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Alice smiled up at him and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Well, lead the way then."
7/12/2020 #121

"Ok." Samuel moved past her and began to lead her down the corridor. "I mean, it's a pretty much identical layout - so you shouldn't get too lost." He told her. "What brings you to New York?"

7/13/2020 #122

"Just needed a change of scenery, I guess." Alice answered as they walked. "I was here a few months ago for a convention and stayed in this Institute for a few nights. It seemed nice enough so I figured why not?"

7/15/2020 #123

Samuel shrugged, "Fair enough." He told her as they walked down the corridor. "The people here are nice, you'll get on well with them."

7/20/2020 #124

(sorry for being gone T~T)

"Have you made good friends, then?" Alice asked, peering into open rooms as they passed. "Ones that won't trick you into getting arrested, at least." She still hadn't forgiven the residents of the previous Institute for doing that to him, and the thought of it made indignation bubble up within her.

8/9/2020 #125

(Ditto haha!)

"Yeah, there are some good people," Samuel agreed, laughing slightly at her reminder. "I still can't believe that happened." He admitted, "Like, they were punishing me for being a good person. That was insane," He shook his head slightly.

8/31/2020 #126
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