Whispers of Madness
The age of Rapture is long passed ended...The city nothing more than an empty husk, slowly decaying into nothingness. The City is crumbling into nothing, and the sane denizens left know the time to leave is now, less the once majestic city becomes their tomb...But what awaits above the sea? (Revamp of old RP, accepting new members.)
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20,000 RP posts....................Unbeleivable... I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/3/2010 #1
The Fourth In Line

Andrea gave a curt nod--- Samantha looked around "So you can fight now..."

11/3/2010 #2

"Hey what else is different?" She asked.

(Mads what do you think about the amnesia?)

11/3/2010 #3
The Fourth In Line

Andrea shrugged "How should I know"

11/3/2010 #4

"Mind helping me I'm a bit woozie" She said.

11/3/2010 #5
The Fourth In Line

"Deal with it yourself."

11/3/2010 #6

Kelly shook her head. "I can do MUCh more then just fight....." she said as she opened the door to see John fiddling around iwth something at his desk his head leaned back. "dad?" she spoke quietly caussing his head to dart up and look at her and Sammantha. "Wha???" she said before realising there was a intruder in his place so he took out his magnuma nd aimed at Kelly. "Who athe hell are you?!" he said pulling the hammer back. Most people right now would be a little bit scared of a 357 mag right infront of there face but Kelly laughed before taking off her helmet. "dsad? its me!" she said happily putting the helmet by her side. "I just fininshed training." she said and when she said that he quikly hollestered his magnum and walked up to her inzpecting her armor and helmet. There was a look on his face mixed with concern, pride, and joy. "So you did didnt you?" he asked. "It looks like fever gave you the good armor to...I hope the helmet works to...it took a while to build that." he said smileing before Kelly changed the subject. "So...dad I need you to check something out here....Sammantha show him the tattoo." she said.

11/3/2010 #7

(Its your chahracter.. But he didnt really recieve and damage to his head did he? If he didnt then there is no real reason why he lost his memory.)

11/3/2010 #8


"Yep as mean as ever"

11/3/2010 #9
The Fourth In Line

"Well....Kelly said I had a tattoo right..." she pulled back her hair


"Damn straight."

11/3/2010 #10

Ty woke up with a throbbing headache and looked around him.

"Ha ha" She said.

11/3/2010 #11
The Fourth In Line

Andrea turned away "Well, I'm out of here."

11/3/2010 #12

"Not just yet" She said.

(Ok I'm kinda twisting my hair on figuring out how to train Ty but not god mod anyone have any ideas?)

11/3/2010 #13
The Fourth In Line

"Excuse me" Andrea didn't turn to look at her

11/3/2010 #14

"I said. Not.Yet. You owe me for turning me into a human" She said.

11/3/2010 #15

"Why do I need to see i-" he stopped there as he read the tattoo. "Holy...shit..." he muttered before shaking his head. Has to be a coincidence..... he thought to himself before feeling a little farther up from the tatto and he saw something that sent a chill up his spine.. A scar... A very small one that would of been there from a incision. "Oh my god..........i cant believe it....I thought you died during the war Eta." he said looking at Sam.

(I think there was a scar from where they put the Adam circulating machine..... At leas I thought I heard Moon say that once.)

11/3/2010 #16
The Fourth In Line

"I don't owe you anything."

11/3/2010 #17

"Um yes you do" She said.

11/3/2010 #18
The Fourth In Line

Samantha seemed ticked "Why.....do people keep calling me that? My name's Samantha!"

11/3/2010 #19
The Fourth In Line

"Nope. See ya, twerp."

11/3/2010 #20

She sighed and walked beside her and grabbed her hand and said "I'm sticking with ya until I can adjust to this new world"

(Um the Ty question?)

11/3/2010 #21

John shook his head. "I helped build the protector program Eta.. I know every last one of you..The tattoo....the scar...it all matches up. You are subject Eta." he said.

11/3/2010 #22
The Fourth In Line

"No. I'll kill you before that happens"

11/3/2010 #23

"Yeah...." She said.

11/3/2010 #24
The Fourth In Line

Samantha took a step back, shaking her head "No.....I'm just Samantha......"

11/3/2010 #25

"I have proof." John said walking over to a data terminal near his desk. "Type in Project Eta and then look at the image." he said.

11/3/2010 #26
The Fourth In Line

Samantha did that nad saw a picture of herself, looking pissed off at the camera "That...can't be true...."

11/3/2010 #27

(Um...Kya mads my question?!)

11/3/2010 #28
The Fourth In Line

(nothing left to say to emma)

11/3/2010 #29

(No the Ty training no god mod question)

11/3/2010 #30
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