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Silvermay and Aaliyah both looked up. Aaliyah gave him a weak, tired smile and Silvermay waved. Maryrose giggled and tried to grab her hand with her own tiny ones.

9/12/2011 #691
Dauntless Nephilim

Aiden smiled back at his mom, "Where's the little one?" he got a bruise on his cheek and his lip got cut slightly then he looked at Silvermay who's holding Maryrose and he gaped, "Whoa.."

Chris sighed but he went back to sit.

9/12/2011 #692

Aaliyah frowned. "Aiden..."

"What's wrong with you're face??" Silvermay blurted, and at Aaliyah's sharp look she blinked. "Oh, I didn't mean that in a mean way..."

Maryrose looked at Aiden and giggled, reaching her tiny hands towards him excitedly, like she knew him.

9/12/2011 #693
Dauntless Nephilim

The corner of Aiden lips tugged up slightly in a weak smile, "I got into a fight with Reg." he looked at Maryrose and smiled wider and he wince slightly but he took her tiny hand in his, "Hey little sister."

9/12/2011 #694

Silvermay's jaw dropped. "Reg?!"

Maryrose squealed and laughed with oblivious delight, wiggling her tiny fingers inside the grip of his comparitively huge hand.

((See how descriptive I am when I am writing/reading? XD))

9/12/2011 #695
Dauntless Nephilim

(lol I see XD)

Aiden chuckled at Maryrose and loosened the grip then he let her tiny hand grabbed his finger before he shrugged, "He think I've been a really inconsiderate bastard towards you.. and he's right.. I'm sorry Silvy."

9/12/2011 #696

Silvy sighed and shook her head. "It's fine, Aiden. I'm still kind of freaking out myself."

Aaliyah looked between the two of them. "What's going on?"

Maryrose curled both her tiny fingers around his index finger; they only just covered it.

9/12/2011 #697
Dauntless Nephilim

Aiden nodded then he pursed his lips, didn't know if he should answer the question as he look at Silvermay.


Chris frowned then he looked at Silvy.

9/12/2011 #698
Magnus arched his back farther and moaned.
9/12/2011 #699
CJ got off also and took her hand.
9/12/2011 #700

"Nothing." Silvermay answered too quickly, looking down. "Today isn't about me. It's about beautiful baby Maryrose." She ran a finger down her baby sister's cheek.

Maryrose squealed and giggled.

9/12/2011 #701

Destiny blushed and laced her fingers with his, standing close to him.

9/12/2011 #702
CJ smiled at her. "Come on, let's go see if the baby's been born yet." he said and led her into the hospital.
9/12/2011 #703
(Gtg, softball :P)
9/12/2011 #704
Dauntless Nephilim

(Malec!!!!!!! :D)

Alec kissed up to his neck and across his jaw, being careful not to kiss his lip as he grind against him.

9/12/2011 #705


Destiny closed for a moment. "I can hear a baby... and... two women and two men." she told him, opening her eyes.

9/12/2011 #706
Dauntless Nephilim

(aww bye! D:)

"What's wrong Silvy?" Chris looked at her worriedly then he narrowed his eyes at Aiden, "Did he bullied you?"

Aiden keeps pursing his lips, he could feel his blood in his tongue and he just looked at Maryrose.

9/12/2011 #707

"No." Silvermay answered, her lips pulling down. "Can we please stop talking about it?"

Maryrose smiled up at Aiden innocently.

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9/12/2011 #708
Dauntless Nephilim

(SORRY I gtg sleep Day-Z DX my stomachache went worse DDDX)

Chris sighed, "Alright, if you don't want to tell your dad, that's totally fine with me." Chris grumbled like a kid and crossed his arms infront his chest.

Aiden rolled his eyeballs then he kissed Maryrose little fist that still wrapped around his finger as he smiled widely.

9/12/2011 #709

((awwwwwwwww DDDDDDDDX come on! I got up at 4 f*cking am for you! DX))

Aaliyah snorted and tried not to laugh, turning her head away and pressing her lips together so she wouldn't laugh.

Silvermay giggled.

Maryrose laughed and grinned up at Aiden.

9/12/2011 #710
Dauntless Nephilim

Chris scowled slightly, "What so funny?"

Aiden chuckled, "You and your spoil little brat act dad."

(sorry I really need to sleep I haven't sleep like since yesterday DX or I'm gonna fell asleep at class again..)

9/12/2011 #711

Jace slammed the guy in the stomach, and held the blade at his throat. "Five seconds to tell me why I shouldn't cut your windpipe open."

9/12/2011 #712

Aaliyah broke into a giggle fit, as did Silvermay.

Maryrose laughed just for the hell of it.

The guy laughed. "Her father wanted me to say hello to her for him."

Clary sagged forward in her chair and she would of fallen off if she wasn't tied on. She was cut and bruised and her whole body throbbed with pain.

9/12/2011 #713

Jace glared at him, "He's dead. Are you ready to join him?" He looked away and then yelled, "And he isn't coming back."

9/12/2011 #714

The guy just laughed.

9/12/2011 #715

Jace's hand began to shake but he kept it steady enough to hide it. He dropped the blade and whispered, "Is he back?"

9/12/2011 #716

"You should tend to your girlfriend," the guy laughed. "Who knows how much demon blood she's swallowed..."

9/12/2011 #717

Jace picked the blade up, drove it half into the guys arm and left it. "Stay or I'll do more." He threatened darkly. Then he sprinted over to Clary, and took a small pocket knife out and cut the rope, "Holy crap. What did he do to you?!"

9/12/2011 #718

The guy's laughs disappeared as he dissapeared, the knife clattering to the ground.

Clary's breathing was shallow and her face was pale as chalk as she slumped forwards towards the ground.

9/12/2011 #719

Jace swiftly caught her, "What did he do to you?" He whispered, picking her up.

9/12/2011 #720
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