could include using a pairing or a character I tell you to, using a quote I tell you to, a prompt, a genre, anything.

5 points for the story in general, and an extra two per every thousand words in it.

967? 5 points

1,002? 7 points

Not including the Author's notes.


11/27/2010 . Edited 1/26/2011 #1
in sync

This sounds fun!

Dare me, Amy, please.

11/27/2010 #2
with the monsters

Ooh, dare me too please :D I like the sound of this.

11/27/2010 #3

AHH. I really shouldn't.

But I will!

Dare me, please! (I /so/ need a break from NaNo. Not even CLOSE to finishing.)

11/27/2010 #4

I guess this is almost like my 'I never' challenge on HPFC, since the point of dares in general is supposed to challenge someone, or get them to do something they never would have thought of...

Which reminds me, if there's anyone not against slash... someone should try writing an AlbusLorcan, I'm curious ;)

Mystii: Write me a MollyLorcan ( I've never been lucky enough to read one...) including Lucy's name, but with no appearance by her.


11/27/2010 #5


I dare you to....

Write a happy freeverse about Victoire

;) I haven't read many happy freeverses in general... huh.. It can be any pairing, and all that as long as Victoire's in it...

11/27/2010 #6

Oh my gosh, Jenny, you should write a...

I dare you to.... uh....

Oh wait, that could be fun...

A fic including Teddy and Scorpius having an argument about who likes Lily moreee

It could even be them saying that the other one does, if you want to give it a twist.

/I almost want to try that one, but you might not be happy about insinuating LilyScorpius. You can have Teddy win, if it makes you feel better, but the ScorpiusLily hints still would have to be there.

11/27/2010 #7

Ohhhh, god. Okay. I'll try. AUGH, LilyScorp. Blehh. :P Ah well.

I can't guarentee it'll be good. Or...unprejudiced.


11/27/2010 #8

Hey, you can even be creative and say they're arguing over a platonic relationship, if you'd like.... big twist, huh?

11/28/2010 #9
with the monsters

Hey, Amy, look what I did :D

the truth in all those love songs

For the record, happy freeverses are hard. I feel like it sucks without angst.

11/28/2010 #10

Read and reviewed, great job!

11/28/2010 #11
with the monsters

Thank you :) Can I have another dare? They're remarkably fun!

11/28/2010 #12

Okay, uh... you wanna give me an Albus/James/Lily sibling fic?

Preferably including an argument, but you don't have to...


11/28/2010 #13
with the monsters

Ooh, yeah, sure, why not? Sounds fun :D

11/28/2010 #14

Potter children bonding fics, FTW!

11/28/2010 #15


Bring it on. Could I have a dare? Please.

11/28/2010 #16

Any next-gen pairing, Fluff, incorporating the line(s)

"I'm not perfect, you know."

"That's good, 'cause I'm not either."

Try challenging yourself with the pairing, but you don't have to...

11/28/2010 #17

Sounds awesome :)

*will challenge herself*

11/28/2010 #18
in sync

MollyLorcan- I am excited! :D

11/28/2010 #19

Is it okay if it's slash? :)

11/29/2010 #20

DO IT!!!

Translating to: Yes, slash is fine. ;)

11/29/2010 #21
gecko brothers

May I have a dare?

11/29/2010 #22



11/30/2010 #23
Perchance A Primrose

Could I has dare?

12/12/2010 #24

Can i have a dare?

12/20/2010 #25

Hit me with your best dare! ;D

1/2/2011 #26

Ooh, can I have one? (:

1/2/2011 #27
fabricated fantasies

Dare me!

1/4/2011 #28

Hey, I'd like a dare :)

1/8/2011 #29

Amy I dare you to dare me!! And give me any and all prompts you have...

1/10/2011 #30
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