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Magnus grinned and kissed him again. "You're so adorable."
9/14/2011 #901
Dauntless Nephilim

Alec eyes widened, "What..are you talking about?" he blushed.

9/14/2011 #902
Magnus chuckled. "You. Are. Adorable." he said again, running his fingers over his dimples. (Gtg, school :P)
9/14/2011 #903
Dauntless Nephilim

(Awww bye! DX)

Alec blushed even more and took his hand in his, "I'm not.. just eat your breakfast kay?" he took the tray and put it on Magnus lap.

9/14/2011 #904

Chloe moaned and arched her back, her body shivering

9/14/2011 #905
Magnus chuckled. "Fine." he said and started eating, glancing at him frequently.
9/14/2011 #906
Dauntless Nephilim

Rein teased her around as he keeps his grinding slowly in a teasing way.


Alec caught his glances and smiled widely, "What?" he was watching Magnus the entire time.

9/14/2011 #907

(please dont be gone...)

9/14/2011 #908
Devilish JoJo

"Finish what!, that puny excuses off an as.s belongs to me", the demon said smirking.

Dahlia ripped the door open en threw him off the balcony. She jumped down after him with her swords drawn.

9/14/2011 . Edited 9/14/2011 #909
"I love you." Magnus said and took another bite.
9/14/2011 #910
Dauntless Nephilim

Alec blushed, watching Magnus chewing his food then he got dazed. XD

9/14/2011 #911

Jace's vision was going blurred but he picked Clary up and staggered towards the door. "Isabelle." He panted, "I smell gasoline."

9/14/2011 #912

Silvermay said thanks to both Aiden and CJ, then started quietly and slowly drinking the first one.

Maryrose yawned.

9/14/2011 #913
Devilish JoJo

Dahlia screamed hard when she landed stabbing both of her sword in his shoulders.

The demon vanished and reappeared behind her.

9/14/2011 #914

((I got DETENTION :D)))

9/14/2011 #915
Devilish JoJo

(( oh ooooh?))

9/14/2011 #916

((Guess why :D))

9/14/2011 #917
Devilish JoJo

(( sleeping in class? ))

9/14/2011 #918

((Nope, for singing the beer song and screaming: LETS GO DRINK SOME BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! BEER BEER BEER BERR! :D))

9/14/2011 #919
Devilish JoJo

(( hahahahahahahahahaha ))

9/14/2011 #920

((xP I mean ppl sware and i sing the beer song and POOF))

9/14/2011 #921
Devilish JoJo

(( you just made my day ))

9/14/2011 #922

((;D HNKK Vids are killing me... ;D))

9/14/2011 #923
Devilish JoJo

(( hehe... I hate night times... ))

9/14/2011 #924

(( Oh my god.. LMFAO!!!!!!!))

9/14/2011 #925
Devilish JoJo

(( haha ))

9/14/2011 #926

((:DD ))

9/14/2011 #927

Jace walked out of the building and on to the street. He cursed several times began coughing.

9/14/2011 #928
Devilish JoJo

Dahlia was stabbing at the demon repeativly. "Stop moving bi.tch", she growled.

The demon snarled and spit at her.

9/14/2011 #929

Jace's eyes glossed over like ice and he remembered the six weeks he had been away.

The needle was to slowly take his sight away. Eventually, he wouldn't be able to see anyone. Why didn't he fight it?!

9/14/2011 #930
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