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Wassup homies! *shot*

-ahem- anyways, if anyone ever has an idea for an RP session, just post up your idea and, if we deem it worthy, then we shall go ahead and rp our pretty little hearts out... at least I WOULD if I HAD a heart... but anyways, you have to mention what the whole theme is, if canon and/or OC's are allowed in (and remember about who is assigned canon characters... we gotta get a list out...), and any other rules you want to place, like if you want it to have a comedic feel or have it all serious-like... so other than that, have fun with RP's!

idea example(as well as an rp idea): Jermaine is preparing for his first-ever concert in Cassopolis. Bush Rescue cannot help but feel that something is up. [Canon and OCs welcome; Humor/action; running gag is Rico's phobia]

1/23/2011 #1
Shiny Raichu

I wonder what would happen if they had a comedy club night

1/23/2011 #2

mrow? =O.O=?

1/23/2011 #3
Shiny Raichu

What the heck does that mean?

1/23/2011 #4

it means I'm gonna eat your soul... slowly... so I can truly appreciate the flavor and texture :p (I shouldn't read horror stories before I reply to stuff :/)

so yeah... what do you think about this rp idea? :3

1/23/2011 #5
Shiny Raichu

(No more horror stuff for you) It seems like a great idea

1/24/2011 #6

awwww but I like my horror shtuff :c

well, see you later! gotta go to classes!

1/24/2011 #7
Shiny Raichu

Okay you can read your horror stuff just no killing *brings out a piece of garlic* unless you want this shoved down ya throat

1/24/2011 . Edited 1/24/2011 #8

pssh... garlic can't stop me... :p oh wait, it can... because I like to cook and will take it from you to create an Italian dish :B

1/24/2011 #9
Shiny Raichu

oh crap! *thinking thinking, ah got it!) *pulls out a plunger gun* Bwahhhhhhhhhh!. *shakes head* The heck?

Rabbid: Bwahhhhhhhh!

Grrr you ruined the Rayman series, ypu are not ruining the Ty series *pulls out a bazooka*

Rabbid: Bwaaaaaaah! *runs off*

1/25/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #10

lol ah well, the forum for the roleplay topic is up already... called Life in A Capella :p

1/25/2011 #11
Shiny Raichu

Sweet! =)

1/26/2011 #12
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