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Rhein rain go away

Suki park her bike at her usual park then move towards the stairs. The school dorm composed of 2 joint big buildings. The west wing was for girls and the east wing was for boys. She dont have a roommate, a benefit came from being the SC president.

Her best friend called her a while ago. Saying something about going to a newly built bar. She really hate going to bars, having some perv taking advantage of her, but her best friend said that the bar's band was really good. So she would just take a short bath and get dress then go to the bar.

Hmm, i wonder how great the bar's band is. Better check it out.

9/7/2010 #1
Kuro Hakase

Toshiro walked tiredly to the east dorm. "Why didn't I buy that bike when I had the chance?"Toshiro asked himself. Toshiro went into the lobby and up the stairs to his room. When he entered he found a familiar face from grade school. "Shiro, yo!"said the boy in his room putting Toshiro in a headlock. "What are you doing here, Shinji?"Toshiro said struggling to get out of the headlock.

Shinji was Toshiro's best friend from school who for some reason now had bleach blond hair, one could say that he's Toshiro's opposite. "I heard some guy was with two lovely ladies, figured that was you!"Shinji said as Toshiro got out of the headlock., "So who are these girls?" "They're just friends from the light music club."Toshiro said noticing something strange.

"Is that my 'Gear' t-shirt?"Toshiro asked. "Oh yeah, my t-shirts are dirty so I figured I wear this cool looking one."Shinji said as if it weren't a problem. "Please give it back, that shirt is special."Toshiro said holding his hand out. Shinji gave the shirt back and went to the bathroom. "Hey dude you wanna go to the bar that just opened up? They have a band playing there."Shinji said stepping out of the bathroom. "We're underage. Plus school dude."Toshiro replied.

9/7/2010 #2
Rhein rain go away

Suki came out of the bath with a small towel wrap around her. She fish out her get up for tonight and begun to change.

She was wearing a tight fitting sleeveless blouse with a wolf print that shows her belly and a equally tight fitting black jeans. She also wear a fashion jacket, that reach her hip, a converse shoes then she dry her mid-night blue hair. After putting a n eyeliner, to emphasize her emerald eyes, she brought her hair into a pony.

She look at the mirror and she sigh in contentment. The bar better enjoy her, if the band tonight will bore her, she was out in ten minutes.

She smile when she notice her belly bottom piercing. what a badass pres i am. After making sure everything was fine, she was out and in her way to the bar with her reliable bike. She didn't have to worry about curfew though, she knows a way at the back of the dorm.

9/7/2010 #3
Kuro Hakase

"Come on,man! Plus it's not like you have anything better to do."Shinji said putting on a flashy dress shirt. Toshiro sighed, "Fine but we have to back by curfew!"Toshiro said. Toshiro was not a fan of going out but he really had nothing better to do. Toshiro put on a dark blue t-shirt with a 'Zero' logo and a pair of blue jeans. He put on a hoodie just in case it rained. Shinji put on a flashy outfit. "Dude we're just going to see a band."Toshiro said as they left the dorms. "But I have to dress like this for the girls man."Shinji said with a bright smile. Toshiro just sighed at his friend, "Right, just don't cause a scene like last time."Toshiro told Shinji.

9/7/2010 #4

"A bar?" Riku asked, looking up from her computer to her brother. The blonde man was smirking and nodding, his arms crossed. She shook her head and sighed. "Neh, am I a little too young to be going to that kind of stuff? Plus I have curfew!"

"Not when your the sister of Rikuo Cutisake!" The the man who looked alot like her said, shaking his head and letting out a boy band, daring smile. "The band's that play there are pretty amasing! And since yout Nii-sama wan't you to knowall types of music, your going with me! And that is final!"

Riku tilted her head and sighed, knowing this wasn't going to end well. Not well at all.

Three minutes later she found herself wearing a short black skirt and a white tank under a small unbuttoned vest, knee-high shoes on over thigh high black socks. She would've rather wear her school uniform, but it might not be something to wear at the bar, and probably give her age away. Her brother put a black ribbon in her blonde hair before pulling her into his car, then drove off.

She snuck her phone out of her pocket, wondering what her friends were doing that night. Hopefully nice and comfy in their dorm room.

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/7/2010 #5
Kuro Hakase

"We're here!"Shinji said as they walked up to the bar entrance, "Now just be cool and don't give away our age!" "You're one to talk." Toshiro said as he walked casually into the bar's entrance. "Uh, right!"Shinji said following Toshiro. "What will you have?"A waitress said. "A soda."Toshiro said. "Beer!"Shinji said but Toshiro flicked him in the forehead. "You're not getting drunk,a soda for him too please."Toshiro said. "Coming right up!"the waitress said.

9/7/2010 #6

"Neh, I'm nervous Nii-sama." Riku whispered to her elder brother as she held onto one of Rikuo's hand. They walked into the bar, looking like twins with a little bit of a age difference. He smiled and kissed her cheek in reassurance before leading her to the bartender, introducing the older woman to his little sister before ordering a beer for himself.

