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Devilish JoJo

Andrew smirked. "Alyson Redgrave always a delight to see you", He said pulling her closer.

Jay gritted his teeth not showing any expressions.

10/3/2011 #4,981

Alyson giggled and fluttered her long eyelashes. "How've you been?"

10/3/2011 #4,982
Devilish JoJo

"Screwing around and about", Andrew smirked pulling her closer.

Jay rolled his eyes. "We will talk later Andrew", Jay said bowing at him and strutting of to the bar.

10/3/2011 #4,983

Alyson laughed, trailing a nail down his neck, grazing his skin slightly. "Hmmm... I might just be slightly jealous..." she purred.

10/3/2011 #4,984
Devilish JoJo

Andrew nodded at Jay when he disappeared in the crowd. Andrew then smirked down at her. "You know your always my number one screw"

10/3/2011 #4,985

((So is Jay still at the Pandemonium or did he leave?))

Alyson grinned. "I'm flattered."

10/3/2011 #4,986
Devilish JoJo

Jay walked into the VIP area and sat on the couch instantly swarmed by five delicous barely dressed woman demanding his attention. He swatted them away and pulled out a big bottle of pure alcohol mixed with AB-positive. He gulped it down.

Andrew pulled her closer and pulled at her dress.

10/3/2011 #4,987

Alyson giggled flitaciously but pushed his hand away. "Not every eye in this club deserves to see what's hidden under this material." she winked.

10/3/2011 #4,988
Devilish JoJo

Jay kept his eye on her and the sheriff.

Andrew placed his hand on her butt. "Why dont you come back to my hotel Miss redgrave?"

10/3/2011 #4,989

Alyson laughed, curling a lock of her already curly hair around her finger. "A gentleman would at least offer to buy me a drink first." she smirked.

10/3/2011 #4,990
Devilish JoJo

Andrew smirked again. "my hotel room has alot of pure blood champagne... Why dont you just come with me?"

Jay downed the whole bottle and glared down at Andrew.

10/3/2011 #4,991

"Tempting..." Alyson tapped her full, blood red lips. "Nope, I wanna see if you still remember what my favourite drink is." she grinned.

10/3/2011 #4,992
Devilish JoJo

"A overly Bloody mary", Andrew smirked at her. "Preferably drank from a virgin called Mary"

Jay gagged and got up he grabbed a girl and started dancing with her.

10/3/2011 #4,993

Alyson laughed. "Nice memory."

10/3/2011 #4,994
Devilish JoJo

"I told you your my number 1", andrew said squishing her butt.

10/3/2011 #4,995

Alyson laughed, then pulled him forward and pressed his lips to hers.

10/3/2011 #4,996
Devilish JoJo

Jay growled and snapped the girls neck before jumping off the balcony and walking out the pandemonium.

10/3/2011 #4,997

Alyson pulled back and blinked when people started screaming and running for the exit, yelling about some dead girl. She went into the flow, getting pushed out and away from Andrew.

10/3/2011 #4,998
Devilish JoJo

Andrew walked out the bar later that night.

Jay was nowhere to be found.

10/3/2011 #4,999

Alyson shrugged and went home.


10/3/2011 #5,000
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