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seriously guys i'm going to have to sign up for lily/scorpius if nobody else does and that's like my second-unfavouritist pairing apart from teddy/victoire

but ellie enjoys underdogs creys

chi if you'll have me on your team i would really like to sign up for lily/scorpius k.

sobs, um, can i be a copycat of ellie & do what she;s doing, if chi accepts her?

so, um, can i request to join lily/scorp as well, omg, can't believe i'm doing this.

/feeling bad.

3/15/2012 #181

I approve these teams as a self-proclaimed shipper of both, just ftr :) CHI WHERE ARE YOU?

Twinsy, because your editing made me unable to edit without logging on to the NGF account which I don't feel like doing as I'm on a school computer, EDIT THEM IN.

So, we just need one more person for each team, unless you guys think you're okay to work in threes? I'm all for smaller teams, ngl, though four is nicer and even, but if you guys are cool with it, then so am I :)

3/15/2012 #182

Poor Lily/Scorpius, I will offer my services, if truly needed.

It's because ILY. :D

3/15/2012 #183
Gamma Orionis

*Bites nails*

I don't know how good I could be at debating for a next-gen pairing, but I see my poor Lily/Scorpius being neglected, and...

I could try to debate for Lily/Scorpius...

3/15/2012 #184

Haha, I'd love to have any of you guys on my team, to be honest.

Except Sid because she smells.

Fine, fine, even Sid ;)

But yeah, guys, of course!

3/15/2012 #185
heading for a huge collision

Lilyscorp. Bam. A failing potato just signed up.

3/15/2012 #186

Guys, guys, omg, there's only four people per team :P I'm glad so many people are finally enthused about this debate, though!

Okay, so, since it is first-come, first-serve, I'm giving the spot to Sid, unless she wants to give her spot up for someone because I know she ships Rose/Scorpius, heh (and as awesome as she is, Chi does not actually get to choose her teammates lol).

And we still need one more member for the Dominique/Scorpius team, if anyone's willing! :)

3/15/2012 #187

Chi does not actually get to choose her teammates

since when ;)

3/15/2012 #188


Sid ships Rose/Scorpius. ;_;

I'm just gonna go and say Pearl chose me, because she luffles me :D

:) I'd only give up my spot if I was paid ;)

3/16/2012 #189
with the monsters

i'm very happy to give my spot up! in fact i signed up on a bit of an adrenaline high because i was excited about hunger games and seeing as there are people who want to join in for lily/scorpius who actually ship it i think it's very sensible that i just back away slowly and then run and hide...

so yes whoever signed up after sid can have my spot if that's cool? i have to go and enjoy the sunshine and be overemotional about the hunger games so :P

3/16/2012 #190

/switch to Dom/Scor Ellieeee

/we need one more pleaseee

3/16/2012 #191
symphonies of you

I will ship rosescorpius 5eva, mates.

It's hard being insanely stubborn.

3/16/2012 #192
yeah um unless Ellie does, can I switch to DomScor & let some real lilius shipper debate for Lilyscor?
3/16/2012 #193

omg okay you guys need to get this sorted out :P

as it stands right now:

summer, mad, blue, and vicky (or ellie, if she's up for it?) on dominique/scorpius


chi, sid, gamma, and tatoe on lily/scorpius

does that look good to everyone?

3/16/2012 #194
with the monsters

nah it's cool vicky can go for dominique/scorpius. the only reasons i really have for shipping dom/scorpius is because i do so i think i'd be much use in a debate ;)

3/17/2012 #195

Didn't Vicky want to volunteer for Lily/Scorpius? o_O

Edit: lol. I do not ship Lily/Scorp.

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #196

Aha, no, Sid, Vicky's switched.

Anywho, the Dominique/Scorpius team's chat has been established -- how is Team Lily/Scorpius doing on finding communication? :)

3/18/2012 #197

I have no idea.

3/18/2012 #198

I've made a chat group for Lily/Scor, Sid :) The only people that are missing are Tatoe (I think Chi can add her though?) and Gamma.

Gamma, do you have a skype you can use or make one for this?

3/18/2012 #199
Gamma Orionis

I don't have a Skype, but I could make one, I expect :)

*Goes to do that*

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #200

Cool, thanks! You can message Chi your details when you make it if you don't want to post them on here, as she's the unofficial ringleader of the Lily/Scor team, haha ;)

3/18/2012 #201


i feel so popular :')

3/18/2012 #202

So, I've told you guys this on the Skype chats, but just so everyone is fully aware, I'm going to be following Listen's deadline system, which means you get four days for each post.

