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A topic list of all the characters of Kung Fu Panda and new characters from the series and second movie.
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Charlie B.Barkin

Well...since it's a huge character forum with lots of information I don't see nothing wrong with roleplaying here.

6/16/2011 #1

Nice, I'll be Crane and you?

10/8/2011 #2
Charlie B.Barkin

I'll be an anthro german sheppard.

10/8/2011 #3


Crane was down at the village looking for paint to keep making his caligraphys session, he didn't have to wne to far to find the right place for it.It was a beautiful day with sun and not clouds, he had big expectations of having a good day off today.It was 1 week since the defeat of Lod Shen, althought everyone was glad that Shen's was defeated, Crane was not sure if he was really dead or not.After the celebration at that day he started looking for Shen's body on the wreckage just to make sure of it.He didn't found anything except a lot of feathers with a mix of blood.For everyone that was enough to believe he was gone, but for Crane...it wasn't enough.

But he had more things to be concerned about at the moment, besides, he had received a letter from Mei Ling just few hours ago in which she informed him that she would be passing by on the village by the weeekend.That make him felt really anxious about her arrive at tomorrow.It was so long since the last time he saw her...

"Hum..Master Crane?" Asked a unfamiliar voice.

Crane blinked in surprise and turn around to see who it was.At the moment he saw what appears to be a fox dressed on the most strangest suit he had ever seen, but the problem was that this fox was far taller than it should be, it had a lot of familiarity with a wolf.But his posture was far better and his hands didn't look normal paws at all.For Crane, they looked more like talons but with five fingers.His fur had the same coloring of a normal fox.

"Yes, it's me...but who are you?" Responded Crane slowly"

"My name's Carragher, Sgt.John Carragher." The 'fox' responded harshly. "I need to talk with you in private..if you don't mind."

"About what?" Wondered Crane.That was really weird.

"Just follow me." The fox depart throught ther mass of citizens and Crane had no choice at all.Crane wasn't sure if he should trust that guy or not.But he followed anyway.

The fox lead him until the entrance of the village where there were other people dressed like the stranger standing still and carring weird object.Among then Crane could see a completly different species that he had not ever seen.

"Hey Captain, Crane's here." Informed the fox.The guy who wasn't a fox at all move directly towrds then.Crane just keep standing there and waited.

"Crane." Greeted the stranger." My name's Nadal.Cpt.Nadal of the 3th infantry division of the allie army.I'm make part of the EBF, I'm one od the main commanders of the front lines of defense on the east part of China and Russia.

Crane found himself speechless, he had no idea of what to say or even think.He had no idea of what that meant at all.Nadal keeped the conversation anyway.

"I don't know how to say this Crane but...China is at war."

Crane gasped.What?It couldn't be..with who and when?

"But...how?" Asked Crane a little in shock.

"Hum...Had you ever heard about Japan?Well, the Japanese empire declared war agaisnt China, Russia and South Korea.At the same moment North Korea and Mongolia joined with Japan on the war and North Korea and India joined with China.Indonesia and Malasia were quickly defeated by the japanese army and now Australia and New Zeland are fighting back the Japaneses.Vietnan, Tailand,Camboja and Taiwan are under assault of the North Koreans and Japaneses.Laos was taken down, Mianmar is a gone, Philiphenes were conquer.Nepal and Blangadesh are holding back the enemy forces that make their presences on the frontiers.India is suffering the same.Salomon Island, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Nova-Guine, Palau, Nauru, Tuvalu, Fiji, and Samoa Americana are alsmot under complete control of the Japanese.If Japan conquers China, the Russians will be doomed.That's why we were sent here to stop them.This...is World War 2 Crane."

'I just...oh my.." Crane was feeling completed lost, suddenly the day has turn from great to apocalipse.No, it was a bad dream, it had to be...

"I'm sorry to tell this in such a way, but I need you to inform everyone you can about this problem.This Vally was pointed as a strategic position to coordenate the distribution of our military units.So we want to establish a HQ in here."

"You can't...this IS Valley of Peace, not Valley of War." Complained Crane.

"Well, if the Japanese get here it will be Valley of Death if you don't let us help you all by letting us to set a base here.I promise that we'll make our best to not interfere with those people life's." Guaranteed Nadal.

"I'm not the right person you should be telling this, you should talk with my master...he'll be one to decide that." Informed the waterfowl.

"Ok, fine.Barkin!" Called Nadal.One of the strangers of the group moved toward them.Crane realized that this one was different too, he was canine for sure but he had no idea of what type.

"Yeah?" Said Barkin.

"Crane will lead you to the responsible of the Valley, since you're the strategist and the commander of the west forces you'll be in charge of this establishment, got it?I don't want to have to worry about other people instead of my men, set this quickly."

"Gez, Nadal.Why can't you take the leadership for once in a while?" Asked Barkin with annoyance.

"Because I would screw up..oh, and after that try to look for medications on this village, our new friend will need them for sure.He not dealing well with the injuries.Poor guy."

Crane felt curiosity.What would have happened with the person they were talking about.Nadal notice the interest on Crane's face.

"Don't worry Crane, it's just a stranger in need, we're making our best to recover his health, we have good doctors."

For some reason Barkin smiled openly.Nadal notice and become really red.

"Just go you two already, I don't have all day!"

10/8/2011 . Edited 10/8/2011 #4
Charlie B.Barkin

"So, you're Crane right?" Asked Barkin with curiosity.

10/9/2011 #5

"Yes, I am." Replied Crane.He didn't have much to think at the moment.

10/9/2011 #6
Charlie B.Barkin

"But..your name IS Crane or you do have a real name?"

10/9/2011 #7

"My name's Huang..Huang Jien.And you?"

10/9/2011 #8
Charlie B.Barkin

"Barkin...Charlie B.Barkin...or you can just call me Charlie, I don't mind."

10/9/2011 #9

"Well..Charlie, can you tell me since when this war started?" Crane was sure that he need to know everything about the situation if he could.

10/9/2011 #10
Charlie B.Barkin

"Well, it makes 5 weeks actually.We're just making our presence on this country for over a week.But 5 weeks when talking about the japaneses, the full war started by 4 years ago."

10/9/2011 #11

Crane's eyes widened." What?Full war?!What do you mean?"

10/9/2011 #12
Charlie B.Barkin

"Common Crane..World War mean exactly what it says.The entire world..well, big part of it.The japaneses are making their own side of war on Asia and Oceania, the big conflicts are happening on Europe and Africa.The germany was taken under control over a faction denominated nazism.They're exterminating people that have different religions of theirs.They invaded several coutries and killed thousands of peoples.England is the only countrie left thatcan resist them.Russia suddenly was being tricked by the nazists and is being invaded as well, but the russians are resisting bravely and fighiting back the powerful german army.But the russians can't fight this war alone so that why several countries of South America and Central are sending hundreds of troops to support the invaded countries.I myself came from United States, my countrie, unfortunaly, din't get into the war yet.But it's just a matter of time until they do so.But I decided to came as a volunteer.The reason that I choose to came to assist China is that the Japaneses are becming a big threath to my countrie, if we're able to pinned down their west forces they'll be force to hold back their advancing on the pacific."

10/9/2011 #13
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