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Due to a misunderstanding on my part, I accidentally deleted threads that WEREN'T supposed to be deleted. Oops. ;P

Thankfully I do have everything archived, so it's not like I lost any important posts. So here's the new Special Announcements thread!

6/9/2019 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 6/10/2019 #1

and with that our first no so new announcement is a reminder to any and all that they should check the members list to see if one reviewing your writing is in fact a member of CU or not.

Once again, we have an angry and attention starved little child (who likely no one likes, not even their family) running wild and trying to cause trouble just because they don't like being told porn isn't allowed on this site.

Why is it always the MA explicit writers who go this route?

6/10/2019 #2

Since I'm still getting PM's and we're still seeing people buying into the act of this drip (as I suspect it's one person using several accounts) it looks like I'm going to have to name and shame in hopes it will get out that these accounts are not with us.

So, for the record, the following accounts ARE NOT members of this group/forum despite what they claim in reviews and on their profiles:

- Hentai Kamen Fenikkusumaru (AKA Shin Kr Duelist) (banned)

Known alt accounts

Shit KR Duelist, (banned)

Toga Himiko2020,


Omega Shadow 2019 (banned),

MrGoodyTwoShoes jr (banned),

Barney der Nazisaurier (Banned),

MrGooolyTwoShoes (Banned))

- Shadow Fuhrer 2019 (banned)

If you receive a review from any of these accounts know that they do not represent us in any way. This is just a temper tantrum by an angry little child who didn't like being told they can't post kiddie porn on this site and have decided to attack everyone else on a site as a result probably thinking it will be fun to see people get wound up over it.

As an addition, I fully believe the following users is also involved in this nonsense be it another of their accounts or someone who is pals with the above:

- Super Shadow 2018 (Banned)

Suspected alt accounts and those directly tied to this original:

Todoroque (aka I am Super Shadow 2018's Slut) (banned) ,

the Judgement,

Anonymale (banned),

Xinguan bingdu, (banned)

Super Shadow 2020, (banned)

The Party Man ,

100 Percent Real Todorque, (Banned)

Super Cocksucker 2019, (Banned)

Jesus Christ the Son of God, (Banned)

ShaerilM ,

TheLonelyTitan (aka Revenged Titan)

SH2018's Whore of aGrandmother, (Banned)

Nightwolfgamer04 , (Banned)

Super Shadow 2018 2.0,

Aragorn ll Eleszar, (banned)

Jolly Baron,

OmniputentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV (Banned),

OmnipotentUIAdolfHitler69 (banned),

SH2018's Number 1 Fanboy (banned),

GodzillaFansAreIdiots (Banned),)

- Earth Dragon Amighte (suspected alt account Fire Dragon Amighte (banned))

- OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG (aka OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla)

- Internit Troll Hunter (Banned)

- ZedArchie (spoof account of CU mod Zadarchie) (Banned)

- ChaChaIst (spoof account of CU Mod ChaCha1st) (Banned)

- Saint Super Shadow 2018 (Banned)

- Ultimate Spiderman 2022

- Baby Shadow 2022 (Banned)

- Superior Shadow 2023 (aka Jonathan Sins) (Banned)

- The Super Shadow 2018 (aka Hyper Shadow 2023)

- Appleconian (aka Harum sakura96)

- TheGreatestGood (aka PellucidJasperEyes aka Pinky-Jasper Velvet Pie)

- VoteDonaldTrump2024

- OmniBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla (copycat/troll account -not to be confused with OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG above)

- Critics United

- Stake Out (aka CU Minister)

Not only do they insist on continuing to bring drama to this forum, despite being told not to by no less than two mods, but as well since being banned they have decided to spam stories telling authors to ignore rules despite saying they supported said rules in the past. Super Shadow is also only appearing (with their alt accounts as well) in and around when the troll goes on a review spree and seems to try and wind people up about it which makes it all very suspect.

Earth Dragon Almighte just seems to be someone who was duped into this mess and now has drank the kool-aid after using an alt account to make empty threats has opted to follow Super Shadow's lead and is spamming stories.

OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG is another that claims to be not involved but seems to be constantly trying to stir up more trouble and bring problems to people not involved in their ongoings. They strike me as a "doth thou protest too much" type and refuses to understand that actions mean more than words as well as actions have consequences. They also like to try and give a sob story to others even though it's clear they're nothing but trouble.

It should be noted that there is now a copycat account, using the name "OmniBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla", to cause even further trouble than the original account.

Internit Troll Hunter claims to be an ally of Supershadow and will attack anyone that disrespects them or something of the sort. they also seem to think it's funny to drop our name in reviews despite having nothing to do with us outside of posting some strange alt-right manifesto here the other day.

They have since tried using their alt to evade bans and blocks because they clearly have nothing better going on with their sad and worthless life.