That means that the first deadline, for your openers, is on Thursday, March 22nd!

Good luck, everyone!

3/19/2012 #203

Just a reminder, guys, opening posts are due tomorrow!

I'm going to randomly say that Lily/Scorpius goes first (also because I know you guys are pretty much ready, yeah? Whereas the Dominique/Scorpius team just spams me with alerts unrelated to the debate, 'cause they're weirdos).

Good luck, everyone!

3/21/2012 #204
heading for a huge collision

This was written by Sid! :D I'm posting it now so we can meet the deadline.

Hi those in the peanut gallery, this is Sid, your resident sycophant and I'll be opening for the Lily/Scorpius team, debating against Dominique/Scorpius.

Let us introduce the players at hand, Lily Luna Potter, daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, in terms of canonical facts, she is approxiamately 9 years old in the Epilogue and therefore 2 years younger than Albus Sirius Potter, Rose Weasley and the man in question, Scorpius Malfoy. This is an age gap which has no issues with the two characters being able to meet after this point. It's clear from the epilogue neither character know eachother, other than from probable hearsay, and even then, there is only so much the young Lily knows about Scorpius Malfoy's personality, not family history.

Lily/Scorpius as a pairing is considered to be quite popular among the Harry Potter fandom (over 700 stories for them in the archive alone), for many different reasons. As a team, we hope to reveal to you, dear readers, what makes Lily/Scorpius an interesting and beloved pairing, and a pairing which should rule over Dominique/Scorpius.

The debaters for the team will follow the personality we can divulge of the two characters – Lily and Scorpius, from the epilogue, what these personalities may develop into and why we believe the pairing would work. Using examples of fanfictions by a variety of authors which show the strengths of the pairing and even at times the importance of character in comparison to storyline, we hope to convince you why Lily/Scorpius wins out.

3/22/2012 . Edited 3/22/2012 #205

Mad is posting for Vicky :)

Hi, my name is Vicky, and this is the opening post for the Dom/Scor team's debate posts; we have Mad on the main post, Summer on the rebuttals and Blue is writing our closing post.

We have many reasons why we believe that Dominique/Scorpius is the superior pairing to Lily/Scorpius, which I shall be outlining in this post.

One of our arguments is that, with Dom/Scor, we have complete creative liberty on Dominique's part. Whereas Lily's age and basic physical profile have been set out through the epilogue, we do not even know Dominique's age – or any information about her, besides for her parentage. Basic knowledge about Lily's personality can be seen through the way that she acted in regards to being left behind for another year, or the way she viewed Teddy and Victoire's relationship, yet we have complete control over the characterisation of Dominique. We all have our head canons for Dominique – one factor being whether or not she is older or younger than Scorpius – yet this does not influence the fact that we have only guidelines in the form of her parents as to her character. This liberty allows us the chance to form our character as we desire her to be, not creating a Mary Sue, but rather a girl who can be as flawed and unique as we desire – and her character can be identical or completely different to that of Scorpius.

A further discussion point we are putting forward is that of the possible difference in their ages. They could have an age gap, or even better, they could be in the same year or around the same year! We have complete liberty with this. Another barrier between them, their family names, is also another point that we desire to develop. After all, they have the long-standing family prejudice, along with tensions between the parents that we'll be bringing up in the main post. Finally, we would like to mention the etymology of the names of the characters. This may or may not be important, but with a generation like the NextGeneration, which we know nothing about, it's important to consider.

Hopefully, you'll agree with us that Dom/Scor is clearly a superior pairing.

Thanks for reading my opening post; it wouldn't have been possible to write without my team members, especially Summer and Mad, so thanks! (Also Mad edited it to make it shorter; there was way too much info we were saving xD)

3/22/2012 #206
heading for a huge collision

Friends, family, vegetables, and animals of the NGF forum, I'm Tatoe, and I'll be arguing for the LilyScorpius team. I'll be addressing why to ship this boss pairing in the next 1,000 words or so. Please, listen- I promise it won't waste your precious time!

