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Athena Rosedusk

Name: Athena Belle Rosedusk

Age: 16

Species: Shadowhunter

Background: Athena was born to the Rosedusk family in Idris. She was homeschooled until she and her parents moved to New York. Here, she lived in the New York Institute from the age of thirteen until now. Her parents were called to Alicante during the beginning of the Dark War. She found out a week later, that they were dead. From then on, Athena is very hesitant to go anywhere near Idris, and often wakes during the night, screaming for her parents. She has become acquaintances with Jace and Alec, but will only really trust Clary and Isabelle. She has developed a crush on the werewolf, Bat Velasquez, and is deathly afraid of him finding that out. Only Clary knows of her crush.

Personality: Athena is kind, caring and loving, but in battle she is ruthless and has no mercy. She is also sarcastic and easily annoyed, more so when on her period. She is heterosexual.

Appearance: Athena has blonde hair down to her waist, green eyes, and a charming smile that dazzles most.

12/7/2016 #211
The Demonic Sorgin
12/7/2016 #212
Telepathic Misadventures

Name: Tobias Nightshade

Age: 19

Species: Nephilim (Shadowhunter lmao)

Background: Toby was chillin with his mom in the Institute of San Francisco, until his mother was sent to Idris on business with the Clave, and therefore was unable to look after Tobias when he turned 12. Soon enough he ended up bunking out in the Sydney Institute during the beginning of the Dark War, and was one of many shadowhunter children who took refuge in the Hall of Accords in Alicante, along the likes of Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn children. Throughout all the movement and confusion in his childhood, he never really was given he chance to make solid relationships with others. So as sarcastic an sharp witted as he comes off as at first, he's actually just a softie who wants to make friends on the inside. Eventually he stumbled backed to the SF Institute, with nothing left for him in the aftermath of the Dark War, he lived there for a few years, trained a bit, cried a bit. Now, he's sick of his old life and has fled to the New York Institute in hopes of joining the ranks of respected shadowhunters such as Jace Herondale, who by the way, he thinks is pretty hot for that matter.

Personality: Let's face it, Tobias is snarky. He's incredibly blunt, the type of guy who'll judge you before you can judge him. Toby isn't exactly the type of guy who's good at making friends, never mind even having a family to call his own for the past five years. I'm sure when SOMEBODY REALLY ANYBODY gets to know him, he'll warm up to them, because bluntness aside, his advice is honest. Plus he's gay, not necessarily closeted, but it's never come up and only when it's relevant, he's open about his sexuality.

Appearance: He's tall, has an average build. Toby's hair is a lighter brown, which is kept longer on the fringe and shaved on the sides. He has dark brown eyes and usually has a freshly shaved stubble. If not in shadowhunter gear, his go-to outfit is usually an unzipped sweater with a white shirt, a pair of maroon chinos and he's ready to go. Yes, oddly specific shit.

1/22/2017 #213

Heey, this b an active RP?

2/8/2017 #214
Jace Herondale-Lightwood
It was until the 31st. I've been waiting for responses since then :/
2/8/2017 #215

Name: Rose Angelhallow

Age: 16

Species: Nephilim

Background: Rose's parents were killed in a freak demon attack. She had 2 brothers that are now at the Shadowhunter Acadamy training mundanes and younger Nephilim. Rose became distant after the years at the institute, she stopped interacting with people and only came out of her room for meetings.

Personality: She is intelligent and shy.

Appearance: She has blue ombre hair, that is mostly put in a french braid, that reaches down to the small of her back. She has a tiny figure of 5'1" and 150lbs. Rose likes to train with the guys at the institute, instead of the girls. She has a harder time bonding with girls over guys.

2/21/2017 #216
The Demonic Sorgin


2/21/2017 #217
tommy tennyson

Name: Tommy Lightwood

Age: 14

Gender: male

species: human

Background: Tommy always liked boys but no one knew that Tommy was gay

Personality: nice, shy, and good-hearted & funny

Appearance: Tommy is 5'3 and has blue eyes and brown hair and skinny and has a medium build body

4/21/2018 #218
The Demonic Sorgin
Can you give a bit more to the background so we can know the character a little better? Once you've done that, Tommy will be accepted.
4/21/2018 #219
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