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Everybody loves to have some big thing to look forward to right? Dances, Parties, Plays, Festivals or even help to raise money for charity. There is also a chance you'll make good friends with someone and bring the community together. But to make this happen we need YOUR help, get in here and throw out your suggestions/ideas.

When we do set up an event you can have you character pop in at the Community Center and sign up to help if you want. Or set something up yourself, maybe a band? Who knows just get started!


11/24/2010 #1
Tempest of Reach

Talen contest.

11/24/2010 #2
Tempest of Reach

Laser tag competion.

12/4/2010 #3
Wolf Passion

Xbox/PS3 night! :) lmao!


12/21/2010 #4
Wolf Passion

PAINT PARTY!!!!! (tis a form of college party.) :D

12/22/2010 #5
Promises Kept

and how do YOU know what a paint party is, my little highschooler?! *skeptical*

1/1/2011 #6
Wolf Passion

Experience darling, I am always around college people. They seem to like me ;D

1/1/2011 #7
Promises Kept

only ONE i know of... who ELSE have you been talking to?!

1/1/2011 #8
Wolf Passion

Ello, IRL I has a whole bunch of em! Irving, Freddy, Joey, Jamie, etc. (NOTE: Yes... yes they are all boys) But the point is THAT SHIT WAS FUN!!!!

1/1/2011 #9
Promises Kept

*scowls, and with a huff scrolls through phone contacts*

Well, that's fine. If you don't mind now, I just have to call Pipsy... you know how it is. *grins wickedly*

1/1/2011 #10
Wolf Passion

*SCOWLS* Okay I admit, I hang out with A LOT of guys but I don't actually DO anything with them -.-

*snatches your phone* Y'know, I'm all you need baby let's not fight. ;D *GROWLS* Seriously... let's not fight.... and bring innocent lives into this. LOL

1/1/2011 #11
Promises Kept

like these people haven't already been tainted... *rolls eyes*

1/1/2011 #12
Wolf Passion

What people are you talking about now? *sighs*

1/1/2011 #13
Promises Kept

you said innocent lives. with you being exposed to them, i'm sure they're not so pure anymore *gleams* XDDD

1/1/2011 #14
Wolf Passion

But... but flirting is an art and one that should be practiced to achieve the rank: Vixen *grins* XDDD

1/1/2011 #15
Lightning Oz

can you guys take this to the chat thread?

1/1/2011 #16

Toys For Tots Charity~

Food Drive~

Fall Carnival/Feastival~

Community Paint Ball~

9/18/2011 #17
Tempest of Reach

Community Paint Ball... sounds fun!

9/18/2011 #18
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