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The Cashmere Nerd

Why's that?

12/26/2010 #2,941

Yay!!! Wolfy!!!

Anyone seen my Hubby?

12/26/2010 #2,942
Wolf Passion

Doing dishes.... playing Sims3 ..... *peers at Jaz* Eh? ya mean Scot? she's not online Skype

12/26/2010 #2,943
Cirque du Soul

What? I'm right here, Bonnie. *Points to self*

12/26/2010 #2,944
The Cashmere Nerd

Meh, okay. I hate doing dishesXP

12/26/2010 . Edited 12/26/2010 #2,945

Nah Sistah lol Scot's my PIC

My Husband is Soul *Points to RemnantSoul*

12/26/2010 #2,946
Cirque du Soul


12/26/2010 #2,947
Wolf Passion

Seestah.. Soul... are you two setting me up with Vincent? DX

12/26/2010 #2,948

What? O.O

12/26/2010 #2,949
Cirque du Soul


12/26/2010 #2,950
Wolf Passion

Lol. I guess not... ?

12/26/2010 #2,951

XD lmao, never Sistah. Hahahaha Zan and Carter are very much lurve

12/26/2010 #2,952
Cirque du Soul

By in love you mean falling through peoples' hospital room windows and being seduced and molested? B)

12/26/2010 #2,953
Wolf Passion

There's a she-wolf in your closet~ Awooo~ :3

Oh my how did they fall through ceilings? XD

12/26/2010 #2,954
velvet in glasses


12/26/2010 #2,955

It was ONE window lol


12/26/2010 #2,956
velvet in glasses

hi duckie!

12/26/2010 #2,957

*giggles* I love yah, Twinzy!

12/26/2010 #2,958
velvet in glasses

love ya, too

12/26/2010 #2,959
Wolf Passion

I'm heading to bed! Good night all! :)

I hope I get to get back online.

12/26/2010 #2,960
Tempest of Reach

Morning... wow a lot has happened here.

The thing that suprised me the most through is that Silver's dead O.O I mean, what about Drake? He is not going to be happy when he finds out that she's dead... then again, Art doesn't seem to be positng here much...

12/27/2010 #2,961
Wolf Passion

*yawn* wow I knocked out today. *blinks* who is here?

12/27/2010 #2,962
velvet in glasses

I'm here.

12/27/2010 #2,963

Raaaaaaawr! I'm here for a little bit;)

12/27/2010 #2,964
The Cashmere Nerd

Me! But if I RP I'll have slow responses so.

12/27/2010 #2,965
Wolf Passion

Sup peeps! I'm not gonna be online for long.

12/27/2010 #2,966
The Cashmere Nerd

My back hurts cuz I fell down the stairs last night D: you?

12/27/2010 #2,967

it's okay me neither I'm going to my uncles :L

12/27/2010 #2,968
velvet in glasses

lol, everyone has places to go XD

12/27/2010 #2,969
velvet in glasses

You fell? Does it hurt a lot?

12/27/2010 #2,970
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