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Loving Lucy

Oliver and Erin don't have tragic pasts. Win! XD

Anyways, it looks good. Accepted.

8/11/2010 #61
Hikou no Kokoro

Tsubasa and Kamui don't either!! XD And . . . Half of my OCs. O.o"

8/11/2010 #62
Holly Muncho

Less than half of mine do xD

8/11/2010 #63
Hikou no Kokoro

I tend to switch from angst to no angst. Usually, my angsty characters are flawed by a long-run . . . . . XP

8/11/2010 #64

Name: Ryou Shirogane

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Personality: Ryou is a genius. His IQ is over 180. He is rude, sarcastic, and occasionally anti-social though he's nice to Mina.

Likes: Creating new way's to mess up the computer's of people he doesn't like, especially Mina's ex-boyfriend's computer

Dislikes: Sport's though he's a great runner and very good at gymnastics

Bio: Ryou and Mina have been friend's sense they were baby's because her parent's were friend's with his parent's. His father was a very famous scientist but his father and mother died in a fire at there house when he was only 7. He has lived with his father's lab assistant Keiichiro Akasaka sense and has recently convinced him to move to where Mina moved to so that he wouldn't lose his best and only friend besides Keiichiro.

Label(jock, prep, etc): Popular

Grade: 10th


8/17/2010 . Edited 8/25/2010 #65
Hikou no Kokoro

*glance, glance* Looks good . . . .

8/17/2010 #66

kewl =D thanks

8/17/2010 #67
Hikou no Kokoro

WAAAAH!!!! Your penname changes a lot . . . . *attacks* XP Heheh, just kidding. XD))

8/17/2010 #68

D= I know it does xD But Kayla always stay's in it lol

8/17/2010 #69
Hikou no Kokoro

Meeeeeehh . . . . XP *chews on Kayla's brain*

All right . . . . I better get back on track now. ^.^" See yous!!

8/17/2010 #70

AHHH Not my brain!!!!!

xD OK.

8/17/2010 #71
Loving Lucy

Approve-a-doodle!! ^^

8/17/2010 #72
Ashe Nightshade

Name: Alera Morgan

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Around 3'2" with amber eyes and long, wavy gold hair, very pale skin. She's very thin and slight, but she's very strong from doing gymnastics.

Personality: She's friendly, but easily upset and is very cold when she's angry at someone. She's a bubbly, happy person but is often found crying because of some mean comment someone made. She's almost too smart for her own good. She's also very secretive, maybe a little too secretive.

Likes: Gymnastics, swimming, reading, listening to music and hanging out with friends, milk chocolate, cold weather, cats and Halloween

Dislikes: The heat, rap, mean people, spiders and ticks

Bio: Her mom left when Alera was three, and her dad's the head of his company and works late hours, so she's alone a lot except for her cat, Cassandra. Her dad also tends to drink and do drugs. Alera can never tell when it's going to be a bad day for him, so she never has friends over and tries to stay out of the house as much as she can. No one else knows about her situation, and with luck, she hopes no one will ever know. She acts happy and outgoing in school to get attention and make up for the attention she lacks at home.


...not sure why i had to post that...

10/24/2010 . Edited 10/25/2010 #73
Ashe Nightshade

it says......oh! i read that thing in caps i had to put at the bottom....yeah.....why'd i have to put that?

10/24/2010 #74
Darling Dai

Go read the rules thread. It tells you there. And this is a high school forum. She has to be older than 13. I'm not a MoD, but I thought I'd point that out.

10/24/2010 #75
Hikou no Kokoro

All right . . . If I sound snappy, I apologize. I didn't mean to go off and read this profile when I'm not in a good mood. I apologize before hand. Please don't hate me . . .!!! ;~; Also, I'm a little "hard" on characters . . . SOOO!! On to my . . . ranting . . . -.-

Okay, yeah. Has to be older 13. Unless she's one of those "child prodigies," then that REALLY irks me (especially her background. A little too much there . . . -.-). And . . . She must be REALLY short if she's only 3 feet and 2 inches. O.o That doesn't even reach my hip, and I'M short for a high schooler. (There!! I admit it!! DX I'm SHORT!! *sobs in a corner*)

Okay. Everything is good . . . Except the background . . . Not only is her past "tragic," she's also has this "spoiled" feel. Angst AND extra special attention? No. Just no. It's either one or the other, or give her major mistakes. Things that is HER fault. You have to balance "horrible-angsty past" with HER PERSON-PERSON problem (Not a mistake from somebody close to her). And, if she's a child prodigy . . . Then that would make Alera an Uber-Sue. Please tone down to a Non-Sue, or even better, an anti-sue. She WILL be able to tone back up to a Non-Sue if she's an anti-sue because of things that happen in the plot. Plot-sue qualities do that sort of thing.

And . . . again, I apologize. Sorry if I sound a little on the mean side . . . I apologize. *bow, bow*

Not accepted.

10/24/2010 #76
Ashe Nightshade

.....so you're saying 13 year olds can't be in high school.

