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The Demonic Sorgin







7/26/2010 #1
The Demonic Sorgin

Name: Isis Stratson

Age: 17

Species: Demon (She was born a demon from her father Lucifer and mother Lilith. She is the only born demon)

Background: Heir to the demonic throne. When she was six years old a tragedy happened in her life so she ran away from home. Sabrina Stratson found her on the side of the road and took her in. Sabrina is a talent agent who found out that Isis could sing and dance. She instantly had Isis signed and now Isis is one of the most popular singers around. She works at the night club as a bartender an on occasion as a dancer or singer when they want live entertainment. She is also the leader of one of the most feared and powerful gangs out there: The Night Predators. Isis always knew what she was so she was happy when she finally found other shadowhunters. She can control all of the elements.

Personality: She keeps fighting until the very end. Isis is extremely hard to beat and she is not afraid to take you down if you get in her way. She is determined and is a very driven girl. Just by looking at Isis, you know you are going down. She is loyal, doesn't trust people easily, Strong, Independent, short tempered, brave, courageous, funny, nice to her friends, can kick any ones butt, and knows when to be funny and when to be serious. She is still trying to learn how to control her temper. Sarcastic. A total rebel

Appearance: Long, straight, dark brown hair. brown/ hazel eyes with a silver tint. Fit body. Tan Skin. Wears jeans and t- shirts with slogans or designs, and leather jackets. Has 3 long scars on her side/back.

7/26/2010 . Edited 3/31/2013 #2
Queen Viserys

Name: Alina Sage

Age: 18

Species: Shadow Hunter

Background: She was bought up learning the shadow hunter ways from both her parents, but although she's trained most of her life she's never really seen much action, which annoys her.

Personality: Can be uncertain, nosy and unable to believe things at first. She's pretty hard to surprise. She's often kind or sarcastic occasionally. She's very stubborn and hates sexism. Often teasing. If she's in a bad mood she can be horrible without realizing the consequences. She's often cold when you first meet her, but she opens up. She loves fighting and hates rules. If you give her and order, she'll often ignore it, but twist the story so se can get away with it.

Appearance: She's pretty but tomboyish. She has wide forest green eyes framed with thick lashes and is short and rather pixie ish. She has blonde hair so light it looks white, cut shoulder length, framing her face. Pale creamy skin. If she widens her eyes she look extremely innocent and sweet, but her smirk or grin often ruins that. She's much stronger than she looks. Never caught dead in a skirt or dress, pretty often wears dark blue skinny jeans and green tops/hoodies that match her eyes, unless she's in shadow hunter gear

7/28/2010 . Edited 7/28/2010 #3
The Demonic Sorgin
7/29/2010 #4
Something Dangerous

Name: Eliana Trueblood

Age: 15

Species: Shadowhunter

Background: has two older brothers and one younger. Mother was killed by demon when she was young and father wants her to stay away from the fighting as much as possible. Wants to be a fighter though and it's an ongoing fued.

Personality: Determined. Not the friendliest person you ever met, but it's just because she's ambitous and won't let anyone get in her way. Is hard and brittle on the outside, but it's really a shell.

Appearance: Tall, tanned skin, black hair with strips dyed red. big dark brown eyes.

8/20/2010 #5
Something Dangerous

can you have more than one character?

8/20/2010 #6
The Demonic Sorgin

Accepted and yes you can

8/20/2010 #7
Something Dangerous

Name: Kay Loneheart

Age: immortal

Species: Fey

Background: Father left. Mother left fey and fell in love with and married a human. he was abusive towards Kay, but her mom didn't know it, so she left to return to the fairie courts

Personality: Quiet, and timid, but aggressive if she feels threatened. wary of everyone and everything.

Appearance: Willowy, pale, bright red orangeish hair, big blue eyes

8/24/2010 #8
Queen Viserys

Name: Garnet Winters

Age: very old, looks 18

Species: Vampire

Background: She was changed into a vampire at the age of 18, when she happened to 'accidently' hear about them and 'accidently' begin chatting one up. He began to drink from her, but was disrupted by shadowhunters. Like Simon really, she wandered into the vampire coven and was fully changed. She's been living with the same coven, except she leaves and vanishes pretty often.

Personality: Birght and bubbly, extremely overly cheerful. Flirts with basically anyone. Mischevious, hates following rules. Likes messing people around, not very trustworthy, stabs people in the back quite a lot, even if she'll do it in a cheerful way. Extremely optimistic

Appearance: Very pale. Large golden-brown eyes that sparkle slightly. Slightly wide mouth and very long dark ginger hair, falling past her waist in very large waves.medium height, quite curvy.

8/24/2010 #9
The Demonic Sorgin

Both are accepted

8/24/2010 #10
Samurai don't need angels

plz let me join

Name: Connie

Age: 17

Species: Hunter

Background: grew up with her mom in New York who told her about the hunters but absoultly refused to allow her to be trained. That is, until last month when some stange things happened.

