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Loving Lucy

This is where you discuss and come up with new ideas for the RP. The mods, or myself will then approve it! Be creative - the possibilities are nearly endless.

7/31/2010 #1
The Music King

Well, I was planning for Hans and Mark to enter in an open MMA tournament later on in the rp. Would that be alright? It wouldn't happen for a long time.

8/1/2010 . Edited 8/1/2010 #2
Loving Lucy

I don't see why not. x) Can the other OC's participate/watch the event?

8/1/2010 #3
The Music King

Of course! :D

8/1/2010 #4
Loving Lucy

Yay! XD

I also plan for a food/paint/anything-messy kinda fight soon.. Just for the fun of it.

8/1/2010 #5
Hikou no Kokoro

With a cookie . . . .? *.*

8/1/2010 #6
The Music King

Nice, I could picture Hans and Des starting it up that fight. XD

8/1/2010 #7
Loving Lucy

Oh yeah. XD Woot!

And yes Kokoro, a cookie would somehow be involved. xD

8/1/2010 #8
Hikou no Kokoro

Yay!! ^o^// I'm all in now!! XD *glomps Lucy* =3

8/1/2010 #9
Loving Lucy

-is glomped- xD

8/1/2010 #10
Holly Muncho

It could be a paint fight in art class, which, coincidentally, all the OCs have together :3

8/1/2010 . Edited 8/1/2010 #11
Hikou no Kokoro

With a cookie? *.*

8/1/2010 #12
Holly Muncho

Well, maybe Tsubasa just decides to throw around some cookies she brought as a snack xD

8/1/2010 #13
Loving Lucy

OOoohhh, good idea, Holly. ^3^

8/1/2010 #14
Holly Muncho

Thanks :3 But I just realized I'd typed "paint art" instead of "paint fight" on the original post x.x wow FAIL xD

8/1/2010 #15
Hikou no Kokoro

I drew a cookie with crayons . . . . ^3^ Fun~! *poit* Tsubasa!! Throw cookies!! XD

Tsubasa: O.o" What?

8/1/2010 #16
Holly Muncho

I drew a crooked stick person with crayons xDD And I had a déjà-vu about this o.O

8/1/2010 #17
Hikou no Kokoro

Same. XP *bringing this to chat* . . . .O.o *tug, tug* O.o"

8/1/2010 #18
The Music King

Does anyone get the feeling that Des and Hans fight almost like a married couple or something? They are just to funny. XD

8/1/2010 . Edited 8/1/2010 #19
Loving Lucy

Eeee I know!! They shouuld go to the dance together!!! ^3^

8/1/2010 #20
The Music King

That would be interesting to watch. XD

8/1/2010 . Edited 8/1/2010 #21
Loving Lucy

Ding ding ding! I have another idea for the plot!

We could use something dramatic. And first off, since Soraya and Matt are befriending eachother and Hans and Des are befriending.. kinda.. xD Something could happen; because Des and Soraya are already friends. We need some juice to the RP. O.o

8/1/2010 #22
The Music King

How about Hans and Mark kinda make Des and Soraya stop being friends because of them, you know what I mean? Like one is defending one of the guys?

8/1/2010 #23
Loving Lucy

Oooh, that would be bad. o-o But I like it! :D

Somehow though.. Hans's and Mark's problem WILL be solved.. some how..

8/1/2010 #24
The Music King

And by the way, when I mean kinda. They do so without knowing they did. ^^

8/1/2010 #25
Loving Lucy

Yes... I like it..

We have to ask Dai if she approves of this idea also. XD

DING DING DING!!! There would be a food fight.. AT THE DANCE!

8/1/2010 #26
The Music King

You know I just thought of something that would be hecka funny...what if Phoebe starts flirting with either Mark or Hans. And the girl that they are friends with, gets jelous. XDD

8/1/2010 #27
Loving Lucy


Soraya wouldn't waste her time getting jealous.. but maybe she couldn't help it.. Hmm.....

8/1/2010 #28
The Music King

Oh the crazy ideas I come up when I have too much caffine. XD

8/1/2010 #29
Loving Lucy

Heh, you should see ME with caffiene. ._____.

Anyway, would Hans and Mark flirt back with Phoebie to make the girls jealous or...?

8/1/2010 #30
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