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Loving Lucy

This is the skeletal profile. Note: You can create as many characters as you want, just please keep track of them! Don't ignore your own characters!









Here is my character.

Name: Soraya Groff

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light brown hair the stops three inches below her shoulders, usually straightened or in a ponytail. Natural hair is wavy. Deep blue eyes that look like they're mischievious. Tan from swimming long hours and doing yardwork. Around 5'5, slim. Has calloused hands from working; is trying to get softer hands. Wears a bronze ring around her pinky finger. Usually wears band t-shirts and ripped shorts/jeans and her purple converse/flip flops. Rarely wears anything nice.

Personality: Soraya is smart and outgoing. She is what you call an 'overachiever'. Has a passion for swimming and music, especially piano, guitar, and oboe. Doesn't care about her appearance very much, and doesn't care what people think of her. She helps anyone reguardless of who they are, but is very shy toward boys. Can think of ideas and solutions in seconds. Once she opens up to you, she can be the best friend you'll ever have.

Likes: Swimming, hot days, music, animals, good grades, strawberry ice cream, friendly people

Dislikes: Cold days, spiders, fire, dark chocolate, and mean people

Bio: Soraya lives with her mom and her dad, as well as with their family dog, Patrick. She moved from California, where she orginally lived with her Nana, and then moved to her parents'. Her father got laid off, so times were tough. At the age of twelve, Soraya goes out and does the gardening and the physical work for her elderly neighbors to help earn the money. She also goes out swimming every day at the lake, either by herself or with her friends, to keep in shape. One day, her father got drunk because he found out that his mother, Soraya's grandma, died in her sleep. Soraya knows that it was her father's way of 'relieving the pain', but she didn't know that he would take out his anger on her. That unforgettable night, Soraya was beaten by her father. Luckily, he recovered the next day and made it up to twelve-year-old Soraya by giving her lots of hugs and kisses and gave her Patrick. He even got a job as a teacher for highschool. From then on, Soraya still continues to help her family around the house, help her father's job by filing papers and grading, doing jobs for her neighbors, and swim, swim, swim!


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Shiner Shining Bright

Name: Selena White

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, straight black hair, stopping a few inches below her shoulders, usually down. Big hazel-green eyes. Pale skin that refuses to tan. 5' 6". Has callused hands from martial arts. Wears a sapphire necklace with a silver chain. Is often seen in either t-shirts or tank tops and jeans. Wears sneakers. Dresses up only for holidays.

Personality: Happy and energetic, caring and empathetic. Is really bad in the boy area, and is pretty plazy.

Likes: Tae Kwon Doe, Swimming, Cats.

Dislikes: Fire, needles, dark chocolate, small children.

Bio: Lives with parents and a cat. Born where she's lived all her life. Other stuff to be added.


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Loving Lucy

Ehh.. You forgot one thing... something about a rake.. -pokes bottom of rules page-

7/31/2010 #3
Shiner Shining Bright

Oops. Sorry. Got it nao.

7/31/2010 #4
Loving Lucy

Sweet. Accepted.

7/31/2010 #5
Holly Muncho


Name: Melina Feller

Age: 14 (about to start 10th grade)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Would easily be classified a "ginger". Her hair is orange and very frizzy, her eyes are brown but she wears glasses. She has a lot of freckles and a small, heart shaped face. She's tall and thin, but not very pretty. Her skin is pale because she doesn't like to go outside a lot. She doesn't go for fashion trends, but what she wears is pretty normal, despite the fact that she just picks it out almost randomly from her closet.

Personality: She's very, very intelligent, with an extremely high IQ. She has fantastic memory, very observant, her mind is very logical and very good at deductive reasoning. She's a straight A student, taking AP classes whenever possible. However, for all the great her mind is, she is very socially-retarded. She can barely handle basic human interaction, and she has various ticks and her behavior is all in all off-putting, like, everything must be scheduled and calculated about her (as in, she'll have, for example, a daily or weekly schedule which she will follow to the letter) and she has a hard time stepping out of her ridiculously tiny comfort zone. She doesn't have, nor aspire to have, any friends. She's perfectly comfortable with being a loner and with being teased (more often than not she'll over analyze or not understand the insults), if only because other people are a nuisance to her, except she has a soft spot for family. She's also pretty egotistical, basically thinking way too highly of herself, though this is due to the fact that she's a certifiable genius and intelligence is basically the only thing that matters to her.

