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Basically what the title says. You roleplay as any character you want to be from the Professor Layton long as nobody else is that character! On character sheet, say who you want to be, and I'll probs accept it XD! O/Cs are totally accep
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Daniel sighed. "But if you had just simply allowed me to finish the sacrifices, I could have opened the door to the Golden Land, and we would all be free from this nightmare." Kenna blinked and turned to Daniel. "If that's the case, why don't you do the sacrifices here? I mean these people really don't exist do they? They are just memories...if you want I would definetly help you. I'm afraid I'm on my last string here." She stood up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need some sleep.." She walked to her room, tripping a little as she slid her feet across the ground.

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Layton's eyes grew wide and he took a couple steps back, his eyes shifting from Daniel to Kenna as she walked to her room. Finally, he swallowed hard and looked Daniel in the eye.

"You wouldn't..." he whispered, taking a few more steps back.

But you know she will, Hershel, a voice in his head replied. She would kill you, along with everyone else you know, in a heartbeat. Closing his eyes, he brought his hand to his chest and gripped the collar of his coat, almost as a way to keep himself calm. But Kenna wouldn't kill us... right...?

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(It's okay. :3)

Kenna sighed. "I'll go gather some random people." Maria grabbed kenna's arm, her eyes blazing. "You will not. There are other ways that doing this blasted sacrifice." She glared at Daniel. "And there are other ways of getting to your precious 'Golden Land.'" She growled. "Now will the two of you shut up, I'm thinking!!!" She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes. How am I going to fix this...? What can I do..? I surely can't let them kill each other off....or should I? She shook her head. No, no..bad idea..sort out your thoughts, who's the enemy, who are the allies, and who are you unsure of? Enemy, definetly Charles and Steven..allies, Kenna and the Professor...unsure of, Daniel.. She sighed, and her eyes widened as a thought suddenly struck her. She slowly turned around and narrowed her eyes. "Then again, I'm wrong. I know where you go.." She murmured, staring intently at Daniel.

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(Hey there, Annlay- do you need something?)


Layton bit his lip as he watched Maria's movements. She must be on to something, he thought, setting his jaw. When she spoke to Daniel, he furrowed his eyebrows and gave Maria a look that clearly told her he didn't understand.

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(Nope,just wanted to say hi XD)

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Maria drew her sword and ran at Daniel, lunging. Daniel grabbed the sword, smirking as blood dripped from her hand as she clenched it. "Heh, you're really smart, Maria. But unfortunately, not smart enough." Maria's eyes widened and she leaped back just as Daniel lashed out with an axe. Daniel laughed and bolted forward, lashing out again. Maria barely dodged that time, the axe making a cut on her arm. She staggered back, clenching her sword tighter. "Well..I believe you're overstaying your welcome in my house, you little brat.." Daniel cackled. "Oh, and you think I'll just leave like that? Make your move Maria, or I will!!!!" She shouted, running at her again. Maria leaped up, clinging to the wall and shoving backwards, landing behind Daniel.

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Layton's heart started pounding rapidly in his chest. What should he do?

What a true gentleman should do, he answered in his mind as he narrowed his eyes. Running forward, he jumped in between Daniel and Maria, knowing clearly that Daniel was ready to strike in only a matter of seconds...

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Daniel grinned. "Hmph..well,'s so like you to get in my way. And you've done it a number of times." She giggled and threw the axe so it sank into the wall. "Which once again proves my theory. You just got in the way of me killing someone, again." She grins. Kenna narrowed her eyes. "QUIT MESSING WITH OUR MINDS!!!!!!" She shouted, glaring at Daniel. "AND GET OUT!!!!!!!!" Daniel smirks. "Brave words for a dead girl." Kenna froze. "What do you mean..?" Daniel cackled and spun around. "You don't know yet? But it's so obvious! The gamemaster has set the board again, Kenna! And you're the sacrifice! You've already taken care of part of it..since your beloved Cyrus is dead," Kenna flinched. "And Steven and Charles could be of use too...Yes, soon the Golden Land will be opened, and I shall rule it!!!!!!" She grinned widely and leaned her head back, her shrill chilling laughter echoing through the house.

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Layton shook his head and grabbed Daniel's attention.

"Please," he said, swallowing hard. "Can you take me instead? You'll still accomplish what you set out to do, right?" He bit his lip and held up his palms. "I promise I won't fight back this time." After saying that, he looked over at the other two.

"Just let me do this," he pleaded, staring straight into Maria's eyes. "I don't want anything to happen to either one of you."

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Kenna shook her head. "Nope." She winked at layton and mouthed. 'I have a plan.' Maria caught the wink and rolled her eyes a bit. Daniel frowned and grabbed the axe. "Anyone move an inch, and I'll kill you all."

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He caught Kenna's words and nodded, his face still completely serious. "Isn't that what you were planning on doing, anyway?" He asked Daniel, smirking slightly.
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Daniel snickers. "Yes, but if you move I'll rip you all limb from limb until you bleed to death." Kenna's eyes widened. "Well..that's pleasant.." She slowly reached into her bag, grabbing her bow and arrow.

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Ugh, Kenna... no... a voice groaned in his mind. She's going to attack you first... Sighing, he looked over at Daniel and defiantly took a step forward, grabbing attention.

"And I'm assuming whoever moves first gets attacked first, am I correct?" He laughed.

Hopefully this will distract Daniel long enough for Kenna to do her thing...

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Daniel nodded and slowly approached him. Kenna swiftly fired the arrow, and it hit daniel in the stomach. Kenna's eyes widened, she had missed. She rushed over to daniel as she collapsed onto the ground, twitching. "I am so sorry..." She murmured.