Riku sighed, but still had a smile and a enjoyed look on her face. Great, she had to be the designated driver tonight. And she didn't even have a drivers liscence!

9/7/2010 #7
Rhein rain go away

Suki enter the bar. The bar looks kinda comfy and nice like those of bars in Nevada. Impressing. She saw her redhead best friend waving at her.

Then she moved towards her friend in the bartender when she notice a very familiar face. Its Riku! seating besides a blonde that looks exactly like her...and Riku's-look-a-like is talking with her friend. Hmm interesting ..

"Hey Killa! zup? oh small world ee Riku?"

9/8/2010 #8

Shin is in the back stage. they would be performing any minutes from now for this bar opening. Its all right though, it will add to their popularity if ever they choose to continue the band even after graduation.

They are all 5 in the group, all boys. He was the lead guitarist and vocalist. Miko is the drummer--a care-free cute guy with dimple. Sora is the keyboard--he is the serious type. Kent was the second guitarist--a rich blonde guy, and last Ruiz the bassist and the band badass and most flirt of them.

They are from Fuuka Academy. He is not worried at all to heir performance, because he was quit confident to their group and his band skills.

"Yo Shin! lets start to rock! i wanna start showing my guts to all the cute girls outside! geez i love performing haha!" Ruiz said. They are all wearing casual and fashionable clothes. " Yeah, lets get this over with..."Then the host start to announce their band.

9/8/2010 #9
Kuro Hakase

Toshiro drank his soda byut nearly spilled it when Shinji nudged him. "Check it out two cute girls. Bith for me!"Shinji said walking to the two girls without waiting for Toshiro's response. "Hello ladies, would you like to join me for a drink?"Shinj said but was thumped by Toshiro. "I'm sorry about him,he doesn't drink."Toshiro said but paused noticing it was Riku and Suki. "Hey! What are you two doing here?"Toshiro asked but then the anouncer introduced the band.

9/8/2010 #10

Rikuo was still flirting with the bartender, so he paid no attention tot he high school students in the bar.

Riku blinked and blushed, a little embarassed she was caught in a bar by one friend. But she still smiled happily when Suki came over, putting down the drink in her hand. Somehow, it wasn't much of a surprise to see the school president in a place like this. But she was a little surprised to see Toshiro. She was about to open her mouth, but was instantly interrupted by the announcer.

9/8/2010 #11
Rhein rain go away

Suki was happy to see familiar face in the club. She was talking to Riku when a weird guy walk over them. She glared at the cocky guy, but then she saw Toshiro apologizing for him.

She was about to say something when the announcer talk.

9/9/2010 #12

"And now, i proudly present to you, HYPNOSIS! " and the crowd gone wild.

They are on position, he was at the center...the lights flash the same time they start to play.

When the he start to sing, girls started to sequel, he was perfectly enjoying this performance. He start to look at the crowd while singing and fluking his fingers at the strings when he saw a girl at the crowd. The girl was outstanding with her beauty. He smile while singing and wink at the location of the girl with mid-night blue hair.

9/9/2010 #13
Rhein rain go away


A rock song begun to play. She marvel at the fluidity of the performance, when she look up she was greeted by the band of her school rival. So this is their rival's performance. They are great indeed, playing like pro and gaining the crowd's intention with ease. She look at Toshiro and Riku, they might be just starting but she can see their future playing more beautifully than this band.

They are all great in the band, the drummer, the bassist, the keyboardist, the guitarist...they seem to enjoy what they are doing when suddenly she meet the eyes of the lead vocalist. A wink.

Suki blushed furiously, she's not even sure if that was for her, because the place is really crowd, and other costumers begun to stand and sang as well.

As a reply she just glare at the guy.

9/9/2010 #14

Wow~ These guys are so great! Riku thought, staring up to the band. Rikuo just stood beside her, his arms crossed and nodding to the beat of the music. She closed her eyes adn started to think, Man, I hope our band is great like this one day! That would be so great...

She opened her gold eyes and looked over to Suki, seeing the vocalist wink at her.

"E~to?" Riku smiled and leaned over. "Su-chan! Why so red?"

9/9/2010 #15
Rhein rain go away

Suki was still blushing when Riku leaned at her. "Riku! i am not red, the place was just hot...geez i hate this place" she said though her face said other wise. "And besides, that is our school rival. That band came from Fuuka Aca. we better watch them play, and let's study their style." She continue changing the topic.

She return her attention to the band, and she narrowed her eyes dangerously at the singer.

9/9/2010 #16

haha she was blushing, though the place was dark, i can clearly see her red face..cute~

Shin continue to sing with his soft and low voice. He was enjoying their performance now more than ever, with this cute girl watching them. But this face really looks so familiar, where did he saw her? Hmm...emerald eyes, blue-hair.. and a lean body..woa! she is the Council Pres of the school where i will be the exchange student ..haha what a fate.

He saw another cute girl leaned over the object of his attention, and they are whispering to each other. By the looks of it, the cute one was being tease.