Likes: Math, science, computers, challenges, her family (especially her sister)

Dislikes: Other people, going outside, the cold, sports, water

Bio: She lives with her parents and her 14 month old sister named Mila. She spends most of her time on the computer, generally hacking websites for fun or doing who knows what else. Since she's very good at science and math, she often tries to challenge herself, presenting herself with complex equations, finding that she can actually crack most. She still acts socially retarded around her family, but noticeably less than with other. She can even act in a motherly way around her kid sister, and at those times she seems almost completely normal. However, because of her tastes and intelligence, it seems likely she will get an early admittance to an Ivy League college, and it would be a huge letdown for her and her family if she didn't.


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The Music King

Name: Mark Garcia

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Caucasian, Hazel eyes, unkempt brown hair, average height. Wears; black sweatshirt with a dark grey shirt underneath, blue jeans, and black fingerless leather gloves.

Personality: Quiet, loyal, rule follower, will not fight unless it is necessary, and has a hard time stepping out of his comfort-zone.

Likes: Reading, writing, listening to music, playing guitar.

Dislikes: Hans, getting into pointless fights, jerks, math

Bio: Mark lives with his father, who owns a Tae Kwon Do studio. He was rising through the ranks rather quickly, due to the fact he doesn't really have a social life. At the age of twelve, he became a first degree black belt and became a third degree recently. At the age of sixteen, he decided to join the kick boxing team. But he soon he became rivals with Hans as soon as he joined, due to their different beliefs about fighting.


7/31/2010 #7

Hey Lucy =D

Full name: Dimina Roze Ralmika

Age: 17

Family: Parent's died when she was young, she's an only child and in the custody of her rich grandparent's

History: Her parent's died when she was young from a mugging in New York, New York and she doesn't really like to talk about it. She lives with her grandparent's who recently moved her to a new place and a new school and away from her friend's because she was rapped by her last boyfriend, they left after the trial was over and he was sent to jail((They lived in LA at the time)). Mina has recently started cutting which is her reason for wearing a glove that goes halfway to her elbow.

Strengths: Hiding how she really feel's, reading, writing, drawing, singing, playing guitar-has 4-, writing, music and swimming.

Weaknesses: People talking about her parent's, dancing or anything that involves coordination like sport's, also people touching her unexpectedly.

Likes: reading, writing, drawing, singing, playing guitar-has 4 of her own-, writing music and swimming.

Dislikes: dancing or anything that involves coordination like sport's.


but with out the nose piercing piercing but has the lip piercing, her eye's are blood red-a genetic defect-and wear's cloths like this

or this

or this

and lastly this

but she always has a fingerless glove on her right hand and the color of the glove depends on her mood that day and the glove goes half way to her elbow

Personality: She come's off as rude and mean to those she doesn't like but once you get to know her-and if she end's up liking you at all-she's nice and sweet. She's also just a broken girl on the inside who misses her parent's and has had her heart ripped out mercilessly.

Label(jock, prep, etc): Is a Scene girl but often miss labeled as a punk, could be popular if she wanted to because of her money.

Grade: 11th


Other: Is a Scene girl and proud of it


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Loving Lucy

All accepted! Welcome aboard!! ^.^

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The Music King

Name: Hans Rommel

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: Blond Hair, blue eyes, wears a white jacket, red t-shirt and blue jeans.

Personality: Observant, short tempered, strong sense of justice, very determined.

Likes: Fighting, training, listening to music, and playing bass.

Dislikes: Mark, anything that's sour, and math.

Bio: Hans's father works at kick boxing studio, and had started training his son at the age of fourteen. But after the studio was closed down, due to the lack of participants, his father began to have a drinking problems. In fact, when Hans is about to enter high school with his father in prison for DUI. He strongly dislikes Mark because of his point of view on fighting. Hans prefers to fight because it helps him let out his frustration.


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Loving Lucy


You don't need to post the thing about the rake every time, only for the FIRST character you posted.

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Darling Dai

Name: Destin Symons (Also goes by Des)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark hair, seemingly black, though it is dark brown, but it's hard to tell.

Dark, greenish gray eyes. Tall, athletic looking. Mature looking for her age.

She wears the outfit in the picture:

Personality: Seemingly happy, but actually a darker person. She takes AP (including Art) classes, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Clumsy, and easily gets lost. NO sense of direction

Smart, and can be outgoing. She acts differently depending on who she's with. Sarcastic, funny. Tends to keep to herself before she knows people.

Likes: Donuts, chocolate, and gummy bears. All of which have been banned by her mother.

She feels the only thing that understands her is music.

She loves to sing, and can play acoustic guitar and piano. Has pent up anger that she realizes on the neon alien punching dummy in her room. Loves to draw, read, and write, though some of her writing is sadistic.

Dislikes: Her mom. Diets. Annoying people. And most of all...

Math class.

Bio: She has been home-schooled all her life. She hopes going to public school will free her of her mother. Her mom is demanding and forces her head on into sports and academics. She tends to stay away from her family, which is why home-schooling is so hard for her. SHe has never had friends, and hopes to make some.



