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The Demonic Sorgin

Here is where you can create your own characters to join in the world of the shadowhunters, downworlders and demons.

Full Name:


Species: (If you want your character to be a hybrid, ask me over PM first so I can tell you if it is okay)


Appearance: Full sentences

Personality: Please try to be detailed. Not just three things

Strengths and Weaknesses: Keep them even


History: Try to be detailed here

Extra Information (anything else you'd like to add?):

5/9/2020 . Edited 5/18/2020 #1
The Demonic Sorgin

Full Name: Kalaria Bizirik

Gender: Female

Species: Downworlder and Shadowhunter (future)

Age: 24

Personality: Kalaria is very loyal to the people that she trust but it takes her a long time to let her guard down and trust new people. She is compassionate, kind, and empathetic but that doesn't mean she will not tear you a new one if you cross her. She's independent and can take care of herself and if she feels you are not worth trusting or that you are not worth her time, she will let you know. Kalaria keeps fighting until the very end. Kalaria is a hard to beat, but that does not mean she is invincible. She has trained long and hard to be where she is today. She is a determined person and is a very driven girl. She is loyal, and doesn't trust people easily, but if you ever do end up getting her trust, she will be loyal to you until the end. She will not except people doing anything to hurt the people she loves and holds most dear. She is strong, independent, short tempered, brave, courageous, funny, nice to her friends, and knows when to be funny and when to be serious. She is still trying to learn how to control her temper which usually can get the best of her but that is what makes her such a good hunter.

Appearance: Kalaria has a Olive skin tone. Her dark brown hair is always wavy except for random days when it curls more than usual.Her hair is usually up in a high ponytail or moved all to the left side over her shoulder. The length of her hair goes down to her mid back. When she is inside or in shade it is a dark brown that could look almost black but in the sunlight, the sun hits her red highlights and reflects it back, making her hair look auburn. Her dark brown hair matches her dark brown eyes. The only difference between her eyes and hair is that her hair has hints of red while her eyes have flecks of silver in them. She has a slim fit build even though she has a small frame of only 5' 3". There are three long scars that run down her right side and slightly over her stomach. Her wardrobe choices usually involve a dark jeans, tank tops or t shirts, boots and her favorite leather jacket. If the weather is warmer, you will probably see her in tight tank tops or t- shirts, running shorts and her Nike running shoes. You will never see her without her gold necklace that has rune in the center. It was a gift from her mother.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Kalaria has no demon or warlock markings on her. She is very limited in her powers though. There are only a few things that she can do, but she does those very well. She does not trust people very easily since she had such a rough upbringing. Kalaria was a lone wolf for a long time and is still trying to learn what it means to be part or a team. She has a hot blooded temper that tends to get her in trouble.

Family/Friends: No living family that she is aware of.

History: Kalaria was born to a greater demon father and a human mother. Kalaria's mother died a five years after she was born and Kalaria never knew who her father was. Kalaria was originally put into the foster system to live out her days going from house to house. For the longest time, the girl had no idea what she was until one day when she was a teenager she started realizing that she could sense the emotions of those around her. She even quickly learned that she could manipulate them when one of the other kids in her foster home at the time had tried to beat up another child. She had manipulated the boys emotions to calm him down and get him away from the younger boy. She started practicing on her own with the people in the world around her. She would walk around the city, seeing how far her powers could go. She continued to train and become better at it.

Once she turned 18 she was kicked out of her foster home and was forced to live on the streets. There was a club in the city that she had frequented on occasion to get her a job. They also allowed her to live in a tiny little shoe box of an apartment above the club. She soon found out that the club was crawling with creatures that were not human. She would witness these individuals and thought if they were somehow like her. One evening when she was working, she tried her powers on the wrong customer. It happened to be a demon. When she went to the back ally to dump the garbage, it attacked her. After exchanging some blows, the demon came in for a kill blow. Some shawdowhunters intervened and saved Kalaria's live, not really knowing who she was. When she thanked them, they were confused at first but then quickly ran off. She ended up seeing them a few more times at the club before they took her to the Institute to be questioned to find out who she was. The found out she was a downworlder and have been using her to help them with going after other downworlders and demons. She has been assisting them for the last five years in exchange for them training her how to fight. She Still works at the club to find targets and to aid the shadowhunters but during the day or on her off days she at the institute training.

Extra Information (anything else you'd like to add?): Kalaria has the ability to sense people's emotions and to manipulate them or control them. It comes in handy when battling demons and downworlders.

