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Just posting this as a way to makes the joining process easier for the hopeful recruit and those of us that mull over it. It also should help people know what to expect when going through the membership process.

Before you ask to join

- Try your hand at reviewing before requesting membership. Being with CU isn't easy and you will face lots of heat over it. If you can't handle it, best to stop now before asking to join.

- Join in on the chat. Get to know people who are posting there, members and non-members alike. Get your name out there but don't be an idiot about it. The more we see how you interact with other members (and they with you) the more it helps your cause in joining.

- Make sure you're in it for the long haul. If you're thinking you're joining up because it looks cool or fun then you should stop and think about it before asking to join. Being a weekend warrior is one thing but if you know you won't be around for longer than a month then you probably shouldn't ask.

- Make sure you read over all the groups' rules beforehand and that you know what you're asking to join and how we operate. If you don't agree or like any of CU's policies/rules then don't ask to join. Feel free to ask questions if you're unsure of any of the rules we have.

- If you have any violating stories you should either remove them or let us know so we can help you make them compliant with the site's rules. If you're unsure if your stories are site compliant, ask and someone will gladly take a look and try to help you out.

When you ask to join

- Always have links to 2 separate reviews. Try making one something that is a violator as that helps us see how you would handle those type of things.

- Be honest and be upfront. Do not try to hide anything from us. We will find out and it will hurt your chances on becoming a member. It doesn't matter if you used to flame, target or troll, so long as you no longer do that.

- Is there a type of rule breaker or violation that bothers you the most? If so then please tell us. This just helps us to know what sort of workload we may expect from you and/or what sort of people you may end up dealing with.

- Let us know what sections/fandoms you read the most and will be checking the most. Not a biggie but is helpful in knowing more about you.

- Let us know of any groups/forums you're associated with. While it might not be a big deal to you it may cause you a conflict of interests in the end especially if the groups are not on friendly terms with us or if their philosophies differ. CU doesn't get involved in forum wars so try to keep this in mind before requesting membership. Not all forums agree/like us so we'd rather not create issues for anyone on any side.

- If your account is less than 6 months old then tell us why it is so. Are you simply brand new to the site or is that a secondary/reviewing account. Some people think they are clever and can cause trouble by setting up a brand new account and using it to try and attack the group.

- If you are limited in the time you can spend on the site please let us know. That includes only being able to post on weekends. There is no problem with being a weekend warrior but we are not looking for people who are only around for certain times of the year. If you can only post for the summer or holidays then right now you're not going to be added as a member.

- Do not try using the mods against each other if you don't like the questions being asked of you or the answers being given to you. All the mods talk to each other about the perspective members. Just because I may be asking you a particular question doesn't necessarily mean it's coming solely from me. I could be relaying a question from someone else when I brought your name to the table.

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