First of all, LilyScorpius is really great for getting away from cliché-overload. I admit as a former RoseScorpius shipper, I was tired of lots and lots of clichés. Mostly of the whole "don't fall in love!" and then falling in love with the forbidden guy. I wanted something new and exciting, so I began to read some LilyScorpius. My favorite by far is Pearl's "Operation: Lemon Bars". Why, you might ask? It navigated away from clichés and opened my mind to a whole new world, literally. I was hooked from there. In that particular LilyScorpius, Harry and Ginny didn't tell their daughter not to like Scorpius. They aren't exactly the type of people to directly forbid relationships, which gives Lily free reign on which guy she'll choose. Last March(2011), I had a conversation about the Next Generation of Harry Potter with someone who knows Harry Potter so well that they can basically recite the first book by memory. She's a firm believer in the pairing of LilyScorpius- mainly because it will force Draco and Harry to become close. As we can tell from the books, the whole relationships between Ginny and Draco or Harry and Draco are sort of tense(not in that way, for all you dirty-minded people) and could use some sort of force to make them bond in some way. If Lily was in fact, dating Scorpius, I'd think that Draco and Harry would overcome their differences and attempt to interact civilly with each other.

Dominique is one-eighth veela. In some headcannons, Scorpius could have just been attracted to the veela side, not her personality because of this. With Lily, Scorpius would be more likely to have fallen in love naturally. But we'll never know- perhaps Scorpius and Lily were set up by Rose! But this isn't all headcannons. We'll never know for sure if this is, in fact, true.

All in all, LilyScorpius is a 964-story large pairing that can put smiles on almost anyone's face. I'm quite interested in what the DomScorpius team will have to say- in the spirit of gracious professionalism, the best of luck to your team!

Thank you for reading this, everyone! And thanks to my lovely fiance for helping me develop it(before, it was pretty awful XD)!

3/26/2012 . Edited 3/26/2012 #207

Hey, guys! Mad here on main arguments for Dominique/Scorpius. As Vicky mentioned in her opening arguments, we think that Dominique/Scorpius is the superior pairing, and we have quite a few arguments to back up this point. Like Vicky said, there's the idea of complete creative liberty with her, the possibility of an age gap, the family names, a huge amount of conflict between Dominique's parents and Scorpius' parents, and of course, the possibility of Dominique having to live in Victoire's shadow. These reasons led us to conclude that Dominique/Scorpius is a far more interesting, and therefore a 'better', pairing.

First of all, we have what is arguably the most important argument -- that of having more 'creative liberty' with Dominique. With Lily, we have the basic canon facts; Lily's a girl, a redhead, and in a year that is below Scorpius'. Her basic personality is also outlined in the epilogue; we can see it in her reaction to being left behind for another year and her reaction to Teddy and Victoire's kiss. When writing Lily/Scorpius stories, all of these things need to be taken into consideration. But with Dominique, we have complete and total liberty. All that we know about her is her name and her parentage, which, aside from the basic laws of genetics, leaves us to our own devices. I've seen a number of different characterizations of Dominique, along with a lot of different appearances. This liberty that we have lets us make Dominique completely our own. She can be similar to Scorpius or completely different; either way, we can shape her so that her character perfectly complements that of Scorpius. Of course, 'she' could even be a 'he', since the name Dominique is a unisex name.

We also have complete and total liberty with her age, which can be very important in a relationship. She could be in the same year as Scorpius, so they would most likely know each other due to them being in the same classes, or in the same house as he is. Of course, it is also entirely possible that she is older or younger than Scorpius, leading to age gap difficulties that can make the pairing a more interesting pairing, due to the difficulties they would have to face. It would be even more interesting if Dominique were older than Scorpius. In most popular age-gap pairings, such as Teddy/Lily, Remus/Nymphadora, or Victoire/Neville, Chi/Doug, and Tom/Ella, the boy is older than the girl, so having a girl that's a fair bit older than the boy would be an interesting and refreshing turn of events. And that's simply one possibility out of many that you can have when you exercise the freedom Dominique/Scorpius gives us!

