Whispers of Madness
The age of Rapture is long passed ended...The city nothing more than an empty husk, slowly decaying into nothingness. The City is crumbling into nothing, and the sane denizens left know the time to leave is now, less the once majestic city becomes their tomb...But what awaits above the sea? (Revamp of old RP, accepting new members.)
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Jim, Alex and Jack- YOu want us to kill you?

10/17/2010 #151

Chuck Norris- *roundhouse kicks everyone you ever made.*

Me- HA! I win by technicality thanks to Walker Texas RANGER!!!!!!

10/17/2010 #152

Oh and ALL of the A-Team are RANGERS!!!!!!

10/17/2010 #153

Okay I'll admit that the SAS is pretty damn good. But I tihnk there is another answer. Green Beret!!!

10/17/2010 #154
The Fourth In Line

Go, Red Spy!

10/17/2010 #155

Red Sniper!

10/17/2010 #156
The Fourth In Line

Red Spy(Scout)- What are you, president of his fanclub?

Blu spy- No, that would be, YOUR MOTHER!

10/17/2010 . Edited 10/17/2010 #157
The Fourth In Line

Shouldn't the Red spy's disguise have dissapeared the moment he touched the briefcae?

10/17/2010 #158
Ninja Fanz

i'm wondering should i make a second character?

10/20/2010 #159

Have you posted with your first?

10/20/2010 #160
Ninja Fanz

what do you mean with posted with your first

10/20/2010 #161

YOu havent posted at all with your character in the RP.

10/20/2010 #162
Ninja Fanz

not yet but i'm tring

10/23/2010 #163
Ninja Fanz


10/23/2010 #164
Ninja Fanz

and whats your point

10/23/2010 #165
The Fourth In Line

Um, name fears strength weaknesses?

10/30/2010 #166
The Fourth In Line


10/30/2010 #167
The Fourth In Line

Approved, Andea needs someone to hurt later anyway

10/30/2010 . Edited 10/30/2010 #168

Name: Dominic (people dont know his last name)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: just barely 6'0 tall and has a average looking buid. He has tan skin dark brown hair and brown eyes as well as medium length messy hair. He wears a black leather jacked that is unbuttoned as well as a white dress shirt under it, a pair of dress pants and finally a black drivers hat.

Weapons- Butterfly knive with a pearl collered handle, a 32. caliber pistol and a straight razor.

History: Dominic was born in Rapture and had to fight every second for his survival ever since he was 9 because that was when his parents went insane because of ADAm and he had to put them down. From that day on he lived on his own in Rpautere sturgling for survival....Until he found a cuople of his favorite tonics Sports boost, Natural Camoflauge and wrench lurker. From that point it was a little bit easy for him to survive and he managed to sneak into a bathesphere and make his way to the surface. He was 20 when he got there and he started from a petty criminal to starting to work with the maffia and eventaully he became a Cappo (this was during the old boss I dont know what he is when Andrea is in charge.) he is always eager to prove himself for his knew family by taking out anyone that they want dead.

Class: Humans

Fears: The only thing he fears is having to go back to Rapture and being stuck there.

Strength: His strength is stealth due to natural camo and cqc due to his high expirience in it as well as wrench jokey.

Weakness: Long range.

11/17/2010 . Edited 11/17/2010 #169
The Fourth In Line

Approved (I had to,hehe) And he probably would still be a cappo. Andrea didn't change much

11/17/2010 #170

Yay he is approved!!!!!

11/17/2010 #171
Split Moon

Name: Alexander Cromwell


Gender: Male

Appearance: Alexander wears a classic priest attire. Black long sleeved shirt, black trousers, black Loafers and a white dog collar. He wears a black long coat when traveling and around his neck on a long chain he wears a small sliver cross which seems to glow slightly from a small etching in the center. He somethings wears a small round pair of black lensed spectacles. His face is warm and kind with a calm smile. His hair is mousy brown and he has amethyst purple eyes.

Weapon(s): Joshua and Umie. Both are 16 (ish) year old spirit weapons given to him by a "demon" a long time ago. Umie's non-weapon form is a small silver cross worn around Alexander's neck. Joshua's is a large 6 foot tall metal cross wrapped in cloth which weights just over a tonne but weighs barely a few grams to Alexander. This can be used as a blunt weapon and is attached to his back with several leather straps. Both Joshua and Umie take the form of black and silver Tommy guns, old lanuage symbols are etched into each's stock and barrel. Umie changed her colour scheme to a negative of Joshua's to make it easier for Alexander to who he's holding. Their human forms are very different to their master's. Joshua is painfully thin wearing a tight fitting black suit, his eyes are a bight baby blue and his hair is medium lengh and jet black with streaks of white running through it. Umie wears a white version of what Joshua wears but has been know to change them for a black sleeved dress and a nuns uniform much to the aggravation of Joshua who is unable to change his physical appearance. Her hair is long and blond with bright blue eyes.