Personality: Quite,

Appearance: Snowy white hair, dark blue eyes. Always wearing a red vest.

9/10/2010 #11
The Demonic Sorgin


9/10/2010 #12

May I please join? (=

Name: Lane Stoneholder

Age: 16

Species: Shadowhunter

Background: Lived with both parents. But they died when she was 14. Currently lives with her aunt.

Personality: Slightly a loner, open-minded

Appearance: Brown wavy hair with blonde highlights, dark blue eyes and fair complexion. Only wears black or blue.

9/26/2010 #13
The Demonic Sorgin


9/26/2010 #14

wazzup person?!

9/26/2010 #15
XxThe Vampire KingxX
Name: Nikko Darklock

Age: 18

Species: Shadowhunter

Background: He comes from one of the richest, and one of the greatest, Shadowhunter dynasties. He grew up on a villa in Idris, but he has lived in Alicante. He was trained from an early age and got his marks at 9 years old. He moved to New York city and stayed at the Institute, but he moved to his own apartment before Clary found them. Ever since, he has been tracking many different types of demons, and keeping the Downworlders in check. His preferred weapons are fans that are made with a black fabric, and the spines have blades at the ends of them. He also enjoys using Shuriken blades and has two straps on his wrists. They have blades in them that come out of there sheath's when he flexes his wrists.

Personality: He is usually quiet, but around his friends, he is a bit cocky, and he has a clever sense of humor. He hates liars with a Passion and he will always be loyal. He does however, have a striking ability to make people cry with just one sentence.

Appearance: Nikko is tall and has broad shoulders. He isn't insanely muscled but he isn't a twig, so he isn't an extreme beefcake, but still nicely toned. He has very pale skin, almost white and his hair is the excact opposite. He has inky black hair that hangs below his ears and curls in his face. He has silvery eyes that seem to change color at some points. He wears a lot of black too. He is very good looking, and he likes to use it to get his way.

10/2/2010 #16

wazzup other person?

10/2/2010 #17
XxThe Vampire KingxX
Nm just waiting for Flare to approve me, (TDH)
10/2/2010 #18

haha, hav fun waiting. lolz, imma go hav a cookie war wit mi frend

10/2/2010 #19
The Demonic Sorgin

Sorry it took so long. you're accepted

10/3/2010 #20

Welcome to tha forum family, brotha


lolz, tht sounded so weird

10/4/2010 #21

Name: Laura Bridget (Bridget is her middle name, she never tells anyone her last name

Age: 16

Species: Werewolf

Background: Laura was born in Australia, but one day when she was walking at night with her father. (when she was 15) Laura lagged behind a bit from her father and younger sister, a rogue werewolf attacked her from the alley. She woke up in hospital, a few days later Laura and her sister went back home to their mothers house. two weeks later, Laura turned into a werewolf and woke up in the forest near her house. When she was walking home from school, a man came up to her, a fellow werewolf and offered her to join his pack, she refused and ran home. She coped alright, then she got offered the chance to go to New York as an exchange student, she had no idea why. The werewolf pack leader had contacted someone in New York(Luke) and he had offered to bring her to New York and try get her to join a clan, she was a danger to herself and others not being in a pack. She also has her license, but she is can't drive without an adult with heir full license in the car

Personality: Laura is very chatty and sometimes talks really fast and often people have to tell her to repeat what she had said. She is very smart and is good at Biology and Maths. She is a very kind person but can be stubborn and she can be emotional.

Appearance: Laura is short for her age (153cm) and is not the skinniest person, she weighs 49kgs. She has fair skin, brown hair and freckles. She has the odd pimple and wears glasses. Her eyes are blue/grey with gold around the pupils. Her eyes work independently, so when something is close up to her face, Laura can switch from left eye to right eye and change the perspective from which she views the object.

werewolf form

(Hope that is Okay?)

10/28/2010 . Edited 10/28/2010 #22
The Demonic Sorgin


10/30/2010 #23
E. C. March

Name: Alia Narema Parothema

Age: appears 14

Species: Once nephilim but turned vampire

Background: Alia had once been a sweet young girl and was trained at the institute in England in the 1900s. At 14 she was hunting a demon with her younger brother, they were ambushed by a clan of vampires and she was suprised and bit by an ancient vampire. She was turned and joined the clan for 30 years when she took her revenge on the ancient vampire and killed him. She then hid away in many countries for 20 years before joining the clan in New York. She has become very powerful and draws upon her traing as a shadow hunter often. She is quite enviouse of the nephilim and would do anthing to turn back.

Personality: Alia was once a vary bubbly person but now she is withdrawn and watchful. She always believes the worst of people and although friendly enough on the outside, she refuses to ever trust anyone. She will make snide comments to people and earn there trust but she inever considers anyone a friend. When an ally, she is considered useful but she is never wished an enemy for she can be very vengful and dangerous.