......which means you're saying i'm not in high school.

and i am.

and i'm NOT a child prodigy or anything. :P

AND I DID NOT SKIP A GRADE, IT BOTHERS ME SO MUCH WHEN PEOPLE ASK THAT!!!!! it's the bane of my existence.....not literally....but it is sort of.....at least it's very annoying.....

Inner Self: *cough* You're going to miss your bus.

Me: *still going on about how annoying it is when people think I skipped a grade* *misses bus*

I would, too......

10/25/2010 #77
Ashe Nightshade

and she is really short. there's a kid at my school who's.....no. I refuse to bore you with stories of my school. moving on.......HER PERSON-PERSON problem (Not a mistake from somebody close to her)

HER PERSON-PERSON problem (Not a mistake from somebody close to her)

Okay, for some reason that really confuses me....probably because it's 5am here and i'm really tired and not thinking straight at all......but can you still explain please?

10/25/2010 #78
Darling Dai
Em has a point there. My sister will be 13 when she hits high school because her b day is sooo close to the cut-off date. But still. She may interact with characters better if she's closer to their age.
10/25/2010 #79
Ashe Nightshade

meh. this is true, and besides, i'm not 13 much longer, my b-day is in 6 days. :)

10/25/2010 #80
Darling Dai


Well, I'm, not tellin' ya my age~!

Not that ya wanted to know... but still..

10/25/2010 #81
Hikou no Kokoro

Happy early birthday then. X3

Graah . . . Sorry . . . But, I'm STILL not in as good a mood that I would like (That's rare. O.o Let's celebrate . . .? *paah?*). And I was scared **less while watching this random youtube video . . . ;A; It's worse than accidentally punching a haunted house worker in the face because he said, "Boo!"

I know about the age thing . . . Actually, I SHOULD be a year up on the "heirarchy of high school," but I'm not. Because I was stupid enough to stay back in kingdergarten (I'm olllllld!!! ;A; Okay, no, I just missed 5 months of school . . . so I had to stay back . . .;~;) My friends are 13 (turning fourteen this month . . . ish . . . or last month. Gee . . . I'm ooolld . . . x.x) and they are in the same grade as me. I'm sorry that I jumped to the conclusion of that, but you don't normally see 13 year-olds in high school (In senior year? Well, THAT'S a sure sign of prodigy. I still don't know what grade she is, so I was playing it safe . . .), especially since I usually see people who stayed back a grade sometime in their life. I'm sorry . . . -.-

PERSON-PERSON problems is like this:

Her parents are fashion designers. One day, they moved to Ibakari because they would have better pay there. A year later, she and her dad found out that her mom was having an affair/cheating with the co-worker. Her mom left her, and, angry, she walked through her school, smashing all the windows and injuring 2 of her peers. Now, she has a hard time finding schools and needs therapy, even though she doesn't need it.

The affair/cheating thing ISN'T her fault. However, she smashed windows and injured other people because of her anger. She shouldn't have done something like that, and she knew that, but she did it anyway. Get it? Her PERSON-PERSON problem is the result BECAUSE of that action (hard time finding schools and gets therapy). All right?

10/25/2010 #82
Ashe Nightshade

ah, yes! i get it now. :) sorry you're in a bad mood.... :(

10/25/2010 #83
Hikou no Kokoro

Aaah, that's okay. ^.^ I think I just need a break from my homework . . . :\ Or, to be more precise . . . my theology homework . . . x.x

10/25/2010 #84
Ashe Nightshade

and don't be surprised if i don't change anything for a day or two...i am having major issues with my thinking process for some reason....*looks at coffee* maybe i need less coffee.....more sleep....less algebra....*starts mumbling incoherently*

Inner Self: ^^' So, yeah, don't be surprised if it takes her a while.

Me: *still mumbling*

Inner Self: ....*drags me off* Let's go! I'm getting rid of that coffee pot...


10/25/2010 #85
Hikou no Kokoro

That's okay. ^.^

Inner self: Eat less cookies!! Oh! Is that a snickerdoodle?

Me: *shifty eyes . . .* -.-

Inner self: MINE!!! XD

As you can tell . . . my inner self has little control . . . XD

10/25/2010 #86
Ashe Nightshade

XD sometimes i wonder if i'd be better off if my inner self was in control....she is more organized than me....then i find her trying to blow up the world and i realize just how bad that would be.... XD seriously though, then all my friends would miss my insane-ness. :D

10/25/2010 #87
Ashe Nightshade

Inner Self: ....Wait, how did you know I was plotting world domination?? Unless....YOU WENT AFTER THE HIDDEN STASH OF CHOCOLATE.

Me: ...! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *runs away with inner self chasing me* HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

10/25/2010 #88
Hikou no Kokoro

My inner self . . . Is . . . o.o Emo. O.o And a lot more crazy . . . XD

Inner self: No, it's because I'm the reason why you give off Kokoro radiation . . .

Kokoro Radiation: When my stupidity is spread onto one of my friends . . . Chris (alias) and Kit-chan (alias) are under long-term exposure . . . XD

10/25/2010 #89
Ashe Nightshade

XD i don't know if i have any of that.....although most people o meet don't have long-term exposure to me, i weird them out too fast....now i'm sad....

10/25/2010 #90
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