Full Name: Kayson Miris

Gender: Male

Species: Shadowhunter

Age: 24

Appearance: Kayson shares his mother and father's dark brown hair. He wears his hair in a short cut fashion, not wanting it to get in his way. He got his father's grey-blue eyes but his mother's olive skin, making his eyes stand out in the middle of his face. Kay usually wears dark denim jeans. He wears them in a comfortable fashion that is not very tight to allow for movement if her every needs to fight in his civilian clothes. He wears light colored short sleeve t-shirts that don't hide but also don't flaunt the muscles that he has earned underneath. He wears his favorite black tennis shoes with a subtle red design on the out sides.

Personality: Kayson used to be a sweet innocent boy, but then as he grew older, he became more prideful and self-centered. He soon realized that he needed to look out for himself, it seemed no one else was going to. He is head strong and stubborn. Even though he has his flaws, Kay has an unremarkable canny way of leading people. He leads with grace and people listen and follow after him. This has helped him with many things in his life. He is a born leader and he shows it every day. Having so many people follow him though, has led to him feeling more prideful than he should.

Strengths/Weakness: He gives his all into everything he does and always strives to be number one. He has a way of leading people and he is kind to his squadron when he is not ruling with an iron fist. Kayson can get extremely jealous at times and it leads him to worry about things and think that he will never be good enough

Family/ Friends: His mother (Iluna), father (Watson) and younger sister (Gerra) are all alive and well. They are shadowhunters of the institute as well.

History: Kayson has lived his whole life at the Institute training as a shadowhunter. His family has always been an important group within the community and Kayson hopes to one day be able to lead in his parents place. He is in charge of a small group that go out and survey the city. Being a shadowhunter and training is all that he has ever known and he loves it. He loves the challenge and being around like minded people. He was following a lead from the institute that led them to the club that Kalaria worked at. He and his group were there the night that Kalaria had been attacked by the very demon that they were after. Not knowing what she was, they assumed she was a normal mundane and went to help her.


5/15/2020 . Edited 5/18/2020 #2

Full Name: Jean-Luc Henri DuPont (Henri)

Gender: Male

Species: Shadowhunter

Age: 21

Appearance: Henri is dark-skinned with dark hair and dark eyes, but has vitiligo in spots on his face, neck, arms, hands, and in his hair. He stands at 6'2 and is lean but muscular, and wears his hair in a short undercut style. He grew up in France which is evident from his accent.

Personality: Henri generally has an upbeat personality and enjoys helping people whenever possible. He is very kind, generous, but unfortunately hates fighting (not because he dislikes violence, but because he hates being tired and dirty and the soreness that lingers even after the iratze has worn off). When having to go on missions his demeanor changes drastically, and he becomes quite a complainer. His goal is to be an instructor at the Shadowhunter Academy.

Strengths and Weaknesses: He is very intelligent in both mundane education and Downworld knowledge, which often comes in handy when on missions. Because he dislikes fighting and overall bad attitude on said missions, he can often bring his partner or teammates down and cause discord amongst his companions.

Family/Friends: Mother: Annette (46, Shadowhunter). Father: Louis (42, Shadowhunter). Sister: Adeline Borello (27 Shadowhunter, deceased). Brother-in-law: Warren Borello(29 Shadowhunter)

History: Henri is the second born child of his parents and lived most of his life in France. When he was around 17 his sister got married and moved to America with her husband, he went with them and lived with them for about a year before deciding to move into the Institute. Shortly after he moved, his parents told them that they were expecting a third child. His sister reacted very negatively, stating that she and her husband had been considering having a child of their own and didn't want to have a sibling the same age as her child. There was a huge fight and there was a time where none of them spoke to each other, but eventually, they all reconcile. Henri and Adeline had planned to travel back home to visit their parents, but a few weeks before they could Adeline was killed in a random act of Mundane violence. The sudden and tragic death of his sister sent Henri into a deep depression that threatened to consume him entirely. On top of that, the stress of suddenly losing her daughter caused his mother to lose the unborn child. Henri has not been back to France since this but talks to his parents at least once a week. He is also very close to his brother-in-law.

5/19/2020 #3
The Demonic Sorgin
Henri is accepted!
5/20/2020 #4

Full Name: Oliver Starkling.