Appearance: Golden blonde hair that flows in large curls to and inch past her shoulders. She has a straight side bang. Her skin is very pale and always umblemished. Her eyes are very light blue, almost metallic, with a dark grey rim asurronding the blue. She always wears a black, tight fitting outfit with blades concealed throughout. Her favored weapon are two twin long swords and her best range weapon is the bow and arrow. She also will carry a silver wip as a belt around her waste and will wear an enchanted, white, flower necklace around her neck. he has a pale scar running along the inside of her lower left arm from a her previous shadow hunter life.

Hope you accept this ;)

12/19/2010 #24
The Demonic Sorgin

Accpeted :)

12/19/2010 #25
Name: Avian Desmond Swerl the Fifth

Age: Looks to be about 19 but is going on 98

Species: Warlock

Personality:Sarcastic but curious and likes to be in the "know". She likes to flirt but sometimes scares off others if she forgets to hide her bat wings and other unusual features.

Appearance: Bright blue eyes framed by thick lashes and under arched eye brows with plump red lips. Avian has pale skin that contrasts nicely with her hair. She has short black hair that is cut shaggy with lots of layers and she has pink, blue, purple and red streaks. She is slim and an average height. She has black, bat wings arching out of her back, little black horns that peek out of her hair and sharp teeth that often cut into her lips.

12/27/2010 #26
The Demonic Sorgin


12/28/2010 #27

Name: Amber Storm

Age: 17 years old

Species: Werewolf

Background: Amber Storm had been born a human, also known as a mundane. Beaten and neglected, literally, everyday of her life, all Amber knew of life was hate. Hate, hate, and more hate. Though life goes on, and Amber found a single way survive, as her parents rescinded all claim of taking care of her, though the law required it to be so.

Stubbornly, Amber had refused to tell anyone of her troubles, and instead, found herself joining the criminal world as she began the art of theft, and also the practice of always having a blade on her. It was just after one of her heists that her life changed forever at the age of 15, as she was grabbed from behind, sharp teeth sinking deep into her shoulder. She had screamed out in pain, despite having have felt worse before.

It wasn't long after that her first Change happened, and knowing that she could not allow her parents to find out, as they would surely kill her, seeings as they had tried to many times before, Amber Storm ran from the place she had reluctantly called home, though she would not leave her thieving traits behind her as she searched for a new home.

And she found that home in Luke's pack.

Personality: Amber Storm had originally been a pretty timid child, though as she grew, her timidness grew into what most would call pure defiance. Though upon leaving her former home, Amber seemed to mellow out a bit. Become more easygoing, save for when she was on another heist. Which brings up the fact that she adores shiny things, being a thief and all.

It got better after she had joined Luke's pack, her attitude just seemed to get better, though once angry, it is hard to calm her down, save for Luke, whose orders she will take without question, both because she respects the man, and he is the pack leader. And speaking of the pack, Amber is very loyal, and if you threaten it, you will pay the consequences. She will not hesitate when going into battle, and she would easily give her life for any member of the pack without a second thought.

Appearance: Amber Storm has lightly tanned skin and hazel eyes, that often have this studious sort of look to them. Her hair is a medium brown sort of color, and often she is wearing a nice shirt, though mainly that is covered with a maroon sweatshirt, and pair of dark blue jeans. A person of excellent style and taste, Amber can make anything look good though, even if it were torn, and mud-stained clothes.

2/3/2011 . Edited 3/5/2011 #28
The Demonic Sorgin


2/3/2011 #29
Dauntless Nephilim

Name : Rein Ivaskov

Age : Looked 17 (his vampire age is 450 years old)

Species : Vampire

Background : Rein Ivaskov is another vampire leader in Italy, he friend with Raphael, Isis, Jace and Alec. He got turned by his own lover, but she's already died, murdered by a demon. Before he turned, he felt like living in hell. Being a foster child, and no one wanted to be friend with him because he has cold eyes. And everyday he struggle, searching for place to live in the street and even food to survive. But now after he changed, he have many friends, and his life is perfect for him, except one, Lover. Even though now he is rich, have everything he want, he still can't find a lover.

Rein group is the most well known in vampires world even the downworlder. He choose his member from the best vampire. Every vampire in his group has special power of their own. And even Rein, he has the power to dream walk people dreams, and put images in people mind as he want.

Personality : He is very loyal to his friends, but can be a cruel devil to anyone who betray him. He loves to please woman, and grant everything their needs. He is a ladies killer, very charismatic and handsome, never hurt a woman. So that mean he has woman-complex. He is caring, but don't even near him when he's mad. He likes to smoke and drink alcohol more than drink someone bloods. Brave, he has so much pride and faith towards his friends. His weakness is he tends to get dazzled around beautiful people. And he's bisexual. (so watch out!)

Appearance : Tall around 6'2'' feet. Has black messy style hair, a cocky grin of his own, charming, and he has indigo eyes.

2/9/2011 . Edited 4/2/2011 #30
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