He smirk and begun to sing with his heart content, after this...that girl would be his!

9/9/2010 #17
Rhein rain go away

Her heart was thumping hard. This is why she hates attention, though she looks like a tough girl, she was in fact very shy. A little bit teasing makes her blush, and a direct flirt annoy her.

And for crying out load, the guy from a rival school! she turn her back and planning to order a drink, when she saw the bartender lost in the music, sigh ..

where the hell is Killa? i need someone to talk to, and Toshiro and Riku were both lost in the music... thanks god the song was nearing to end.

9/9/2010 #18

A loud roar of clapping complete the ending of their performance. This is the best part of their performance, to see people enjoying and appreciating their music. He saw Ruiz scanning the crowd, maybe he was looking for a possible girl for tonight, his group enter the backstage and they rest a bit.

"Man that was awesome, i will miss this when Shin transfer school." Kent said

"Why miss me? I will still go to the gigs, just that i am not in school for 3 months, you make it sounds like i wont come back."

"Guys! lets go outside, there are so many hot chick their, less talking..." Ruiz said. They just laugh at Ruiz eagerness...they are quit use to it.

Then they go outside, his eyes begun to search the sea of faces..where is she..? Found ya'! he saw her sitting and talking to a boy and a girl. He begun to approach the group.

9/9/2010 #19
Kuro Hakase

"Whoa."Toshiro said listening to the music, "They're good." Toshiro looked nervous. The bassist is really good, it makes me seem like an ametuer. Toshiro thought. "Shiro! They were awesome!"Shinji said shouting. Toshiro saw the lead guitar player walk over to them. He did wink at a girl earlier. Maybe it was Suki.

9/9/2010 . Edited 9/9/2010 #20

Riku compared her singing to the other singer's and sweatdropped. He was waaaaay better than her. She looked over to see the lead singer making his way through the crowd, and she knew he was looking for Suki. She giggled in her hand and nudged Toshiro with her elbow before pointing to the boy.

Looks like Suki has a admirer!! She thought in her mind, giggling once more. This is gonna be interesting~

9/9/2010 #21
Kuro Hakase

Toshiro was nudged by Riku. This guy must really like Suki-san., Toshiro thought. Toshiro chuckled a bit ignoring Shinji's atempt to join the singer's fan club.

9/9/2010 #22
Rhein rain go away

Suki eyed her two companion suspiciously, Toshiro and Riku had been whispering to each other since the end of the song.

She tried to ignore them and fish out her mobile, she would phone call Killa and bid her goodbyes. She was again disturb by Toshiro's not so loud chuckle and look at his line of sight. She blush when greeted by the lead singer of the band. she almost growl when she notice where the guy's destination is.

geeez i am outta here ..

9/10/2010 #23

His sexy smirk grew when he saw the guy and the girl whispering while looking at him, and he grin when his crimson eyes meet emerald ones, and again blushing.

He ignore the fans and made his way to the group. And again he wink at the glaring woman when he reach their location.

" Yo' hope you like our performance." he said his eyes never leaving the blue-haired girl.

9/10/2010 #24
Kuro Hakase

"Hey, dude! Let me join your fanclub!"Shinji said to the lead singer. Toshiro ignored his friend and said,"Yeah you guys were good."Toshiro said.

9/10/2010 #25
Rhein rain go away

Suki ignore the newly arrived and decide to look at her drinks with more interest. She heard her friends talking to him.

She was actually shock to see them perform with her own eyes, the rumors were true, they are magnificent. But she would rather die than admit it so openly to this guy, hmp! that is so embarrassing, how true it might be, and i dont like the way this guy is looking at me, and the way he makes me blush..

9/10/2010 #26

Oh...Kay? Riku looked at Toshiri's friend as if he were a little crazy, but smile at the singer.

"Yes, you were really great." She agreed with Toshiro. She then looked at Suki, seeing that she was acting too stubborn to admit anything right now.

9/10/2010 #27
Kuro Hakase

Toshiro noticed Suki didn't look very comfortable. "Suki-san, are you alright?"Toshiro asked quietly so she wouldn't have to answer out loud.

9/10/2010 #28

" Haha i' am glad you like it. We do love that song, and its our expertize. How about you?" shin asked looking at Suki. " what do you think?"

" Oh and sorry for my lack of manners ... i am Shin from Fuuka Academy, lead guitarist and vocalist of the 'hypnosis' "

He said. he smirk secretly. that cute emerald eyed woman sure is cute. trying to be stubborn? okay, i love challenges ..

"Can i have the pleasure to know your names, especially this cute girl here" he said alluringly looking pointedly at the blushing Suki. cant get enough of her blush.. this will be enjoyable. haha

9/11/2010 #29
Kuro Hakase

"Toshiro Yuiko, nice to meet you."Toshiro said formally to Shin. Noticing Suki blushing, "This guy is good. If he can make Suki-san blush."Toshiro thought to himself. "I'm Shinji!"Shinji said trying to get attention. "Shinji, now's not the time."Toshiro said to Shinji.

9/11/2010 #30
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