Gender: Male

Species: Shadowhunter

Age: 21

Personality: Oliver is quite a blunt person, if he thinks you're an idiot, he won't hesitate to tell you so. He doesn't get on well with Jace, because their personalities clash. Oliver likes pulling pranks, and has a great sense of humour. He knows that there are some shadowhunters here who are better than him, and he hates it. Even if he dislikes you, he won't let you down in a battle - always having your back, even if they went with a stupid plan.

Appearance: Face claim - Ian Somerhalder. Oliver is 6'1" and has broad shoulders and muscular arms. He has dark brown hair which is often a mess, and he normally dresses in jeans and a plain t-shirt when he's not in gear. He has white skin that has a slight tan to it. His eyes are bright blue. Oliver now carries a walking stick at times, though the reason for this is unknown to the inhabitants of the institute.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths - Oliver is very strategic when it comes to planing, he will readily point out people that will be better at him for different roles, if it means they'll win overall. His go-to weapon is a seraph blade, and he is good at wielding it. He's surprisingly good at playing chess, and can cook.

Weaknesses - Oliver suffers from Multiple Scleorosis (MS). This is a mundane illness to which there is no cure, and there is no silent brother cure either (see history for more details). Oliver is very flirtatious, but doesn't believe in commitment. He has a different girlfriend every week, and they often leave the institute crying.

Family/Friends: Oliver's parents live in England, which is where he grew up. There names are Daniel and Caroline. Oliver also has a younger brother called Jack.

History: Oliver was a good shadowhunter, a great fighter. But one day he was struggling with things like balance, and when it got worse, he asked for the assistance of a silent brother. They diagnosed him with an illness called multiple sclerosis. MS is an illness that gradually gets worse. Eventually he won't be able to walk, or talk properly, or care for himself. It can also have a huge effect on your balance, reflexes and co-ordinatuon. When Oliver found out, he didn't tell his family. Instead, as he was 18, he decided to take his travel year. After going to a few different countries he ended up in New York. Upon arriving here, he decided to stay and has been here ever since. He hasn't told anyone about his illness, because he doesn't want them to treat him differently. Lately however, he has realised it is getting worse sooner than he had hoped. He has a walking stick, that he has not yet used, but knows he will have to use soon.

Extra Information: Oliver smokes, and isn't against the occasional recreational drug.

Full Name: Harriet Louise Canderson (she will only answer to Hattie, as she hates the name Harriet).

Gender: Female.

Species: Shadowhunter.

Age: 19.

Personality: Hattie is the type of person that is friends with everyone. She's easy to talk to, and therefore people seem to just vent to her - she has a lot of secrets ready to use if needed. She's quite determined, and get's easily frustrated when things go wrong. She wants to be better, because she know's she's not amazing, but she has the work ethic there. Hattie isn't 'book smart' so the theory and lessons they used to have, she'd be terrible at it. But the physical side of the training, she excelled at.

Appearance: Hattie has blonde hair, that comes to the middle of her shoulder blades. It's usually tied in a high pony-tail, but when it's down, she tends to straighten it. Hattie has green eyes. She isn't very tall, as she is only 5'3, and she is quite slim. If she's not in gear, she tends to wear skirts and over-the-knee boots either paired with a sweater or a t-shirt.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths - One of Hattie's strengths, is the ability to gain people's trust - she just does it very easily. Her weapons tend to be throwing knives, and she's good at hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses - Hattie is claustrophobic. Due to an incident in her childhood, the smallest of spaces causes her to freak out. She doesn't open up about this, and can be closed off. As easy as it is for people to trust her, Hattie is also rather trusting - she tends to trust people too easily, and get hurts a lot because of it. She never see's the bad in people.

Friends/Family: Parents are deceased, Hattie's Aunt and Uncle are called Julianne and Henry.

History: When Hattie was 10 years old, her parents were murdered. They were shot by mundanes of all people, and Hattie watched the entire thing from her hiding spot in the wardrobe. She doesn't talk about it much, and was raised by her Aunt and Uncle. When she was 18, she moved to the Institute for some independence - though she still visits her Aunt and Uncle often.

Extra Information: Hattie has a tattoo on her back of a pair of angel wings, each wing contains the name of a parent.

