The Suffering RP
Become an escaped prisoner or guard in Carnate and destroy the malefactors. Can you make it off the island? If you do, can you survive Baltimore?
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Akuma no Musuko

Start when ready

7/25/2010 #1

Two Guards were escorting a new Inmate to a cell.

The new inmate had his hands in his pockets, and a toothpick he held with his teeth.

7/29/2010 #2
Akuma no Musuko

Frederick sensed three auras coming towards his cell. He opened his eyes and saw two guards and a new inmate. 'He has a calm aura,' he thought to himself. 'That may keep him alive, especially here in Abbott.'

7/29/2010 #3

Tony was Kicked into his Cell harshly.

"Hey Whats the Matter wit youse? No Respect fer yer Guests Of Honor! Sheesh!"

Tony looked around.

"Just like My Dorm back before I dropped outta college."

7/29/2010 #4
Akuma no Musuko

Frederick smirked before going up to the bars and saying, "You have a sense of humor. That's a first for anyone here at Abbott."

7/29/2010 #5

(He's been thrown into the cell?)

Tony shrugged.

"Thanks I Guess."

He saw a small glint of metal in the wall.

A Spoon.

7/29/2010 #6
Akuma no Musuko

(Let's say the cell across from Frederick's)

Fred walked away from the bars deeper into his dark cell and sat down on his cot. He suddenly felt a shiver run up his spine, as though something were to happen.

7/29/2010 #7

Tony spotted a guard. He quickly threw the spoon into the man's head, wounding him. It was an odd feat, but Tony was an Assassin. He knew how to kill people with the most uncommon things.

7/29/2010 #8
Akuma no Musuko

The guard was about to scold Tony, until the prison began shaking vigorously.

Freddy looked up and, with a calm face, asked himself, 'It's happening already?'

7/29/2010 #9

"Say What?" Asked Tony. "If whatever this is, is, then gimme a cig."

7/29/2010 #10
Akuma no Musuko

Once the rumbling stopped and the lights flickered out, Frederick sensed a foreign aura, something inhuman. It was headed towards the wounded guard.

"I think a cigarette is the least of your troubles."

7/29/2010 #11

Tony stepped back, trying to focus on the new Biomass that had just entered.

7/29/2010 #12
Akuma no Musuko

The guard stood up, only to have a blade jut out of his chest. What stabbed him was a creature with blades that replaced his limbs. His head seemed to be run through by spikes.

Whatever it was, it was nearly enough to scare a cold murderer like Frederick.

(The Slayer has appeared.)

7/29/2010 #13

Tony, though in the mood to take a piss on the beast and give it a piece of his mind, stopped himself.

(Let The Games begin.)

7/29/2010 #14
Akuma no Musuko

Soon, the creature leaped up to the ceiling and began scurrying away. Frederick looked down and noticed the set of keys on the guard's belt.

Thankfully, the keys were right next to his cell door. He unlatched them from the guards belt and unlocked his cell door. He then unlocked Tony's door.

7/29/2010 #15

"Thanks Ace"

Tony looked at the guards

"I Saw a Med Room not far. I say we should grab what we can from there, and Split"

7/29/2010 #16
Akuma no Musuko

"I have to agree with you there," Frederick said. He then took the dead guard's revolver and holster and latched it on his waist. He then picked up the guards club and handed it to Tony, saying, "You might need this in case you run into another one of those things. Name's Frederick, by the way."

7/29/2010 #17

"Tony. Tony Greens."

Tony put his hands into his uniform's pockets, and kicked the club out of Fred's Hand.

"I'll take that there."

He picked up a Lighter that was halfway out of the guard's Pocket.

"And this."

He took out a can of Hair spray he had on him.

7/29/2010 #18
Akuma no Musuko

Frederick didn't have to ask what he was planning to do with the hair spray. He picked up the club and motioned for Tony to follow him.

About halfway down the dimly lit hall, he sensed a monstrous presence. Right in front of him was a Slayer, possibly the same one that killed the guard. The Slayer charged at Frederick, but went down when Freddy pulled his revolver out and shot it in the head, killing it...

...or so he thought. Despite not having a head on his shoulders, the Slayer leaped up on his legs and charged again.

Wide-eyed, Frederick said to Tony, "Your turn."

7/29/2010 #19

In an odd motion of hand gestures, he gave it a second, before he finally used the lighter and hairspray as a makeshift flamethrower, and then jumping out of the beast's way.

"Shoot!" Shouted Tony.

Suddenly, it came back.

Tony sent more flames, and jumped out of the way again.

"Hurry up! that pattern ain't gonna last forever!"

7/29/2010 #20
Akuma no Musuko

While the Slayer was distracted, Freddy rammed the baton into the open neckhole and jerked it around until, eventually, the malefactor was finally dead.

Freddy wiped off the sweat from his brow and got a look at the Slayer's arms. 'I wonder.' He bent down to touch the metal. It wasn't hot enough to scald him, but it was warm. He grabbed the blade by the flat end and yanked it out of the Slayer's socket.

He then tore of his sleeve and wrapped it tightly around one side of the blade. He now had a makeshift sword.

7/29/2010 #21


Tony nodded to Freddy, and headed into the Med room.

He looked around.

"Still Clean?....C'mon, man." Said Tony "Ever Play Fallout, or hear of, 'Ken il guerriero?' Scavenge the place clean..."

7/29/2010 #22
Akuma no Musuko

Freddy was searching the drawers. He managed to come across some painkillers and, wouldn't you know it, more ammo for his revolver. He also managed to find a flashlight. He asked Tony, "You need a flashlight?"

7/29/2010 #23

Tony turned around, two Defribulators in hand.

"I Always wondered how my dad killed a guy wit' one'a dese." Said Tony. He looked to the flashlight.

"Dat the only one? If it is, I can cover ya."

Tony rubbed the two paddles together, and prepared them to shock the next unfortunate sucker he saw.

7/29/2010 #24
Akuma no Musuko

"Good enough," he said, tossing the flashlight to Tony. (IT's a flashlight for a front pocket.)

7/29/2010 #25

Tony caught it, and put it in his front pocket.

"You say the word chief, and I'll throw it back."

(you know, this would be interesting for a new suffering game that had Co-op...)

7/29/2010 #26
Akuma no Musuko

(they shoulda put that in the first two)

"Ok, so we got painkillers, ammo, a defibrillator. Anything else we need?"

7/29/2010 #27

"Some Badass music'd be nice." Suggested Tony. He peeked out the door.

A Small puddle of blood was outside. Fresh.

"Yo Freddy. We Oughtta get movin.' Now."

(When will you use your insanity mode?)

7/29/2010 #28
Akuma no Musuko

(probably when they're in the basement, or outside, whichever)

"Why? What's wrong?" he asked. He then noticed the puddle of blood. "It's just a blood puddle, so wha--" he was cut of when a little stumpy creature leaped out of the puddle and tried to inject some sort of fluid into Freddy's neck.

(The Mainliner has arrived. Nice choice.)

7/29/2010 #29

Tony kicked the creature off, and beat it to a pulp with his makeshift, electric brass knuckles.

He pounded the creature as volt upon volt was forced into the creature, as it died slowly.

7/29/2010 #30
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