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If you're absolutely bonkers for this film and/or book series, this is the place for you and even if you're not, you can come in! It's pretty much as the title indicates-as long as it relates to HTTYD in some fashion we'll discuss.
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What better way to get to know people than telling them? XD You can really say anything that's comfortable and appropriate for yourself; we'll use me (unfortunately, I know) as an example (and I'm gonna cheat by using my profile. MWAHAHA!):

Pseudonym: Read above.

D.O.B.: I wasn't born. I just felt like existing.

Persona: Abnormal.

Interests/Hobbies: Many.

Gender: Duh...

Physical Traits: Wouldn't you like to know.

Dislikes: own personal weaknesses, flamers, pickles (BLEGH!), hypocrites (ME! XD), bad poetry/writing, Las Vegas. (The dislikes out weigh the likes so I'll stop.)

Likes: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON! And jalapeƱos, fanfiction, and ALMOST all kinds (or rather, artists) of music genres. Guess which ones I don't favor and you get a virtual cookie. ;)

You're free to go deeper--I usually don't is all. Lol

Go ahead and spew!

7/30/2010 #1
Arya Daeriel
'Ello, I's the resident torture addicted nutcase! You may call me Thranduilion, Greenleaf, Greenie, or one of the torture twins, but most know me as Arya! Others though... *cackles evilly* others know me as their impending doom!
10/18/2010 #2
Delete in Progress

I'mma use your format!!!




Gender:I'm a male! No,I'm not.I'mma female.

Physical Traits:I know for a fact that I have flesh and insides.

Dislikes:Mustard,Pickles,People who are better at drawing than I,TuffCup stories,the occasional ToothCup pairing.

Likes:More things than I can name

My motto is "You say potato,I say pototo.You say tomato,I say tomoto.You say chocolate,I say WHERE IS IT?!"

1/3/2011 #3

Date Of Birth= hahaha, you're kidding.

Persona= I'M ME!!


Gender= A person... with a certain gender :P

Physical Traits: I have hair, and I have well, legs and hands and arms and feet and organs and a live, beating heart.

Dislikes: People who unnecessarily bash on people- Like, really rudely and mean-like, or without any proof against their cause except "That's what I think" "That's just a stupid ____" Uggh! I HATE THAT. Mustard, people who cut in front of another person then SLOW DOWN. And some really stupid spelling mistakes, that just make me cringe.

Likes: You want the short list or the long list?

My motto is: "I don't have a motto"

4/17/2011 . Edited 4/17/2011 #4
I am the awsomeness thats called Francesva!! LUV THE DAIRY PRODUCTS! Yes I am totally wierd, random and AWSOME! DOB: I wanted to exist. I was done with not existing some time back. Gender: Neutral/Mule/Female Donkey/Mare! Figure out what it means and you get a virtual cookie! ;D Persona: PICKLES AND PIE! I think you can guess! Pshysical Traits: Are you trying to ask a grown man uncomfortable questions, Harold? Because he's not gonna answer! Dislikes: Crying men, Spicy foods, Boring people, Denmark, and the name Mary. But I like the name Mary-Ann! :p Likes: HTTYD! Horses, Mountains, Ghosts, Movies, CHEESE (**, Syfy, Richmond VA (where I live!), and the smell of leather! Quote: I now pronounce everyone in the universe will be named..... BOB!! I am sooo random.^^
3/11/2012 #5
Fem America 13
Hello, I'm Fem America and I am a fan of the books. The reason why because I think it teaches the morals of the story more, and it really emphaizes on how much Hiccup and Fishlegs are bullied and different from the othe Vikings.
12/18/2013 #6
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