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Whoa, these are getting faster :D

10/2/2011 #1


10/3/2011 #2
Devilish JoJo

Jay was sitting in his mansion the next day finding a replacement for him to rule this area.

((GTG CU later!))

10/3/2011 #3


Alyson walked into his mansion and walked over to him, then slapped him across the face.

10/3/2011 #4

Kurt hummed and took her tongue in his mouth, sucking lightly.


CJ pulled Destiny tightly against his chest and sighed.

10/3/2011 #5
Devilish JoJo

Jay grabbed his cheek. "What was that for?"


Dahlia wiggled her tongue gently, tugging softly at his hair.

10/3/2011 #6

Destiny drifted off to sleep.

"Why the hell did you just dissapear the other night?" Alyson snarled, her eyes a deep, obsidian black instead of chocolate brown.

10/3/2011 #7
Devilish JoJo

Jay narrowed his purple glowing eyes. "Thats non off your business...", he snapped back.

10/3/2011 . Edited 10/3/2011 #8

"We had sex and you just f*cking disappeared!" Alyson snarled.

10/3/2011 #9
Devilish JoJo

"its not like it matters too you.... You would screw everything thats male!", jay screamed.

10/3/2011 #10

"Oh, so now you f*cking care!" Alyson screamed right back. "Well, go find some other wh*re to screw, I'm out of here." she turned and stormed out, ripping the door off it's hinges in her anger.

10/3/2011 #11

((I gots me a detention with mah boyfriend =3))

Jace walked into the kitchen and seen Tia.

10/3/2011 #12

Kurt groaned softly and rolled his hips forward against hers.


CJ watched her sleep for a few minutes before falling asleep too.

10/3/2011 #13
Devilish JoJo

Jay sighed and pulled at his own hair from despair. He made his final phonecall..

The next day Jay was not in the pandemonium for a change.

10/3/2011 #14
Devilish JoJo

((Saweet :P ))

Dahlia gasped softly and pulled her tongue back. She moaned softly from his touch.

10/3/2011 #15

(Hm, I'm not sure I want to know what you did...)

Kurt slipped his warm hands under her shirt and rubbed her back.

10/3/2011 #16
Devilish JoJo

Dahlia shivered slightly and placed her head in the crook of his neck.

10/3/2011 #17

"I love you." Kurt murmured in her ear.

10/3/2011 #18

The next day, Alyson was getting on a flight to Paris.

Destiny snuggled closer to him.

10/3/2011 #19

((lmao! I forgot mah dictionary..))

10/3/2011 #20

CJ smiled in his sleep.

10/3/2011 #21
Devilish JoJo

Jay had moved back to his home area in Sweden.


"I love you too", Dahlia whispered nipping at his earlobe.

10/3/2011 #22

(You're required to have a dictionary...?)

Kurt groaned softly and pulled her closer.

10/3/2011 #23

Destiny mumbled his name in her sleep.

10/3/2011 #24
Devilish JoJo

Dahlia leaned so far against him that they fell on the bed. "owh"

10/3/2011 #25

((Yeah... F.cking strict school. They gave a boy ISOLATION for cutting his hair!))

10/3/2011 #26

CJ smiled and pulled her closer. "Destiny.."

10/3/2011 #27


10/3/2011 #28

Kurt chuckled. "Ow."

10/3/2011 #29
Devilish JoJo

Dahlia got up from his chest and blushed furiously.

10/3/2011 #30
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