Lucy, you stole my pitchfork (AKA rake) from the chatterbox.



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Loving Lucy

Muahaha. Huahahahha.

Sorry, Dai. I'm afraid the pitchfork is MINE. XDDD

Accepted. Welcome aboard. Is it okay if Soraya and Des know eachother?

8/1/2010 #13
Darling Dai

WHy not? BUt not from school...since Des was home schooled

8/1/2010 #14
Loving Lucy

How about they were both playing the guitar at a park one day and happened to hear eachother? They could've met by that.. xD

8/1/2010 #15
Hikou no Kokoro

Normally, I don't base characters off of myself . . . but this might be an exception. XP

Name: Tsubasa Yamada

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black hair and eyes. A bit on the mousy side with rectangular glasses. She has a habit of wearing bright colors. Despite her personality, she usually isn't seen wearing a smile. She's usually seen very confused. She really doesn't care how she looks, and her hair is usually seen messed up or in a ponytail that won't hold. She has a lot of cuts and bruises, and hates band-aids, so don't ask.

Personality: Tsubasa acts differently towards different people, so it's hard to pin-point her exact personality. But, she's always an idealistic, optimistic, opinionated girl, thinking of the best in everyone. She can be blunt, but only to certain people at certain situations. She's forgetful and clumsy and navigationally challenged. She's quite creative and shows it a lot, being considered as an oddball. Tsubasa is shy to the point of being avoidant (so she doesn't have that many friends), and her self-esteem is known to be "below zero" and quite sensitive. She doesn't believe she's capable of anything, so she always says, "No, it's just a fluke" or "It must be a mistake!" whenever someone congratulates her. She read, writes, and draws (though sh,e can't do that well), plays flute and piano, and a few other "hidden talents." She cares about everybody, and she's naive and too nice to say "No" to any favor to the point that favors become a higher priorty than her own "favors." She puts in almost too much effort in everything, so she's usually disappointed if anything was in vain. She's targeted for quite a few teasings, but recovers quickly (except her self-esteem). She's athiest, but she has a "true Catholic's" moral, which gives her a high-moral standard. She's a coward and a wuss. Or so she believes.

Likes: Cold weather, writing, anything really.

Dislikes: Those who talk behind others' backs

Bio: She lived a normal life. She lives with a little brother, parents, and a grandmother. And a moldy cookie on the kitchen counter. Her self-esteem is due from hearing so many people talking behind other's backs. And, fear from not being able to adapt to situations, her personality began to fluctuate depending on situations and people. She stayed back in Kingdergarten because she was sick for 5 months, which explains her very strong immune system.

I'MMAGONNAHITCHUWITHMYRAKE!!!!!! XD *takes out nerf gun*

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Loving Lucy

-takes out water gun- *-*

Accepted. ^.^

8/1/2010 #17
Hikou no Kokoro

Yay!! XD *shoots out a corner in the chat thread* XD Thanks!!

8/1/2010 #18

Name: Eki Koigokoro((War Love))

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Grade: Freshmen


Height: 5' 1"

Personality: nice, sweet and caring though she has sorta an inner personality that's kinda mean and if provoked enough she'll let it out and trust me if she does you should run.

Strengths: Gymnastics and Karate.

Likes: Gymnastics, Karate and hanging out with her friends.

Dislikes: people being mean to others for no reason

Bio: Eki's Father is from Japan, hence her name. She also speaks the language very fluently having learned it at the same time as she learned English. She has also been in Gymnastics and Karate sense she was 4 and is very athletic and can even beat up most guy's. She dresses in a lot of punk emo clothing but is in more of a floater threw out the social groups rather then being labeled in just one, the 3 main social clicks she's associated with are Prep's, Punk's and Athletes. Eki is really great in Gymnastics and her mother believes she may one day be good enough for the national team like she was.

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Loving Lucy


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Holly Muncho


Name: Phoebe Orlade

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Wavy blonde hair usually tied up in tresses, which usually touches down to her shoulder blades. Big green eyes that seem "darker" when she's angry, but that's mostly just a trick she does of squeezing her eyelids just a little. 5'2" but she looks older than she actually is. Long face, which means she looks good with her hair tied up. She can probably be considered attractive.

Personality: She has a bubbly type of personality, because she's a very friendly and optimistic person, not to mention flirty. She's very charismatic and will make friends with most people easily. She has a long temper and a lot of patience, but whenever she loses her cool, she's set off for a while and can be mainly driven by revenge. At school it's hard to tell, but she acts pretty spoiled at home. She's a reckless person who doesn't think twice about her actions or keep in mind the consequences it could bear. Oddly enough, she still acts like a leader and most people tend to follow her, making her a really bad influence for a lot of people.

