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Lord Scorpius-Master of Shoes

Your infected is walkind down the street when they spot *drum role* PEELZ! XD What do they do?

Question: Where does Clawer go often? (this ones easy)

A/N: Does anyone know who T is? :D

8/5/2010 . Edited 8/6/2010 #1
Lord Scorpius-Master of Shoes

Clawer would take the pills and desend into his baement, the pills fate unknown! (bum bum buuummmm)

Healer just got over her addiction, shed leave them be.

A/N:Dont worry me, I know who t is! XD

8/5/2010 #2


Taunter would probably shake the bottle to see if anything was in there, then put it back, because she fears strange medicines! o_o Hunter would probably attempt to try risking trying one, only to be stopped by Smoker, who promotes the message that smoking is okay but eating random pills is not! Boomer would probably put them in a place where most of the others couldn't reach...for their own safety. XD Tank would probably ignore it, and Witch would be too busy crying to notice them. :P Tai would probably try for about two hours to get it open, but be stopped by the child's lock, and go away still with curious-ness burning at the back of his mind. XD And as for Noir...well...

Noir: ._. *kicks pill bottle*

There's your answer. XD

Clawer often goes to his basement! :D

And yesh, I know who T is.

I answered correctly! Where's my prize? I want a Hunter pup!

8/7/2010 #3
Calli would stare at it for a minute, then read what it says, and then eat one. Clawer goes to his basment! And T is an infected kitty!
8/9/2010 #4

Eric would grab the pills, grab a rope, tie it and make a survivor trap.

Answer: He goes to his basement. T, is a kitty kat, and a mew mew mew and a mew mew mew!

9/17/2010 #5
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