History:Alexander was a priest during the time of Henry the eighth and served faithfully as his court vicar. Until one day when an explosion rang out destroying a large porportion on his church. Angered he ran outside to see streaks of light dance around the sky appearing out of apparently nowhere. A streak of green light burst out of the sky and hit the last standing wall throwing the large metal cross high into the sky and then down upon his legs as he jumped out of the way crushing them. a black light spread out of the sky behind him and hit the point the green light came from. there was silence for a second before the rubble near him crumbled as if something had just fallen on it. He cried out in pain to the heavens to save him. Instead a figure appeared infront of him wearing an increadablly torn and worn robe. Its skin was a sickly pale and it's eyes burned a red like the fires of hell itself. It held out a hand creating a ring of symbols he didn't understand "life..." it said in a graveled and hollow voice. Alexander looked up to him as darkness descended upon him "y...yes. I want life..." he passed out. He awoke with a start and instantly pulled his legs out from underneath the cross, surprised when they moved out from under it as if it was made of feathers. he heard steps behind him and turned around to she a member for court with a pike standing shakily in front of him, the blade inches from his head "what are you doing?!" he cried out to the man as he lunged forward. He squeezed his eyes closed as a blinding light burst rfom the cross on the floor. Once the light had faded he opened them agin to she that it had disappeared and been replaced by a young man wearing the same odd suit as the figure earlier. He stood with his palm outstretched catching the blade with a bare hand. It grinned "it's the end for you." The man holding on the other end of the pike widened his eyes before falling to the floor in several pieces and a girl wearing the same suit but in white stood next her brother and smiled holding out a hand "come on!" she urged pulling him up "we need to get going, people around here are blaming you for this saying you're a demon. I don't think even you'll be able you talk them out of the rage their cooking up..."

Since that day he's been hunted by the church shortly followed by the Vatican joining the fray. Gifted with eerily long life and two speaking weapons he drifts from place to place keeping his head down and serving his original job when able to.

Class: ummm Priest?

Fears:Finally being caught

Strength: Joshua and Umie.

Weakness:Not partially strong on his own.

12/9/2010 #172
The Fourth In Line

*shiny stamp of approval*

12/9/2010 #173

Name: Leon Smith. Goes by Leo

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Stand's 5'0. He is caucasion and has black hair and blue eyes. He wears a sleevless shirt and cargo pants. The shirt is a faded black with a silver/white line running from the arm to the bottom in a straight line with two on each side. The cargo pants are pure white with a chain attached from the right pocket to where the belt buckle would go as it is attached via a clasp like object. He wears black running shoes with silver lines along where the laces would be. His hair comes down to his neck and for some odd reason stays straight even when he goes to sleep resulting in him hardly ever brushing. He also wears a single red fingerless glove on his right hand to grab things.

History: He was born to a normal family. His father was drafted into the war when he was around ten and he lived with his mother until he came back a few years ago. He normaly goes to school but ocassionally plays hookie. Due to him having no father figure for several years he went found out about a friend of his mothers who was a martial arts teacher so he often went there to learn self defence. After two years of learning he became a black belt in judo and other forms of close combat. He often spent his free time roaming around town until one day he saw several of his friends freerunning. When he asked could he join they were reluctnant for him to join but after he tried and failed they decided to teach him the moves they knew. After a while he grew to have a natural knack for it and began doing it on a normal basis mostly as a way to get out of the house. He tends to make good grades and is a member of the track team due to his speed and ability to sprint for periods of time without tireing. He was for a while a player on the basket ball tean but quite because it wasn't his thing.

Class: Human

Fears: Um...Whatever teens are scared of?

Strength: He's exilent in close combat without a weapon and can outrun most people

Weakness: He's only human. He can't take much damage before failing and blacking out.

Weapon: An SOG knife he got from his father. And an ASP also from his father.

Plasmids: None as of yet but when he is able he will get winter blast, Incinerate!, electro bolt, and telekenesis.

Gene tonics: Um none as of yet.

12/14/2010 . Edited 12/16/2010 #174

Who are you killing off to get him?

12/14/2010 #175

Kya's forcing me to kill Ty...

12/14/2010 #176

Okay.....if Ty dies then you can go ahead and have this guy.

12/14/2010 #177

Couldn't I kill Ray insted? Or just say ty suffered the same fate as Shadow? Cause like I told her I don't want to write out a death scene after what happened today...

12/14/2010 #178
The Fourth In Line

1st, i didnt force you to do anything!

12/14/2010 #179

You can off Emma, Vamp, or Ty, I am not sure about Ray...Maybe...but the fact is he isnt much of a important character..so how major would this new guy be?

12/14/2010 #180
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