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Running over, Layton knelt next to Daniel, turning her over slightly. Sighing, he glared at Kenna.

"Why are you sorry?" He asked, turning back to try to help Daniel. "Isn't this what you wanted?"

Reaching down, he carefully broke the arrow in half, making it easier to work with. Biting his lip hard, he turned back to Kenna.

"Once I get this arrow out, can't you heal her?" He inquired, sighing. "That way it won't hurt her for too long."

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She bit her lip slightly. What really bothered her was that she had missed. Shenevermissed. Daniel winced and yanked the arrow out, snapping her fingers and healing the wound herself. "I don'r need help from some weakling..." She smirked. "And I thought you had no-miss arrows, I knew you were aiming for my head." Kenna frowned. "These are no-miss arrows.." She closed her eyes, then suddenly grabbed the bloody arrow and looked at it. Her eyes widened. There was a huge slice on the arrow, that definetly would have made it go off course. "Who...?"

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Layton raised an eyebrow. It was probably Maria, he thought, then shook his head. But why would she do something like that? Another thought happened to cross his mind.

Or it could have been Steven... but that doesn't really make any sense.

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Daniel smirked as the same thought crossed kenna's mind. Kenna growled. "Will you stay out of my head!?" Daniel giggled. "But it's very possible for Steven to do it. After all, he isn't dead." Kenna froze. "Daniel..I blew him up.." Daniel cackled. "So what, you can't kill him. Only a mortal can kill someone under control of Cyranus!!" She snickered. "That means he's out there, waiting for you to come out so he can get you and tprture you to no limits for what you did..." Kenna shivered, tears welling up in her eyes as she shook.

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Well, if there is a way we can get back into London without Steven knowing, it will take him much longer to find us, Layton thought, his mind racing. Therefore, making it harder for him to catch Kenna. He looked back over at Maria and frowned.

And if she comes with us, then Cyranus can take him down, his mind continued. After all, Steven believes that Cyranus is still in control... right?


(Question: when is Maria going to tell Layton that she has feelings for him? I'm sure she would probably say so if something horrible happened to either one of them. Just wondering. :3)

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(When do you want her to? And yaay, layton's thinking like a winner! :3)

Kenna smirked, she knew what layton was thinking. "That's a good idea, Professor." Maria chuckled. "I can surely take Steven on in my final form." Daniel sighed. "Yeah, go ahead and leave me out.." (It'd befunny if daniel became like kenna waswhen she was 5 XDDDD and kenna would get jealous.)

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(Umm, well... I guess whenever you want. I mean, you know her better than I do. :P And what exactly do you mean "Daniel became like Kenna was when she was 5?" You mean that Layton would spend more time with her or something?)


Surprised, he pointed at Kenna and Maria, his eyes wide.

"How did you...?" He muttered, pointing to his head. He then remembered and sighed. "Oh, yes... I had forgotten about that..." Turning to Daniel, he tilted his head.

"Who ever said we were going to leave you out?" He asked. "You can come along if you wish... just as long as you promise you won't hurt anyone."

5/20/2011 #682

(Eh nevermind. XDD And I haz a plan when to do it now. :3)

Daniel smirked. "Alright, I'll shake hands with our enemies!" Kenna smacked daniel in the back of her head. "Watch your mouth!" Maria burst into laughter.

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"No," Layton said in a correcting tone of voice. "We are acquaintances now," he said, winking at Daniel. "And you're going to help us... right?"

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(Gosh, Layton must really feel like he's surrounded by 2 year olds now! XDDD All of my characters are goofballs except for Jesse. XD)

Daniel nodded and held up her pinky finger. "I pinky swear." She grinned, her eyes shining. (Though she looks seven, she's really thirteen. o.O Seriously.) Kenna rolled her eyes and Maria wacked her in the back of her head. "Don't get an attitude!" Maria grinned. Kenna shook her head, chuckling.

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Laughing, Layton returned Daniel's pinky promise and turned to Kenna and Maria.

"Well. We should probably head back to London as quickly as possible," he finally said, adjusting his hat. "We don't want Steven to find us here."


(I'm excited to see how Maria's gonna tell him. :3)

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Maria stood up, nodding. "Yes." She grabbed her sword and opened the door, nodding for them to follow. "The safest way to go is the forest, since he's waiting for us in the town."

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Without hesitation, Layton followed. "That sounds perfectly fine to me," he said, smiling. Once they were outside, Layton let Daniel and Kenna ahead of him before following Maria's lead any further.

With Maria in front, and me in the back, he thought as they started making their way to the forest, I'm sure nothing could happen to Kenna and Daniel. He shrugged slightly as he continued to talk with himself in his mind. Then again, they always find ways of getting into trouble.

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After they finally made it into the forest kenna became bored. She glanced around. "I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter-" "Tree!! Tree, Kenna! That's all there is!" Daniel shouted. Kenna frowned. "Actually I was going to say grass." Daniel slapped herself in the forhead.

5/20/2011 #689

(Haha -this reminded me of that scene on Finding Nemo where Dory was like, "I spy something uhh... orange and small..." And Marlin was like, "It's me. And the next one - just a guess - me." xDD)


Layton leaned his head back in exasperation and groaned.

And we have to listen to this the entire way there? He thought, rubbing his forehead. Looking past the two girls, he tilted his head up.

"How long will it take for us to reach London, exactly?" He asked Maria. "I pray it won't take too long, because I don't know how much I could handle these two playing 'I spy' the entire time..."

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