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This is a new Mortal instruments rp. You can play as your favorite character or make up your own. RE-ACTIVATING AS OF 05/2020! Come one and all!
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The Demonic Sorgin

This will be where the new section of RP starts!

5/9/2020 . Edited 5/9/2020 #1

Alec was in the training room of the institute, currently partaking in target practice with his arrows. He fired arrow after arrow, hitting different targets within the room.

5/18/2020 #2
The Demonic Sorgin

Kalaria had just woken up after her shift at the club. She was exhausted but she had told them that she would be at the institute to train today. After slowly getting up and getting ready, she headed out into the city to make her way to the institute. When she entered and headed for the training area, she was not at all surprised to see Alec already in their training.

"Morning." Kalaria grumbled before picking a target and getting out her throwing knives which had become one of her favorite weapons of choice, along with the pair of sais she kept in her boots.

5/18/2020 #3

Alec didn't glance at her as she walked in, he kept firing his arrows. "Late night?" He asked.

Oliver was leaning against the wall, casually throwing a knife in the air and catching it again, repeatedly and effortlessly.

5/20/2020 #4
The Demonic Sorgin
"Just work. Nothing too exciting." Kalaria answered as she got into her stance and grabbed one of her knives. She took a deep breath in and with her exhale, she released the knife at the target, glaring when it went just on the outside of the bullseye. "I need to stop saying I'll come to train the morning after I work a late night at the club."
5/20/2020 #5

"Yeah, that's why you missed the target." Oliver told her, rolling his eyes as he caught the knife again. "Maybe you're just not that good."

5/20/2020 #6

Yet another yawn forced itself out of Henri's mouth as he walked the halls of the Institute. He had been up for a while and despite his near constant yawning he could not make himself go back to sleep.

He headed towards the training room, knowing that this time of day there would be at least a few people in there already. The doors were already open when he turned the corner and he heard a few voices as he approached.

"Ah," he said out loud as he entered. "This is where the party is."

5/20/2020 #7

"And here I was, thinking I could get an early, quiet training session in." Alec told them, as he attached another arrow to his bow. He had been here since about 7am, but it filled up quickly.

"Well you know us," Oliver grinned, "We're always up for a party." He was tossing his knife and catching it effortlessly, as he leaned against the wall. He'd always done this, since he was about 12. But this time, he caught the blade end of the knife. He cursed loudly and dropped the knife to the floor, as blood dripped from the palm of his hand. The blood didn't bother him, but he did pale considerably. Surely this could only mean that the disease was getting worse?

5/20/2020 . Edited 5/20/2020 #8
The Demonic Sorgin

Kalaria turned her glare to Oliver when he made the comment about her missing the target. "Well forgive me for not having trained like this my whole life." She turned and threw another knife, this one finding its way inside the bullseye but off from the center. She turned back towards they door when Henri walked into the room. Nodding at him in greeting, she was about to throw a third knife when Oliver's knife clattered to the floor. She bit back a remark that maybe he just wast that good, having caught the blade, but she though better of it when she say the wound.

"You okay? That looks like a nasty cut." Kalaria said as she pocketed her other knife and went to pick Oliver's blade to give it back to him.

5/20/2020 . Edited 5/20/2020 #9

Oliver was looking down at his hand. "Y-Yeah." The cut did hurt, and there was a lot of blood. But it was the symbolism behind it that made him so pale. Loss of co-ordination. One of the symptoms he had yet to experience.

He then proceeded to throw up over Kalaria's shoes.

5/20/2020 #10

Henri made a noise of surprise at Oliver's sudden sickness, doing a wide circle as he moved to see what had happened. "Surely you're not squeamish?"

5/20/2020 #11

"I'm so sorry." Oliver told Kalaria immediately. "Pah, I'm never...I'm never squeamish." He squeezed his eyes shut for a second. "But I do feel like I might throw up again."

Even Alec lowered his bow now as he watched the scene unfold. "Someone give him an iratze before he faints like a mundane."

5/20/2020 #12
The Demonic Sorgin

Kalaria was at first to shocked to react to Oliver throwing up on her shoes. She tried not to throw up herself at seeing it. She had always been the person they gagged at the sight of someone throwing up. She tried to look away and not think about it but when Oliver said he might throw up again, she quickly backed away. "Oh hell no. Not on me again, you don't."

When Alec mentioned someone giving Oliver an iratze, Kalaria knew she was out, having not been taught runes yet. She let the other decided while she went to throw away her shoes in the garbage in the corner. "You're not looking to good, Oliver."

5/20/2020 . Edited 5/20/2020 #13

"Sit down and hold out your arm." Henri instructed Oliver, as he pulled out his stele. He wasn't bothered by the sight of vomit, but he certainly didn't want any on him. He glanced over at Kalaria and the mess he'd made of her. "You should probably go wash that off before it dries."

