Stargate The Untouched Sands
This collection of Rp will be going into a series of stories, credit will be given to those who write here.
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Virtue's Legacy

Please place the first mission here because we can't be bothered doing the start lol

8/2/2010 #1
Virtue's Legacy

The stargate slowly flickered out, the team now deposited on the lush rainforst world. Gary stood at point, his P90 at the ready. 'So this is another world, it looks so, earthlike.' His eyes darted to the MALP, it had been indeed been damaged. Moving over he examined the burn mark, a large scorch mark burned though its central processor. "Weapons at the ready" Gary ordered, the team removing safeties from weapons. A trio of Zat bolts shot from behind the wall of forest, striking all three, knocking them out.

8/2/2010 #2
Virtue's Legacy

2 Hours later

The SGB team lay in what appeared to be a rather tacky holding cell, lined with what appeared to be a metal similar to that of gold, lined with individual symbols. Removed of their weaponry they leave, dumped on the floor by their captors. Gary groaned as he slowly began to stir, his hand instantly going to his head. "whaa" He mumbled, straining his eyes as he looked at the gold. 'Damn looks like the goa'uld got us, no other ships look like they belong in a rich pricks home' Clambering to his feet he moved over and began to shake Tom in an attempt to wake him.

8/2/2010 #3

Tom moaned as he regained conciousness. "My head is killing me." Tom said as he opened his eyes to Gary waking him.

"Up you get." He said as he helped Tom up.

"So this is why SG1 hate the Gou'uld so much?" Tom asked rhetorically as Gary moved over to Jack and woke him up as well.

"This is what is gonna happen to us on a daily basis?" Jack asked, "Wonderful!" He got to his feet.

"Suck it up soldier." Gary ordered, "We have to find a way out of here." He turned to Tom, "Any idea how to do that?"

"Not in the slightest." He replied as he walked up to the cell door. He looked around for guards. None were present. "You would think the Gou'uld would beef up the security considering the amount of times they have escaped." Tom said as he backed from the cell door.

"I'm guessing this isn't going to be easy." Jack said sarcastically.

"Sergeant, shut up unless you have something important to say." Gary said, "Now, we have to think of a way out of here before whatever goa'uld captured us comes in to say hi. Let's get to work."

8/2/2010 . Edited 8/2/2010 #4
Virtue's Legacy

An hour passed and no plan had been formed, both Tom and Gary now wanting to kill Jack from his annoying bitching. At one point Gary had tried but it turned out Jack could dodge rather well. The SGB could only wait for their captors to arrive and kill them. "This sucks" Jack whined before getting punched in the arm, the three unaware of what was happening bellow their feet.

The Ha'tak they were now aboard had various holes and carbon burns along her outer hull, the entire vessel crippled by weapons fire, her shield matrix offline. Shortouts of various systems were now tearing though the lowest levels, disabling the various control systems. The exterior lighting along the lower lines of the vessel blinked out, an almighty explosion of bright blue energy tearing a hole open in the lowest level of the ship. Air hissed and a Jaffa clung onto the deck for dear life, awaiting the blast door to seal and save him. A second Jaffa floated downwards, grabbing onto the first''s hand, dragging him out into space. In an instant the doors shut, the Jaffa's hand getting trapped inside.

Gary looked up in suprise as the door shot open, the lighting powering down as it did, near-by control conduits detonating as a powerful shockwave tore though them, knocking them off their feet. Groaning in pain Jack rose up "Oh that was convient now i wonder if we can have our guns back" he said aloud as he gazed at the door only to have Gary kick him in the balls to silence him, a jaffa could come along after all. Tom and Gary were quick to get up, each looking puzzled at the turn of events

"We need weapons" Gary stated simply.

8/2/2010 #5

"Ok." Tom said, "Any idea on how we do that?"

Jack got up slowly, groaning. "Well, we could find our weapons, but that could take a while. Or we could find some Jaffa and take their weapons." Gary replied.

