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The Demonic Sorgin

Title says it all

6/10/2011 #1


6/10/2011 #2
The Demonic Sorgin

(Sorry I wasn't here to do it earlier.)

6/10/2011 #3
Dauntless Nephilim

((lol it's okay xD sorry we use the chat room~))

6/10/2011 #4
The Demonic Sorgin

(It's all good. So what did I miss?)

6/10/2011 #5

(Hail fought Magnus over Alec, Veera stormed in and attacked Hunter and Alec both, Magnus healed them, Hail kissed Veera and now Hunter is joking with Rien and Magnus is smooching with Alec and Hail is fawning over Veera.)

6/10/2011 #6
Dauntless Nephilim

((don't forget Chris and Aaliyah got their um.. fifth? sixth? I lost count..))

6/10/2011 #7

(sixth, I think)

6/10/2011 #8
The Demonic Sorgin

(Ok thanks)

Isis conquered up a pool table and began having some fun.

6/10/2011 #9
Magnus tangled his fingers in Alec's hair and prodded his lips with his tongue.
6/10/2011 #10
Dauntless Nephilim

Rein raised an eyebrow at Hunter and tilted his head slightly, "I think I'm gonna go now, have fun in the institute Hunter."


Alec shivered and let his lips open slightly to suck on Magnus tongue.

6/10/2011 #11

Hunter shrugged. "I think I will."

6/10/2011 #12
Magnus moaned and tugged on Alec's hair.
6/10/2011 #13
The Demonic Sorgin

Isis racked up the pool balls and took the break. She watched as they scattered in all different directions with a few going into the holes.

6/10/2011 #14
Dauntless Nephilim

Rein chuckled, "Yeah you definitely will."


Alec groaned and tugged his shirt.

6/10/2011 #15

Hunter sighed. "Too bad theres no single guys round here. Then I could really have fun."

6/10/2011 #16
Dauntless Nephilim

Rein went to search for Isis and found her playing pools, "I don't know you like pools or even we have pools in the institute.." he smirked, "Nice shoot by the way."

6/10/2011 #17
The Demonic Sorgin

Isis went off playing nine ball. She hit the one an it went into the top right corner. She alligned the cue ball and cue stick up with the two ball.

6/10/2011 #18
Dauntless Nephilim

((i feel like making a new guy char for you wicked xD))

6/10/2011 #19
The Demonic Sorgin

(we'd have like four sex scenes at once...oh god hahaha)

6/10/2011 #20

(lol okay, I wouldn't mind XD)

6/10/2011 . Edited 6/10/2011 #21
Dauntless Nephilim

((LOL XD i'm not gonna do that... hopefully xP so you want him to be normal, gay, or bi?))

Rein watched Isis playing, quietly.

6/10/2011 #22

(normals fine)

6/10/2011 #23
Magnus pulled away from Alec for a moment and pulled off his shirt, then dove back down to attack Alec's neck with his lips and teeth.
6/10/2011 #24
(Lol, its funny how you guys use the word 'normal' instead of 'straight' :))
6/10/2011 #25
The Demonic Sorgin

"Sup?" Isis asked Rein, not taking her eyes off the cue ball.

6/10/2011 #26
Dauntless Nephilim

Alec moaned, his hand reached up to Magnus hair and tugged it slightly.

((:P Imma post my char in the afternoon I guess... I need to sleep now x) buh byee!))

6/10/2011 #27
(Aw no! Bye!) Magnus moaned against Alec's neck and arched his back.
6/10/2011 #28

(kk :( bye!)

6/10/2011 #29

((heyo guys))

Aaliyah watched Chris get dressed for a moment before she sighed. "A$$hole..." She grumbled and pulled on her bra.

6/10/2011 . Edited 6/10/2011 #30
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