There are also other suspect accounts associated with these folks but these are the one's that directly name us and cause trouble related so we'll start there.

Best suggestion to deal with them is to ignore, report the reviews and then screenshot said review and email the admins about it. The more people do this (as we have been doing) the better chances we have of getting these idiots banned from the site.

CU Admin add on: it seems this lot have decided that they don't like being ignored by us with all the new alts and new, near daily PMs. I guess making fun of a autistic child on an anti-CU forum isn't enough for them anymore. Too bad said child refuses to understand they are being made fun of by those that claim to be their friend no matter how often they get told about it.

7/30/2019 . Edited 5/11 #3
CU Administration

Just a bump to say we're made some progress with the trolls but as you can see Spring break is upon us and a special someone must be bored and lonely so they have a new account to use.

I'm always amused since said person claimed we have no lives yet they continue to pursue this drama as if they have nothing going on in the outside world.

3/15/2020 #4

Took them long enough but it seems a little troll issue is finally being dealt with.

8/31/2020 #5
CU Administration

It seems as silly as it sounds we've got ourselves a bit of an impersonator running amok again. While these have happened in the past and were just ignored this one is definitely causing trouble for whatever reason they claim and their overly hostile and aggressive tactics to get attention is likely only to hurt us in the end so a special note should be made before we start getting blamed for their actions yet again.

So, without further delay: the person claiming to be "Supreme leader of Critics United" goes by the name of "dakoolguy" (banned and deleted) and even created a phony CU related thread on his forum, which you can find here (forum deleted), that he's using to copy messages posted here by the mods and twisting/rewriting them to make it seem like they're addressing him. Makes no sense why people would think he's in charge when the posts here don't mention him but hey: stupid is as stupid does.

Anyway, if you get a review from this guy claiming to be with us know that he's not a member of this forum or group and he's using our name for whatever reason be it attention, to cause us trouble, or whatever reason enters his simply little mind.

The funny thing is if he had asked to join up we'd likely have considered it.

12/15/2020 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 1/21/2021 #6

Hate having to do this but it's best to nip it in the bud and start getting the word out before more folks get taken in by this sad and bored child.

For a while there's been a person using a fake account (banned and deleted) that has copied mine to a degree to try and cause trouble with folks on the site for whatever amusement they have in their small mind. Unfortunately for them people are not as dumb as them and know a fake when they see one so now they've upped the game to go after ZadArchie and are leaving false reviews using a fake account (banned and deleted) that copied his to fool people into thinking they have broken a rule of the site when they haven't.

It's really rather sad given this person has carried on this game for 5 years and a sure sign of mental illness of some sort. Interestingly enough, another known troll account that has a history of causing trouble has also become active again at the same time when they went on a posting spree across several anti CU forums and using the same broken English that the fake accounts are using.

No proof that they're connected but it is an awful coincidence that all three become active in their trouble making ways on the very same day.

So be excellent to each other, block the fake accounts and maybe do as we do: Don't engage but report all three and let's see if we can get the site as a whole a nice Christmas gift this year.

and Merry Christmas to all those that celebrate it.

12/24/2020 . Edited 1/21/2021 #7

Looks like the admins, the real one's and not someone claiming to be one, were busy today and took care of a bunch of trolls and trouble makers.

Guess someone is still at the wheel of this ship ;)

1/21/2021 #8
CU Administration

After getting several complaints, and a recent run in ourselves and seeing them run amok on other forums, once again we've got a case of impersonation going on and this time it's not simply those of us at Critics United but this group likes to claim (and threaten) they are either the admins of the site or close enough to those with the site that anything done about them would result in the accusers account being banned and/or deleted. CU has run into these people in the past with one of their number claiming to be "supreme leader of Critics United" only to find out quickly where that got them.

However, it seems this this crew hasn't let that stop them and they continue to be a thorn in the side (or pain in the ass) of many folks of this site and specifically the Ace Attorney and Tudors sections with their spamming, bully tactics and attempts to push their own characters onto the site just to prove they can do it.

As of now with so many accounts at play, we have upwards of 20 with rumors saying close to 100 and their M.O. being to change their names on a regular basis, all doing the same thing to appear to be more than 2-3 people it's been a bit more difficult to find the original accounts so unlike last time I'm just going to list all the accounts that are suspected/believed to be involved at once.