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The Demonic Sorgin
Oliver and Hattie look good to me! Accepted!
5/20/2020 #6
LA Devotee

Full Name: Luca Ricci

Gender: Male

Species: Warlock

Age: 97 (looks about 20)

Appearance: Luca is realtively young, as far as warlocks are concerned, looking to be in his early 20s. He is of Italian decent, with thick, black, curly hair and olive skin. He stands at about 5'10 and, when glamoured, his eyes are green. When unglamoured, Luca appears almost demonic, with pure black eyes and dark black veins. Luca likes to dress casually, being a jeans and a t-shirt kind of guy dressing for comfort instead of style. He has a slim build, and soft features, making him look friendly and approachable.

Personality: Luca can be a little on the blunt and harsh side to those he is unfamilliar with, the years having made him a little less empathetic than most. That being said, he isn't going out of his way to cause strife and grief, but won't be readily giving assistance without there being something in it for him as well. He tends to be on the reserved and calculating side, he likes to observe people amd learn from watching, being someone who believes that actions speak louder than words.

As far as interests, Luca enjoys reading, he collects books and actually runs a library as a cover for his warlock buisiness. He of course also enjoys learning about the current affairs of the shadowhunters and the downword, despite largely staying out of drama.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Luca doesn't have many connections at all, despite being known in the community. Despite that, Luca is powerful and can hold his own in a fight, he favours elemental magic, and has a better offence than defence. He is well versed in many languages, although mostly mundane ones. If you take away Luca's powers he is useless in battle, with little combat or weapon knowledge.

Family/Friends: Left behind in Italy long ago. Here he is known by many, but close with no one.

History: Luca was born in Italy 97 years ago, but his mother was not prepared for a child let alone a warlock and thusly, Luca was left behind. Hearing of there being a warlock born, the local institute took him in, thinking that having a warlock on their side would be benifical, and seeing as he would have been with them since infancy, he would know no better than to trust and obey the Shadowhunters.

The Institute had basically commisioned the High Warlock to train him, and from time to time, Luca would stay with him if things at The Institute got rough. Luca saw that man as a father, and learned a lot from him. As Luca grew to become a capable warlock, he was taken on missions, and used for healing and tracking and all kinds of things. He still regularly spent time with the High Warlock, and things were as good as they could be for an orphaned Warlock living with a bunch of Shadowhunters.

That was untill the high warlock was tried for treason. The Institute declared he was involved in an attack against them, despite clear evidence pointing to rebel Shadowhunters, but of course, they would never spill their own blood. The Institute pinned it on a downworlder and Luca got to watch his father figure be put to death. This shed light on the fact that firstly, Shadowhunters can be awful to those not of Nephilim decent. And secondly, The Institute saw him as nothing more than a tool.

After that debacle Luca fled, and lived a relatively quiet life. He rarely speaks of his past, although he will admit he's from Italy, not much else is known about him. He runs a library for mundanes, and for a price, will perform summons and other various things only warlocks can do, for Nephilim and Downworlders alike.

Extra Information: In total, Luca can speak 13 languages.

5/20/2020 . Edited 5/20/2020 #7
The Demonic Sorgin

Accepted! Welcome to the forum LA

5/20/2020 . Edited 5/20/2020 #8
LA Devotee

Thank you! How can I jump in?

5/20/2020 #9
The Demonic Sorgin
At the moment everyone is in the training room at the Institute.
5/20/2020 #10

Full Name: Daniel Jonathon Bridgestock.

Gender: Male

Species: Shadowhunter

Age: 17

Appearance: Imagine Adam Gregory with glasses. Daniel is 6'2 and around 187lb. He has blue eyes that are quite dark, like the ocean in a storm, and has brown hair.

Personality: When you first meet Daniel, you will think he is a little bit shy. It can take him a couple of days to get used to new people, and change isn't something he does well at. When you get to know him, you'll see that he has a great sense of humour and is quite a caring person. He's a typical 'nice guy' that stops and helps the elderly cross the road. When it comes to relationships, Daniel can become quite nervous - which often shows.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths - Daniel can play the guitar, and is a decent fighter. He's better at the theoretical learning rather than the physical.

Weaknesses - He isn't good at being true to himself. His love of his family overrides his sense of right and wrong, and that isn't always the best way to see the world. He is a terrible cook.


Father - James Bridgestock

Mother - Nicola Bridgestock

Younger Brother (8) - Dominic Bridgestock.

Ex boyfriend - Jamie Moore.