They left the cell and headed in random directions until they came across a patrol of four Jaffa with Staff weapons and Zat'nik'tels.. They leaped to the side for cover. "Ok, here's our chance. I'll take the first two. Jack, you take the other two."

"What about me?" Tom asked before the other two jumped on the guards.

"You want to help, help Jack, I've got this covered." Gary stated. The four guards walked past as Gary and Jack jumped out of cover and onto two of the guards. Tom charged at another. The two that were jumped on quickly fell to the ground as Gary focused his attention on his other target. Tom rugby tackled a guard into the opposite wall. The Jaffa pushed him off and went for his Zat gun. Jack grabbed his arm and pushed it away as he punched the Jaffa into submission. Gary had stolen one of the Jaffa's Zat guns and shot his still standing target, killing him. The jumped targets had gotten to their feet as Gary shot the closest twice as the other attacked Jack. The Jaffa pulled him up and punched him, sending him straight to the ground. Gary shot the Jaffa and connected one of the shots. He fell to the ground in pain. Gary went over to him and shot him again, ending his life.

Gary picked up the bodies and carried them to the side one by one. Jack and Tom collected their weapons. They armed themselves each with one and hid the used Zat gun and one of the staff weapons with the bodies. "Much better." Jack said as they finished arming themselves.

"Where now?" Tom asked.

"Well, I'm thinking that we are on a ship. Probably a Ha'tak since there have been few Jaffa so far. So I think we should probably find the bridge, take over the ship and fly home." Gary stated.

"Wow, good analysis." Tom said, "One question though, what if you're wrong?"

"Come up with a new plan." Gary said as he ran off down the corridor. Tom and Jack quickly followed.

8/2/2010 #6
Virtue's Legacy

Moving though the vessel had been uneventful at first, encountering no jaffa as they had been no doubt dispatched to take note of the damage. The three had marched up 3 levels and were now closing in on the more populated areas. Gary signaled for the group to stop near a control hub. "see if you can tamper with anything on this level" Gary instructed as he took point as Tom cracked open the case and began to tamper with the control crystals that lay inside.

8/2/2010 #7

Tom quickly found the crystal that allowed power to be distributed along this deck. He got a tight grip on the crystal and yanked it out of it's place. The lights on the deck flickered and died. Doors opened with a loud hiss. Tom put the panel back in front of the crystals and closed it tight. He put the crystal in his pocket and went back to Jack and Gary. "How's that?" Tom asked cheerfully.

8/3/2010 #8
Virtue's Legacy

An alarm claxon began to sound, smaller lights flickering into life to Iluminate the corridor dimly. "Just great" Jack mocked as the sound of heavy metal boots moving near-by alerted them to jaffa arriving on the scene. Gary readied the zat gun, they had no good place to hide. Looking over at the control conduit he spun round and opened fire, burning though the metal cover with ease. In an instant the alarms stopped, the entire conduit burning out. Vents hidden above stopped all flowing air and the emergancy lighting began to flicker as the first Jaffa appeared.

8/5/2010 #9

Jack began to open fire with his Staff Weapon at the Jaffa. The first group fell quickly, but more followed, this time taking cover behind the walls. Gary joined in with his Zat gun while pulling Tom into cover. "Jack! Get your ass back here!" Gary shouted. Jack looked back and ran to them. Barely dodging the stray staff weapon and zat gun shots. Gary returned fire, taking down three before going back into cover.

"Major!" Tom yelled over the shots, "I think we should find another way round!"

8/5/2010 #10
Virtue's Legacy

Gary nodded, signaling to move to one of the other open doors as staff fire continued to hail down on the deckplating, melting and scorching it with relative ease. Moving first he bolted over to another section of wall the jutted out, pulling a screaming jack with him, Tom racing after them. Tom looked over at an exposed power conduit that lay in the center of the chamber. "Run!!" Tom yelled at the top of his voice, opening fire before charging for the open chamber as all hell broke lose. A tower of flame spewed though the door as all three lept onto the ground as rubble hailed down ontop of them.