5/20/2020 #14

"Or burn them." Oliver told her as he sat down, he pinched the bridge of his nose with his uninjured hand and closed his eyes. "I'll pay for new ones. I'm sorry." He held out his arm. "This is so embarrassing."

"Just try not to have that reaction if you get cut fighting a demon." Alec pointed out. "Or you'll end up getting us all killed."

5/20/2020 #15
The Demonic Sorgin

Burning them did sound appealing to Kalaria after all of that but she just left it at throwing them away they were ruined now. She walked away from the garbage and the smell, regaining her composure. Thankfully it had only gotten on her shoes and nothing more.

"Alec makes a fair point. Has this been happening a lot lately?" Kalaria asked Oliver as she walked back over to them. She watched Henri work the rune on Oliver. She was still curious about the shadowhunter runes and everything that they could do.

5/20/2020 #16

(I'm splitting Oliver X And wasn't sure if Justice wanted to reply before I did! X)


Oliver made his way to a library. This was no ordinary library, because a warlock was in charge of it. His main reason for visiting, was because of this. As he entered the library, wearing gear, his eyes travelled around the mundanes in the room, looking for the warlock.

5/21/2020 #17
LA Devotee

Luca was reading, sat at the check out desk. He looked up as he easily spotted the gentleman that just walked in as Nephilim. He shot him a warm smile, before turning his attention back to his book.

5/21/2020 #18

Oliver shook his head. "This never happens, I promise." He lied because he knew why he was sick. The shock of a new symptom always made him sick...Oliver relaxed slightly as the iratze took affect, but the colour did not return to his cheeks.


Oliver's eyes landed on Luca, and he marched his way over there. "Excuse me, but I require your services."

5/21/2020 . Edited 5/21/2020 #19

"Maybe you ought to go to the infirmary." Henri said as he put his stele away, still crouching. Oliver looked very pale and seemed to be trembling slightly. "You look pretty pale. Have you eaten?" He placed the back of his hand on Oliver's forehead without thinking.

5/21/2020 #20

"I don't need to go to the infirmary." Oliver hadn't told his family about his illness yet, he wouldn't be telling these guys either. "It's just shock - I wasn't expecting to cut myself, that's all. I'm a Shadowhunter for angels sake."

5/21/2020 #21
The Demonic Sorgin
"Haven't you cut yourself before or been cut in general? It shouldn't be that much of a shock for that sort of reaction." Kalaria stated. There had probably been plenty of shocks from getting cuts when not expecting it, but throwing up due to it or because of all of the blood, wasn't common. Especially for Oliver. "The infirmary might be a good idea. At least to rest for a bit."
5/21/2020 #22
LA Devotee

Luca closed the book and smiled. "How can I help you?' He asked

5/21/2020 #23

"Just leave it, alright?" Oliver pulled himself to standing up, and he had to use the wall for support. "It's no one's business what's wrong with me. So just leave it." The way that he spoke was very defensive. He didn't like it when people looked at him like they were, like they cared...because he knew there was no cure and this was just him getting worse. It was one of the reasons he had kept it a secret - no one wanted to hunt with a sick shadowhunter.

Oliver glanced around the library. "Can we talk in private?" He asked. "I'm Oliver Starkling." He put his hand out for the warlock to shake. "You're Luca Ricci."

5/22/2020 #24
LA Devotee

Luca shook his hand. "Generally in greetings, you're supposed to let the other party introduce themselves." He said with a chuckle, standing and motioning for Oliver to follow him.

5/22/2020 #25
Henri stood as well, crossing his arms. "Non, mon frère, it is everyone's business. You are unwell. Why are you so against the infirmary?"
5/22/2020 #26
The Demonic Sorgin
Kalaria couldn't help but narrow her eyes when Oliver snapped at them. She might not be a shadowhunter herself but she understood how much they relied on one another. They had to make sure they could trust the others on their team to have their backs. "Whatever, if he wants to act like this, let him. Sooner or later he'll be stuck here because no one will want to work with someone who doesn't take care of themselves."
5/22/2020 #27

"I - It's personal!" Oliver argued. He wanted to shout, and when you find out I'm sick you won't want to work with me either. "Honestly, I'm fine. I know my body. I know it reacts at times - just leave it alone."

5/22/2020 #28

"And generally warlocks don't hide themselves amongst mundanes." Oliver told him, as he followed him.

5/22/2020 #29
Henri didn't say anything but he didn't move or take his eyes off of Oliver. He just stared at him with a neutral expression on his face. "Well," he began, but stopped. After a few moments of silence he shifted his weight from one hip to the other and gave a soft "Hm." He just stood there, waiting.
5/22/2020 #30
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