History: Daniel is gay. He was in the closet, and still kind of is. He met a boy, that he liked, called Jamie. One evening, when Daniel mistakenly thought his parents would be absent all night, he and Jamie were 'fooling around' upstairs. Tragedy struck when his father came home early, and upon hearing a noise, walked in on Daniel and Jamie. His father is homophobic. He hurt Daniel, both mentally and physically - he left him bruised and bloody, before throwing him into the streets. Jamie was supportive of him, but Daniel wanted his family more than he wanted a relationship - which just wasn't acceptable. They broke up. Daniel wants to win his family's affection back, so his plan is to find a girl to fall in love with him, and marry him, even if it is not truly who is on the inside. He knows that unless he can convince his parents that he's straight, his father would never let him home again. No matter how difficult it is, it would have to be done.

Extra Information: At the start of the RP, will be Daniel arriving at the institute.

5/21/2020 #11
The Demonic Sorgin

Daniel is Accepted!

5/21/2020 #12

Full Name: Alissandra 'Alice' Amelie Trueblood

Gender: Female

Species: Shadowhunter

Age: 17

Appearance: (Face: Emily Rudd - with dark hair obvs) Alice sports straight, mid-back length black hair, and blue eyes. She stands at 5'9 and is very slender with no obvious muscle definition. Her skin is pale, causing her Runes to stand out against it.

Personality: Alice is smart, quick-witted, and has a terrible habit of making light of serious situations - especially if she is caught off guard or uncomfortable. She is headstrong and dislikes showing deep emotions in front of others. She has anxiety and nightmares that she doesn't like to talk about. She hates crying in front of others. She loves fighting, and will never pass up the opportunity to spar or hunt, especially if it gives her the chance to show off her customized seraph quarterstaff.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Alice's sense of humor is both a good and bad thing. Because of her tendency to make light of serious situations, she has gotten herself into quite a few tight spaces as far as her relationships go - both platonic and romantic. As far as her other strengths go, she has plenty of experience comforting herself - because she never reaches out when she needs it (same tbh) so she is always able to comfort others when needed. Her physical weakness is her resistance to runes. She can accept marks, but they don't last as long as they normally do on normal Shadowhunters, are painful to apply, and they do not heal normally. They generally scar and leave the area around them flaky and red. Too many runes at once or reapplying a rune too soon after it has faded generally leaves her fatigued. She, unfortunately, has a particular resistance to the iratze rune and it fatigues her the most.

Family: Alice is a Trueblood, so she is related to the Lightwoods. She has a brother, Alistair, who is a psychopathic, abusive, obsessive man that is completely rejective of runes. Her parents are not Shadowhunters and thus she no longer has contact with them, per the Clave's orders.

Alice has just moved to the New York institute after living in the LA Institue for a couple of years. She was in a relationship with Sam, though they are currently not together.

5/24/2020 . Edited 6/3/2020 #13

(Bringing him over from another forum!)

Full Name: Samuel Lovelace

Gender: Male

Species: Shadowhunter

Age: 19

Appearance: Sam is very tall at 6'5" and is muscular. He has brown tousled hair that is quite light, and green eyes - which everyone says he got from his mother. He is always dressed in either hunting or training gear.

Personality: Sam is a very caring person, he's always looking after others and thinking about himself last. He has a strong exterior, but it is a bit like a giant teddy bear. He's a brilliant fighter but quite modest in his skills - always making sure to check his opponent is okay after a battle/or training session. He'd take the fall for anyone who in trouble.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths - Samuel's ability to push his own problems to the back of his mind, in order to help someone else. He has a fantastic hot chocolate maker, and a good teacher.

Weaknesses - Sam's ability to push his own problems aside means that he struggles to deal with his own emotions - especially the grief he is going through. He cannot drive, and can find it difficult to separate emotion and need, in a battle.

Family/Friends: Richard Lovelace (Father, recently deceased). Alicia Lovelace (Mother, deceased a long time ago.) No siblings.

History: When Sam was 16, his mother died from a long illness. After she died, his father had a breakdown and turned to alcohol and substance abuse. For the sake of the family, Samuel kept his father's pain hidden from the Clave. When he turned 18, he moved into the LA institute to try and get a break. It was still in the same town as his father, so he visited him each day. It was here that he began to date Alice, but they are currently broken up. Sam's father had a stroke and fell into a coma for about 6 months. His death is what has caused Sam to leave LA, and move to the institute in New York.

5/25/2020 #14
The Demonic Sorgin
Samuel is accepted
5/26/2020 #15
The Demonic Sorgin

Alice is Accepted

6/5/2020 #16
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