Whispers of Madness
The age of Rapture is long passed ended...The city nothing more than an empty husk, slowly decaying into nothingness. The City is crumbling into nothing, and the sane denizens left know the time to leave is now, less the once majestic city becomes their tomb...But what awaits above the sea? (Revamp of old RP, accepting new members.)
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NOTE: This used to be a Bioshock RP but we NO LONGER follow there storyling so do not bother making someone from Rapture. It will most likely being rejected.









Name John Pyle

Age 35

Appearance 6'2" muscular, black hair buzzed, green eyes, and clean shaved normal us marines fatigues helmet and combat boots. a scar on the left side of his face from a banzai attack. bandoleers aka ammo belts and dog tag necklace. He is very intidating because of his looks but he very rarely has a serious face.

weapons 357. magnum a bowie knife and a B.A.R.

Plasmids Just something I made up thats more of a boost if anything War cry. (Allows him to do a ear shatering yell that increases his strength and speed dratically at the cost of half of the eve in his body. It also stuns nearby enemies.)

Gene tonics wrench jockey 2, wrench lurker2,

personality usually calm but when made angry he makes a big daddy look like a pussy. loyal to a fault. After seeing so many people die in battle it is nothing short of a marical that he can still show mercy to enemys BUT if they shoot him first he won't aim to injure. John somewhat pitys a big daddy and the little sister. He realized that they are just as human as he is and tries to help them when ever possible causing a slight 'treaty' with him. He helps protect and the big daddy wont impale him with a drill. He isn't netrall if he doesnt like someone he will tell it to there face.


John was a normall kid growing up untill the war broke out. He was barely 16 at the time he inlisted but he paid off the recruiter to change his age. When he got to the war was in Pelilue Island. He though Jappanese traps and ambushes were myths until he was shown first hand what happens. A banzai trooper takled him to the ground and tried to kill him with a bayonet. He nudged it to the side just enough for it to barely knick him near his eye. But for the rest of his time there he was carefull. After the U.S bombed Hiroshima John was on his way back to the states when his ship was attacked by Kamikazee fighters. He was the only survivor. For 3 days he was adrift until he came across a strange lighthouse. That night he decended to Rapture.



Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: She is not as happy as she used to be mostly because after she was saved she could see what life really was like. Still though she usually has a smile on her face. Kelly would gladly fight if you say something that she takes as a insult so you might need to watch your tonge.

Appearance: she is 5'9" has green eyes and dark brown hair in a ponytail. Usually she wears a pair of dress pants a old bomber Jacket that belonged to John under that a white dress shirt and sneakers. She was comonly picked on for dressing differently than normall girls would

Weapons A butterfly knife, M16, and her old sister syringe.

Plasmids Electrobolt 3

Gene tonics Unkown she might use sportboost because of her speed.

History: Kelly was origianally a little sister who's Big Daddy was killed a very long time ago. Just when she thought it was over however John saved her life. For years and years they bothtraveled Rapture even finding a way to cure Kelly from the slug that was inside her. One day they both found the key to the main batheysphere key they havent used it yet but they are ready to at any moment.

Class: Ex-Little Sister

Fears: Seeing John witch is her basic father get hurt.

Strength: She is Lightning quick and a very acurate shot.

Weakness: She is good at hand to hand but only if the person is the same or weaker than her. Any stronger she would get overpowered easy.

7/26/2010 . Edited 6/21/2011 #1

Name: Ty

Age: ?

Appearence: Stands 5'2. Caucasion skin he wears a kimono with a silver color. He has the appearence of a 18 year old. He has silver hair and green eyes.r

Weapons: Katana.

Plasmid: Has a strange plasmid that allows him to manipulate his bones. Multiple throwin items. Winter blast.

Gene tonics: Hackers delight.

Personality: Calm and nice. Likes to toy with his enemy's.

Bio: Nothing is known about him. He became friends with John and Kelly and helped them through the Rapture campaign. He comes from a rich family and bloodline.

7/26/2010 . Edited 9/13/2010 #2

Approved. Now we wait........... *Grabbs popcorn*

7/26/2010 #3

Name: Shadow.

Age: ?

Gender: Male

Appearence: Has modifiyed Rosie armor. He has extra armor on his left shoulder and arm ending in claws and spikes on his hand. His helment is smaller than some.

History: Doesn't reallty have one.

Class: Rosie.

Fears: Losing sisters

Strenghts: Exilent shot. Heavy reinforced armor with extra armor on left arm.

Weakness: Armor piercing rounds. He's veeeeeryyyyy sloooooow.

Plasmids: Electro bolt. Incinerate. Telekenesis.

Weapons: Rivit gun. Drill.

Tonics: Hackers delight.

7/26/2010 #4

Name: Ray Valentine.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearence: 5'1. Blue eyes blonde hair. Wears Big brother suit which is basically the outfit elenor wore at the end of the game but has twin needles.

History: The only one of his kind he was designed to be the opposite of the big sisters. He is identical to them in terms of skill and ability except he has the keen ability to locate the sisters. He has protected Rapture for several years and is the only Big brother alive.

Class: Big brother.

Favorite weapon: Twin needles.

Fears: Losing the sisters.

Strenght: Very agile and quick. High strength.

Weakness: Armor piercing rounds and electricity.

Plasmids: Incinerate! Telekenesis.

7/26/2010 . Edited 10/8/2010 #5

Okay they are approved but they are your ONLY CHARACTERS. Its not gonna be like MW Rp how you made a sheet for about 7.

7/26/2010 #6

THe only possiable one would be a big sister named Sophie but she would be a cameo person.

