Whispers of Madness
The age of Rapture is long passed ended...The city nothing more than an empty husk, slowly decaying into nothingness. The City is crumbling into nothing, and the sane denizens left know the time to leave is now, less the once majestic city becomes their tomb...But what awaits above the sea? (Revamp of old RP, accepting new members.)
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The Fourth In Line

That's it. I'm going to test EVERY character using the Mary sue test. Each test takes 10-20 minutes, so it'll be slow.


0-16 points- You're charrie is good. You're good. No Problems whatsoever. Heck, they could stand to be more Sue.

17-21- Not a Sue/Stu. But no more, and you'll be good. Just be careful

22-29- A bit of a Sue. Try to iron out the kinks.

30-35- A Sue or Stu. Can be fixed, so do so immediately

36-49- Fix it, or kill it. This is a Sue. Big time.

50+ : Fix it or kill it, like before. But fixing will be tough, So I'll probably need to tell you the problems.


Andrea: 18 points

Samantha: 21 points

Iris: 20 points


Fever: 40 points

Zero: 42 points


John:19 points

Kelly:22 points

(just for the fun of it)

Ty: 99 points

Bella Swan:60

Edward Cullen:71

4/27/2011 . Edited 5/12/2011 #1
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