Here is the list in no particular order

- Pal of Phon Joenix

- Dunning Smith

- barrylawn (Banned)

- TheHoboSeven (aka HoboSix)

- Konrad Kross

- kumar timalsina

- John Cena OFFICIAL

- DAKOOLGUY RISE FROM ASHES (formerly John of Tudors Last Non Alt ) Banned

- JP The Tudor Fandom Comqueror

- John Phoenix Forums

- Enemy of John Phoenix

- Evesin (formerly BellalunaMcKenzie and BellalunaMcKenzie's Siteaka)

- GOgTOOA.6097004 (formerly Swaymg Di Glo and Riing-Di-Glo)

- Goldenscepter

- atoz.squash (Banned)

- Plumed Knight

- Amazon Johngle

- John Phoenix's Friend

- John Senentia

- Ace Acquittal Fan

- AcquittalCentral

- LosAngelesttorney

- IAmWrighter

- LockAttworney

- WannaBeDev64

- Sakura Bum

- hexeptafan

- Queen Vicky Pollard

- SineSententia

- Zokolove

- Jsteve765

- concemedwriter

- Lady Prurience

- pheonixwrihgtREAL

- Punished John Phoenix Games

- JPBrawl4HumanRights

- epic win man

- Mr Good Writer

- turnabout nick

- REAL Bitch Xemtlenc (Banned)

- lance2000 (current "main" account) (banned)

- ArtEsoterica

- uncleedgeworth

- Vex Vulper

- mikelandon342

- The Barry Lawn

- Mr. Bad Writer

- Majima Goro

- pinkcocapowder

- The Great John Phoenix

- dkpv JOHN PHOENIX trninu8

- v4ww-1 GOD'S WARNING at9gfa ag

- john herzel

- LockedPencil

What people do with this information is up to them be that continue to investigate and see if anyone is or is not involved, block all accounts involved so one doesn't get caught up in this useless drama of theirs since it seems they have nothing better to do with their time or report them to the admins if they have caused trouble for one's writing or whatever.

8/29/2021 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 4/13 #9

Must be that time of year again.

Once more - seems some bored person has decided that it would be fun to make a fake account and leave reviews making folks think it's me. Please take note that while "MrGooolyTwoShoes" has a profile that's a carbon copy of mine they have completely misspelled the name that on first glance can easily be mistaken with their use of 'Goooly" instead of "Goody".

I have a idea as to the party behind this just based on seeing the reviews they are leaving, which are easily not me if you see what I say in my reviews compared to what this person is doing.

When in doubt, come here, go to the list of mods at the bottom of the page and click on my name and PM me if you think it's me up to no good. You can also check the date on the profiles as my dupe is freshly made from late February whereas I've been around for a while.

Addon: Seems my doppelganger has decided to up their game according to a few trusted sources. If I approach someone about joining CU you are not given a link to a form. If you do get a PM like that and are unsure come here and ask. Chances are you're the victim of someone with nothing better to do with their time.

Banned and deleted.

3/8/2022 . Edited 12/30/2022 #10

I know the updated post might not be seen by all so I'm just going to put it here:

The user who is going by the name "MrGooolyTwoShoes" that has been annoying folks for quite some time is actually the ban evading "Hentai Kamen Fenikkusumaru ( Aka Shin KR Duelist and a number of others) back to try and troll the site.

If the name doesn't ring a bell then the short version is they're a wannabe troll who didn't like being told they couldn't post kiddie porn here and decided the logical course of action was to attack everyone in the process. They are also directly responsible for another troll and their endless alt accounts actions.

Reviews are the same as is the need to attack authors via PM. Feel free to add this info when your reported MrGooolyTwoShoes for their reviews as the admins don't take ban evasion lightly.

and now I wash my hands of the idiot and they won't get mentioned by name again.

9/5/2022 . Edited 9/5/2022 #11

And now our friend has decided to pick the wrong fight and try to imitate Cha. This is going to be fun once she sees this.

This is where your game ends my friend.

Anyway, if you get any reviews, PMs or what not from an account named "ChaChaIst" then know that this is a fake account and not the real Cha. Take note of the name difference where Cha uses a 1 in her name, being chacha1st, whereas the fake is using an "I" instead of the 1. Easily missed on a quick look.

So ya: block and ignore this fake and give them no attention. They live off that so starve them out and they'll hopefully go away and find something more productive to do with their life.

Troll Banned

10/28/2022 . Edited 1/6/2023 #12
CU Administration

It seems our friend who likes to make fake accounts is back and has upped the game.

Anyway, not only have they made a fake of me (which is first) but they've done Cha, Zad and Goody (which is the 5th for him) as well. As always take note of the slight letter changes in all the names. I suspect on a phone or tablet the changes are harder to spot than on a desktop.

Not only that but it looks like they've go so far as to make a fake version of the forum. Why people are fooled by it given the dates of creation between it and us I have no clue.

Given our general inactivity I have no clue why they're putting this much energy into it when there's better targets to be had but I guess when you have an unhealthy obsession with someone who wants nothing to do with you this is just how you react.

Goody Edit - dumbass must be trying to use a bot and has no clue what he's doing as he's made two forum clones here and here within the last hour. Seriously, get some professional help. You're putting way too much time and energy into this for it to be normal behaviour. Go find someone to talk to and figure out why you have such an obsession over things.

8/13/2023 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 8/14/2023 #13
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