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Basically what the title says. You roleplay as any character you want to be from the Professor Layton long as nobody else is that character! On character sheet, say who you want to be, and I'll probs accept it XD! O/Cs are totally accep
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When these two people arrive at laytons house injured he takes them in,yet what trouble will this teenage girl and her strange cloaked freind bring to them?

6/3/2011 #1

It was a clear black night,there was a teenage girl carrying a small figure in a cloak,the figure looked like the size of a baby...the girl grunted and knocked on the clostest door,which belonged to hershal Layton

6/3/2011 #2

A red wolf watched from the bushes, curiosity in it's eyes. Is that..a child..?

6/3/2011 #3

What was that noise? Layton rolled over in bed and groaned.

"It's not morning yet," he sleepily said. Suddenly, he heard it again - a loud knocking noise on his front door.

He lazily got out of bed and rubbed his tired eyes, sighing. Who could possibly want something this late at night? Frowning, he put on his hat and pulled his coat over his shoulders - to make it look as though he was somewhat awake.

Trudging towards the door, he pulled it open and gasped.

"My word," he whispered, then shook his head. "How may I be of assistance, my dear?"

6/3/2011 #4

The girl said "W-w-w-we need help,we are alone and need a place to stay..."

6/3/2011 #5

He looked back and forth down the street. There was no one else out there. Biting his lip, he held the door open for the two.

"Well, come in and make yourselves at home, I suppose," he said as he closed the door behind them. "Are you... hungry? I can get you both something to eat."

6/3/2011 #6

The girl nodded no "i am sorry to bug you sir...I just can't let my freind stay out there any more or he could die from how cold it is out there..."

Luke walked in 'Whats going on in here?' the boy asked,followed by Jess...Alexis was there as well...yet the other girl clearly was still where she was left

6/3/2011 #7

Layton looked over and noticed Luke.

"They needed a place to stay," he explained. "So I offered to let them stay here."

6/3/2011 #8

"Ahhh..." the boy said,nodding

"Is that a baby?" Jess asked

"Actually he is older then me" the teenage said,then to layton "I am Koyuki...and you can just call him D....he perfers it..."

(She looks sorta like this )

6/3/2011 #9

(Isn't that from some anime that I never watch? xD)


He slowly nodded. "Alright, then." Shaking his head, he smiled and took a step back.

"Please - make yourselves comfortable. You can have the entire living room, if you wish. I don't really have a guest room, you see."

6/3/2011 #10

(Lolz,it is from a anime,her personality is based off the girls...but the real shocker comes here...)

Alexis walked downstairs and stood next to Luke,she had not noticed the newcomers

Koyuki nodded,her eyes gazed over Alexis "Alexis!?" the girl said in disbelife

(remember the female ninja rp thread?


Layton*Is suspicious*

Alexis:That is my mothers name...Koyuki

Now I really GTG)

6/3/2011 #11

(So... Alexis' mother is here? She's awfully young...)


Layton raised an eyebrow. "You... know her?" He asked.

6/3/2011 #12

The wolf was now watching from a window, it's curiosity rising higher.

6/3/2011 #13

(I know...creepy XD)

Alexis nodded "Reidou?I thought you were dead...and is that Daifu to!?"

Koyuki nodded to Alexis slowly

(Translation:Reidou=Mother Daifu=Father)

6/3/2011 #14

"These are your... parents?" Layton asked, tilting his head. Suddenly, he laughed. "Well! What a coincidence meeting you here!" He grinned.

6/3/2011 #15

The wolf turned into kenna. She snapped her fingers and the window opened on its own. She climbed in and shut the window. "And what a coincidence you're here while Alexis happens to be?:

6/3/2011 #16

Koyuki nodded...she set down D and hugged Alexis gently...Alexis walked over to D and shook him a little bit,his eyes opened...all they could make out was wide light blue eyes like Alexis had "A-a-Alexis?"

"papa?Are you ok?"

"ugg my head hurts..." he said,sitting up gingerly "Where are we?'

"You need to rest D,or you might get hurt again..."

"koyuki-dono?" he said

jess said "not to kill the moment but just what we needed,more japanese people"

"Sorry,Jess here just hates when she cannot undertsand lex" luke explained

6/3/2011 #17

Layton stood back and watched, folding his arms.

No, Kenna was right, he thought. They only showed up when Alexis was here. He shook his head. They must have a reason.

6/3/2011 . Edited 6/3/2011 #18

Kenna smirked. "Well I'd love to translate for them...." She turned to the parents. "Naze anata wa hont┼Źni koko ni iru no ka?"(Why are you really here?) She said slowly, her eyes narrowing in suspicion.

6/3/2011 #19

Koyuki frownt an backed up "I suppose we could leave the..." the girl was serious,she picked up D who was still badly hurt and left...just like that,though D groaned in the cold the girl did not tun around,then when she got to the curb she turned the ocrner and was gone...Alexis looked like she might just start crying

6/3/2011 #20

Kenna sighed and rubbed her forhead. "I never said to leave..god, why is it whenever I open my mouth something bad happens?!"

6/3/2011 #21

Layton shook his head once again and sighed, rubbing his forehead. That didn't exactly go as planned. Why did they leave, anyway? Were they offended at what Kenna said?

But that doesn't make sense. She only asked them why they were here. He bit his lip. Why would someone leave at a question like that? His gaze went over to Alexis. Especially if their daughter was right there...?

Letting out a heavy sigh, he walked over to Alexis and hugged her.

"I'm terribly sorry, my dear," he said. Looking down at the girl, he gave a small smile in an attempt to lift her spirits. "But, who knows? We may see them again."

6/3/2011 #22

"mama is like that,she is sweet bt takes things to seriously Kenna" Alexis informed her..."if Papa wasn't hurt he would of stopped is fine" the girl smiled,yet there were tears in her eyes

6/3/2011 #23

Kenna sighed and yanked a lollipop out of her bag, handing it to alexis as she put one in her mouth.

6/3/2011 #24

Alexis said "I hope so...I-i-I thought they were dead..." the girls light blue eyes on where the other girl had turned...

6/3/2011 #25

She blinked. "Something else bothering you?"

6/3/2011 #26

"Just the thought of how they seem the same age as wehn they died and what will Oji-sama think?His little sister just seemed to come back from dieing..."

6/3/2011 #27

(Gonna be gone for an hour soon)

6/3/2011 #28

"So... you believe they might be ghosts?" Layton piped up, unfolding his arms and walking over.

6/3/2011 #29

"I dunno...are ghoast even real?"

6/3/2011 #30
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