8/5/2010 #11

They all sat up and coughed. "Nice shot there." Gary said to Tom, getting to his feet. He helped up Tom and Jack before picking up his weapons again. The others did the same. "Where now?" He asked.

"Uh... I think it's down this way." Tom said, pointing down the corridor.

"Right, you heard him. Get moving." Gary said to Jack before taking point.

8/5/2010 #12
Virtue's Legacy

The three continued to move though the corridors and passageways with relative ease, no jaffa were present which in Gary's mind meant that the vessel may have not had a full compliment to start with. This along with the fact multiple areas of the vessel were now comprimised may mean the compliment had been whittled down to near nothing. As they approached what according to schematics he read during his time in the SGC would be the bridge.

Signaling to Tom he pointed at the door then help up his fingers in a countdown 3,2,1

8/5/2010 #13

Tom turned the symbol near the door to open it. Once it was open half-way. Gary and Jack burst through, firing at the Jaffa in the room with Staff Weapons. The five Jaffa fell to the ground quickly. "Well, that was easy." Jack said.

Gary glared at him, then turned his attention to Tom who had just come through the door and closed it. "Can you pilot this thing?" He asked.

"No, I don't have naquadah in my blood. But just give me a few minutes, I should be able to override it." He replied.

"Get to it then."

8/5/2010 #14
Virtue's Legacy

The vessel's lighting dimmed, a hollow hum building up from the center of this ship. "What the hell is that" Gary cursed as the controls dimmed and winked out, the vibration of the deck plating begining to increase rapidly.

Energy arced along the corridors that lead to the Hyperdrive, every ounce of power left in the damaged hulk being lead directly into the now critical drive that was trying to now enter hyperspace. Alarms blared as the capacitors were sent into overdrive, spewing sparks and metal across the deck plating. The entire vessel lurched, a window to hyperspace tearing open infront of them. Soon the vessel was consumed by the votex and hurtled into hyperspace. The three humans that stood on her bridge were thrown to the deck, knocking Jack out as both Tom and Gary weakly stood up. "See if you can take us out of hyperspace" Gary ordered.

8/7/2010 #15

Tom went to the console, but backed away after looking at the crystals inside. "It's no good." Tom said, "The power is gone. It must have all gone to the hyperdrive. Save some for the life support."

"So what does that mean for us?" Gary asked.

"We're stuck in this ship till it runs out of power."

8/7/2010 #16
Virtue's Legacy

Hours past and few of the vessel's functions had yet to come online. The sounds of various sections of hull breaking off alerted them to the vessel's slow demise Jack had screamed like a girl when he saw cracks appear in the chamber they were in. This had resulted in a rather unconcious Jack lying on the ground outside the bridge section. Tom had taken time to alter the control crystal set up so humans could operate the ship, even though he didn't know it would work.

A suden lurch startled the two awake SGB members as the ship came to a hault, the vessel's lighting and control panels flickering dimly into life as the vessel's internal power supply was regenerated partly. A holo graphic screen flickered into life, highlighting the multiple damaged sections "This thing sure is near the end of its life" Gary commented as Tom moved over and tappped the commands.

"I don't even think the ship can renter hyperspace" Tom informed as he scanned the ship "I can't detect any cargo vessels either" He continued

"Begin a solar system scan" Gary instructed.

8/7/2010 . Edited 8/7/2010 #17

Tom started the scan. "Looks like a binary star system. Six planets and one other thing."

"What is it?" Gary asked.

"It's a ship. It has the same structure as a flying saucer."

"We found a flying saucer? Really?"

"Yes sir. It's about the same size of this Ha'tak. Well, when it was in one piece anyway." Tom said.

8/7/2010 . Edited 8/7/2010 #18
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