Likes: Getting her way, track and field, hiking, her friends, the beach

Strengths: Self defense, comebacks and sarcasm, persuading people, has artistic and musical talent

Dislikes: Not getting her way, having to do things for people, studying

Weaknesses: studying and concentrating and pretty much all else concerning class. Her grades are mostly average, and it's not rare that she sometimes falls under class average.

Bio: The only child of two upper middle class parents. She has pretty much everything she could ever want, except another sister, which she secretly wants. A big sister, or a twin sister. She'd love to have a sister, but she rarely mentions it to anyone.

8/1/2010 . Edited 8/4/2010 #22
Loving Lucy


Eh.. I can tell that Soraya and Phoebe will not get along well.. but we'll see about that. ;)

8/1/2010 #23
Holly Muncho

Well, we can put that to the test tomorrow... I gotta go now, thanks for approving her!

8/1/2010 #24
Loving Lucy

Your welcome! See ya, Holly! -gives goodbye glomp-

8/1/2010 #25
Loving Lucy

I'm going to bold, underline, and italicize this. AND highlight it, so NO ONE can miss it.

Please keep the guy/girl ratio about even!! Or else it would lead to problems. If there are too many girl characters for example, you can step up and make a guy character. Thank you.

8/1/2010 #26
Loving Lucy

Name: Oliver (Ollie) Runes

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Overgrown black hair that's always in his eyes. Gray eyes with some dark blue in them. 5'8, a little on the short side for boys. Is lean and fit. A piercing in one earlobe with a diamond stud. Wears bright band shirts and jeans with his favorite roped belt along with Adidas scandals and colorful socks.

Personality: Is not afraid to stand out and be himself. He believes that everyone has a potential to be their own clique and start their own trends. Is optimistic and a class clown. Is best friends with Michael Hawthorn, who is also a class clown. Can smile through rough days and hides his pain. Can get confused and lost. Has a weakness for girls. Tends to be flirty without knowing. Can be quiet at times. If you get him angry, he might cry instead of yell.

Likes: Girls, bands, guitars, music, ropy bracelets, colorful things, soccer, track and field

Dislikes: Jocks, learning about history, following trends, bad days

Bio: Oliver has lived in this town all his life, and is a small town boy with big dreams. He dreams to be a professional athlete, and practices hard in each of his lessons. His father left him and his mother at the age of eight, so he lives only with his mother at a ranch house, and his parakeet, Crackerjack. He taught Crackerjack how to talk, and prankcalled a random person, using Crackerjack. The person he prankcalled was a classmate from his class, Michael. From then on, they became great friends. His mother has taught him well and keeps on telling him to practice everything to his full potential; soccer, track, guitar, and especially school. He always dreams of finding his dad one day and showing him that he's much more than a bothersome child.

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The Music King

Name: Michael (Mikey) Hawthorn

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dirty blond bushy hair, amber eyes, 5'9. Is in shape, usually seen wearing Volcom shirts, and cargo shorts.

Personality: Loud, can be arrogant at times, can be short tempered ,is completely dense when it comes to girls, always tries to look for something positive.

Likes: Drums, food, music, video games, skate boarding.

Dislikes: Jocks, reading, being called an idiot, and Lady Gaga. (I just had to add that. XD)

Bio: Just as it said in Oliver's profile. Michael met Oliver through a prank call. He plans on becoming a pro skate boarder like Tony Hawk. But he is also really into drums as well.

8/1/2010 . Edited 8/1/2010 #28
Loving Lucy

Accepted!! ^.^;;

I'm heading off to bed. I'll type up Oliver's entrance tomorrow. 'Night!

8/1/2010 #29
Volim te

Name: Kali Daniels

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kali is slightly pale, with long, flowing black hair that comes down to the middle of her back that is dyed white in the front, dark grey eyes, a height of 5'7", an hourglass figure with a narrow waist, she wears a silver anklet with a wing as its charm, and a choker with a bell on it.

this is how she looks

Personality: Reckless, sarcastic, lazy, protective of her "soft spots"(those that she feels naturally defensive of even without knowing them), kind.

Likes: Coffee, singing, Evanescence, rock music, drawing, red, black, silver, gold, slight chaos, writing, and reading.

Dislikes: School, pink, country music, rude people(even though she can sometimes be considered rude herself), teachers.

Bio: Kali was born into a wealthy family, but was orphaned at the age of 7 when a terrible fire took her parents life. She's currently living on her own in a house that is being paid for by her grandparents. She can often be seen skipping class and going to the nearest coffee shop. She can speak French and Italian.

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