Obviously family feuds do not a good relationship make, but if family rivalry is what you want, you've got it here. First of all, we've got the obvious long-standing family feud between the Malfoy and the Weasley family, which would mean that Bill and Fleur would most likely automatically dislike Draco and Astoria because of this. Draco was brought up believing that the Weasley family was a bunch of pureblood rejects, while the Weasleys were taught that the Malfoys were snobs. If that were not enough, both Draco and Astoria both attended Hogwarts at the time of the Triwizard Tournament in 1994, an event that Fleur Weasley (nee Delacour), Dominique's mother, competed in against the Hogwarts champions, bringing in the first bouts of rivalry. Also, it was well known that the Durmstrang champion, Viktor Krum, who also competed against Fleur, was known to be in the company of Draco and his gang. Draco and his friends flamboyantly supported Krum during the tournament as well. If that doesn't bring up enough mutual disdain, if not blatant dislike, there's the fact that Krum was Imperiused by the Death Eaters (a group which Draco's father was widely known to have been a part of and Draco would later join) to attack Fleur during the final task, therefore rendering her unable to finish the task. Even with just these few reasons, we can definitely see why Fleur and Bill would dislike the Malfoy family, though there are others like the fact that it was Draco who let the Death Eaters, including Fenrir Greyback, into the castle, and it was Fenrir Greyback who went on from there to severely injure Bill Weasley. Most likely, Bill would be aware of this and not think the best of Draco and Astoria, to say the least.

On a similar note, it is extremely likely that Draco and Astoria would not be too fond of Fleur and Bill. From canon, we know that Hermione and Ginny were not too fond of Fleur since she was French and gorgeous, and the British and French have a rivalry, so it would make sense that Astoria would be jealous of Fleur and end up disliking her. Not to mention the fact that Hogwarts and Beauxbatons don't really get along most of the time. They have what one might call a 'school rivalry', so that's even more conflict. Also, during the Triwizard Tournament, Astoria and Draco watched Fleur, so they probably think of her as a silly and weak little French girl. It is most likely that they would think of Dominique the same way, so obviously Fleur, being stubborn and willing to defy others' expectations of her (like when Mrs. Weasley assumed she'd ditch Bill and she told her off), would not take well to that. All of this, combined with the family rivalry, would make for some fairly awkward family dinners, don't you think? Again, tension between parents does not a good relationship make, but if family tension is what you're looking for, you've most assuredly got it here.

There's also one more component that may make this story all the more interesting – that of Dominique's sister. It is most likely that Dominique, being younger than Victoire, would have to live under her shadow, whereas Lily only has to live under her father's shadow, though that really doesn't matter much at Hogwarts because her father is not there. On the contrary, Victoire and Dominique have the possibility of attending Hogwarts at the same time, and even if they didn't, it's likely that Victoire would leave a legacy there simply due to the fact that she's gorgeous – after all, she is a part-Veela. Dominique would have to live under her sister's shadow, which would definitely add an interesting component to the love story of Scorpius and Dominique.

In ways of fanfiction, I must admit that Scorpius/Lily is the more popular pairing, but what does that mean? Most,notall, but most of the fanfiction that I have read for Scorpius/Lily follows the same general plotline – either Lily has a crush on Scorpius and eventually he starts to feel the same way for her, Albus and Scorpius are best friends and eventually Scorpius sees Lily as more than just Albus' sister, or Scorpius is in love with Rose but somehow, through Lily comforting him after the breakup or something else, he ends up with Lily. Obviously, you can see how this could get mundane after a while. However, Dominique/Scorpius has no obvious clichés. We have Scorpius secretly crushing on Dominique or vice versa, we have them being best friends and worst enemies, and there are quite a few stories where they even meet after Hogwarts! There are a large number of possibilities with both pairings, I must admit, but the fact of the matter is that the Dominique/Scorpius shippers are generally more willing to explore those possibilities. As a general rule, I'd wager to say that Dominique/Scorpius stories are more quality than those of Lily/Scorpius.

In conclusion, due to the unlimited amount of possibilities, the amount of tension between the families, the fact that Dominique could be overshadowed by her sister, and the originality of the stories, I think that it's safe to conclude that Dominique/Scorpius is the more fascinating, original, and interesting, and therefore the better, pairing. Best of luck to the Lily/Scorpius team in the debate; I'm sure you guys will be fabulous!

Thanks for reading all of this, and thanks to my brilliant teammates – especially Summer and Vicky – for helping with this post! And thanks to Pearl for being an amazing moderator for this debate.

3/26/2012 #208

flawless!post is flawless, maddy. :)

great work so far to lilyscor too, you guys deserve it!

3/27/2012 #209

Great work so far, LilyScor!

& Summer put it perfectly about your post, Mad; it was flawless XD

3/27/2012 #210
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