7/26/2010 #7

If she appears one of your main people must die plain and simple unless you get someone else to play her.

7/26/2010 #8

Approved now....... TO THE RP!!!!!!!!

7/26/2010 #9

Name: Emma

Age: 11

Bio: Shadow's little sister.

Class: Little sister

Weapons: Syringe. M9

Fears: Splicers.

Just a minor person please allow.

7/27/2010 #10


7/27/2010 #11

Name: Antonio Giovanni

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weapons: Switchblade, Colt 1911, and a sawn of twelve gauge shotty.

Plasmids: Incinerate! 3 and Telekinesis

Appearance: about 6'0, olive skin and dark brown hair and green eyes. He is rather athleatic and has a strong build. Usually if not always he is seen in a black suit with white pinstripes on it. Other than that he has a pair of sunglasses that he wears so people couldnt guess his age.

History: Antonnio was born in Siccily but at age 15 he snuck aboard a ship that was going towards america. However the ship's crew didnt take kind to stoaways and they threw him off in the middle of the ocean. He was adrift for a couple hours until he stumbled on the liighthouse and went down. He was down there for 2 years until he managed to get to the surface and make his way to America. Antonio tries his best to forget Rapture but he cant.

Class: Human

Fears: Rapture plain and simple

Strength: Close quarters knife fighting is more than just his skill its a passion for him. Other than that he is a 'ladies man'.

Weakness: Long range is a pain in the ass for him.

7/28/2010 . Edited 7/28/2010 #12
Split Moon

Hey just found this place. is it still ok to jump in?

7/29/2010 #13

Uh...I don't know. Ray flooded all the batespheres. You could A: Swim to the surface or B: USe your own so I guess you csn.

7/29/2010 #14
Split Moon

Thanks. i'm going to stick with fever so i guess she can just swim...

7/29/2010 #15

Why not Kres?

7/29/2010 #16
Split Moon

I've used him for every RP i have ever done. And anyway this is a perfect time to say he is with tenenbaum, like in the Raptures army forum.

Fever intrigues me, it's a different style of writing.

7/29/2010 #17

I pray Tebenemaum does not come in the story.

7/29/2010 #18
Split Moon

Oh god! anything but her apocalyptic German accent!! hahaha i haven't been able to use that joke in ages :D

7/29/2010 #19
Split Moon

Ok i'll leave this here on the off chance that its ok to post.

Name: Fever

Age: around 20 when she when through the big daddy-fication process.

Gender: female

Appearance: about 5'7, Wears modified big sister armour which consists of a black heavy-weave allover jump suit with white coloured bullet proof plates oven he arms, legs, and shoulders with trips of armour across her chest which allows flexibility. A small Ford Co. emblem sits on her right shoulder plate. Her helmet is smaller than a normal big sister helmet and more head shaped with a "Y" shaped visor on the front. Inside the helmet she has a pale lean face with freckles across the bridge of her nose, emerald green eyes and long sliver white hair, a side effect to the Ford Co. plasmids coursing through her veins.

History: She woke up in Rapture with her face inches for a man she had never seen before. After her initial scare at the state of rapture she soon grew used to the endless violence and killing with came as second nature to her. She had to come to terms with the fact she was no longer human but instead an unfinished female protector called a Big Daddy, or in her case Big Sister. She broke off contact leaving John's pistol on top of a note. She later rejoins the groups one she had calmed down into her new identity. Staying back for reasons unknown to her at the time she watched as the only people she would ever call friends leave Rapture. Fever is now trying to get out herself.

Class: big sister

Fears: loneliness.

Strengths: Her creator gave her free will; she wasn't finished in that sense. She uses two plasmids One is a modified version on Black lightning and a modified version of Winterblast. as well as some strength genetonics and brain boost.

Weaknesses: Just like kestron her plasmids drain her body's energy rather than her EVE reserves. She can be quick to anger and tires easily.

Weapons: none.

Cannon: nope.

7/29/2010 #20

Yay you found the place! Approved of course. And Andrea you might want to add Strength and weaknesses then approved.

7/29/2010 #21

Okay approved.

7/29/2010 #22
The Fourth In Line

Name- Samantha Scott

Age- 25

Gender- Female

Appearance- about 5'4. Completely white, she has no pigment, not even in her blood. He eyes are also completely white, so you wouldn't really know what direction she's looking in. She wears a long black trenchcoat.

History- Abused by he father as a child, Samantha started to develop a split personality to escape fom the pain. Afer many years, she had finally been able to control it, only ocassionaly saying things she didn't mean. Now she is able to use it to her advantage.

Fears- Betrayal, it is a concept she never understood.

Strengths- Even with only one weapo, she is extrely skilled at combat.

Weaknesses- She never really grew up from being abused. She is more matur in many ways, but her childish side is often her downfall.

Weapons- An old claw on her left hand.

Canon- Nopes!

7/30/2010 #23
The Fourth In Line

(she would use the hidden sub Fontaine's smugglers used to get goods from the surface.)

7/30/2010 . Edited 7/30/2010 #24

Approved. Welcome!! now we have basically all of the main people from the other RP.

7/30/2010 #25

Ray is the only big brother! *falls on floor foaming at mouth*

7/30/2010 #26

Approved but rember this both of you. If you both start fighting in this forum your out I'm sick of your guys shit on the COD forum.

7/30/2010 #27

Oh yeah I forgot welcome Rain!!!!!!!

7/31/2010 #28

Just to make sure do you know whats going on or should I fill you in?

7/31/2010 #29

Do I need to tell you the story so far though just so you know whats going on?

7/31/2010 #30
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