Professor Layton Roleplay
Basically what the title says. You roleplay as any character you want to be from the Professor Layton long as nobody else is that character! On character sheet, say who you want to be, and I'll probs accept it XD! O/Cs are totally accep
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This Is My Horse Dammit

A thread just to post anything you want to shane relating to or not even relating to Professor Layton!

I'll start off with three Layton pictures that'll make you go Aww!, Wut?, and LOLOLOL!

6/7/2011 #1

I pretty much had those exact reactions XDDDD


6/7/2011 #2
This Is My Horse Dammit

I can't wait for the crossover to come out! Phoenix Wright is my favorite series!

6/7/2011 #3

I have never played Ace Attorney (except for a demo), so I can't really say that I'm all that excited... xDD I'm more excited for Mask of Miracle. :P

6/7/2011 #4

PW v. PL:

oh man i have a huge amount of layton pictures but they're all available at my tumblr and i cba to get them all haha

6/7/2011 #5
This Is My Horse Dammit


X_X (Bows before you)

Oh man why did I look this up? It's suprisingly fitting though. XD

LOL at Luke's voice

6/7/2011 #6

oh please, kami, this is nothing.

PL v. PW:

Misc: ((PL and PW Voice acting brilliance))

PL & the Eternal Diva:

and i'm only getting started.

6/7/2011 #7

Ummm holy poop that's a lot of pictures!! xDD If I even had half of what you posted, my sister would kill me. xD (She despises the series. :P lol)

Hey guys! Wanna see what I started on today? It's still in it's rough sketch-stage, so if it's hard to see, I apologize ahead of time. ^^;

I'm gonna be adding more characters, but I don't exactly know who to add. I know Luke and Flora are going to be in it, but who else...? Suggestions, anyone? :P

6/8/2011 #8
This Is My Horse Dammit

Claire! For the sake of the Professor add Claire! :3

And maybe Don Paolo in some crazy Get-up.

6/8/2011 #9

I will certainly add Claire! :D But... Don Paolo..? In "crazy get-up...?" I'm not entirely sure what you mean there. xD I'm horribly bad at coming up with outfits...

I was also thinking maybe Descole and Remi. And quite possibly Janice... and Katia... maybe Anton (I don't know because I don't really like him xD). There are so many different people I could squeeze in that one drawing, it's ridiculous. xD

6/8/2011 #10
This Is My Horse Dammit

Like have Don Paolo come to a dire point in his life that he has to dress up as clown and entertain kids to support himself. XD

6/8/2011 #11

Actually, I should draw that in a flipnote. xDD That would be hilarious.

But I can't wait until I finish this pic and have it all in color. If I kick myself back in gear, I can try to add more characters, and keep you guys posted when it's closer to being done. (Which might be a while, I'm sure. xD)

6/8/2011 #12
This Is My Horse Dammit

A Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton video.

Actually it's somewhat of Radio Drama involving Layton having a witty conversation with the antagonist of the Phoenix Wright games, Miles Edgeworth. The voices are spot on!

6/14/2011 #13

i, um... linked that |D

6/14/2011 #14
Seventh Sunset

The first one is from a musical, but the others are about clive....Just watch, they made me laugh so much XD

Oh, and also, from Phoenix Wright:

This ones just too good...

6/19/2011 #15
This Is My Horse Dammit

For all of you Layton fans I recommend watching this Anime.

A classic steampunk take on Sherlock Holmes from Hayao Miyazaki himself.

It's out of order though for some reason so I'll put the first episode for everyone. (This one reminds me of the Eternal Diva ;3 )

and on wikipedia there's the episode list if you're curious, just scroll down.

Hehehe... It's almost as you imagine and replace the characters in the show with Layton, Luke, Grosky, Remi (or Claire if you wish), and Don Paolo... If they were animorphic animals. XD

6/19/2011 . Edited 6/19/2011 #16

awww... layton&order=9&offset=72&offset=120#/d320bri SUPER CUTE

6/20/2011 #17
Seventh Sunset

For the Phoenix Wright fans, you must watch this miniseries. They are HI-LARIOUS! ^.^

I have posted the first episode for you: Pheonix Wright: Evolved episode 1

12/28/2011 #18
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