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Chloe bit back a moan as she stretched her neck out to his, jamming more toast into her mouth as she swallowed painfully.

9/9/2011 #181

((hey! :D Has Patch replied?))

9/9/2011 #182
Dauntless Nephilim

"Not checked in here. I mean to a warlock." Reg smiled.


Chris chuckled then he stared at Aaliyah, "Yes if you want.. but I don't want to see you in pain too." he squeezed her hand.


Alec groaned and bucked his hips against Magnus as his hands started soaping down his azz.


Rein kissed down her throat and slipped his hands inside her shirt.

9/9/2011 #183
Magnus moaned and pressed closer.
9/9/2011 #184
Dauntless Nephilim

Alec started grinding his hips against him, "Magnus, I want you." he nibbled on his ear.

9/9/2011 #185
Magnus moaned loudly. "Not as much as I want you."
9/9/2011 #186

Chloe moaned softly as she shuddered underneath him

(ggrrr anyone? I'm on ALLLL night)

9/9/2011 #187

(Just me :P Any open OCs?)

9/9/2011 #188

((I'm on! :D))

Silvermay shook her head slowly. "Are you calling me fat?"

Aaliyah pressed a kiss to his cheek, then groaned in agony and pushed again.

"There's the top of head, Aaliyah, keep going!" The doctor smiled.

9/9/2011 #189

((Whooooooooooooa Malec, nice new pic! :D))

9/9/2011 #190

(ROAR Where is Ren? And Day-Z do you want to repost Sofia?)

9/9/2011 #191

((idk XD And yeah, mmkay XD))

Sofia nodded awkwardly when Patch didn't do anything and walked out.

9/9/2011 #192

Patch watched her go and he groaned, running his fingers through his spiky/shaggy black hair. He hadn't been that close to anyone since his father. He glared at the ground, obsidian eyes meanacing.

9/9/2011 #193

Sofia walked quickly down the hall, her blonde hair getting in her face but she didn't care.

9/9/2011 #194

(Thanks Day :D) (Soo, is that no open charries..?)

9/9/2011 #195

((I've got Destiny, Ryan and Eloise XD))

9/9/2011 #196

(Uhmm I have Cam)

Patch graoned and laid back on the bed, sweat glistened on his face, his breath slowing from the speeding pace it had been when his lips had molded into Sofia's.

9/9/2011 #197

(Hmm, whose single?)

9/9/2011 #198

Sofia scrambled out of a window, then scaled up the wall, swung up the gutter and onto the roof.

9/9/2011 #199

(Uh Cam is? lolz yeah)

Patch sighed and pulled on his black boots and stalked out of his room, black runes inking his skin, black hair tousled, and obsidian eyes glistening.

9/9/2011 #200

((Destiny and Eloise are single XD I can make a single guy if you want me to?))

9/9/2011 . Edited 9/9/2011 #201

Sofia curled up into a fetal postition and closed her eyes.

9/9/2011 #202

(Cam is a guy..just sayin lolz)

Patch climbed the stairs to the garden and sat down on one of the marble benches

9/9/2011 #203

(Allz I gotz is CJ..)

CJ walked into the Institute to find Magnus and Alec to tell them that Aaliyah was in labor.

9/9/2011 . Edited 9/9/2011 #204

Sofia stood up and started pacing on the roof, then moonlight shining down on her.

9/9/2011 #205

Destiny watched CJ curiously.

9/9/2011 #206

CJ walked down the hall, trying to remember where Alec's room was.

9/9/2011 #207

(Gar g2g bbl)

9/9/2011 #208

Destiny tilted her head as she watched him.

9/9/2011 #209

CJ glared at the doors he passed.

9/9/2011 #210
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