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Talena Mae

Poor Goody *hugs* I really feel for you.

I got this one when I left a message for someone who had stolen another posters work (poster is quotes, mine italics:

A response to your review at *review link removed* I'm *name removed*. Okay, now that the niceties are out, let's talk. Ohlalala, the original author, eh? Pray tell, where is the story now? Does he own it? Can he prove he owns it? If you can prove those, I'll consider listening to your pleas, but if you think that the admins will lift a finger to help your case, which lacks all forms of evidence, you're more delusional than I thought. Toodles now. And happy new year.

Title: Persona : Minato Resolution Category: Games ยป Persona Series Author: Kaijeno Language: English, Rating: Rated: M Genre: Romance/Humor Published: 04-20-12, Updated: 09-03-12 Chapters: 37, Words: 38,135 Author: (His new name now) Now you might want to take the story you stole down. Or you might get your account banned yet again for plagiarism just as you have in the past.

I have not heard anything from this guy since XD

1/2/2014 . Edited 1/2/2014 #3,091

Lol, they must have become silenced when you proved them wrong.

Here's one I got at the beginning of December.

Listen, DarkSiren why does Fanfiction even have that rule, thats like having a rule that makes it illegal to talk while you are watching a movie. I mean seriously lots of people like these stories and you getting them deleted does nothing but make more people hat critics united. I have a bunch of friends from school that read fanficiton and almost all of them hate CU because they have gotten some of their favourite stories deleted. just like how i hate CU because you got my faviourite story deleted, just becouse it had comments inbetween the flow of a copied story. Seriously? Copyright and stuff like that only works when you use that stuff without the owners permission and i have *___* permission to use his story, but its jerks like you that ruin everyones fun. What next? are you going to come to my house and destroy my X-box and my games because they are 'Too violent'? So please, just leave us alone and let us have our fun, becuase i only posted my story yesterday and all the reviews i have are ones saying thatthey like my story, and that i should keep going... all except your's, which is saying that i will be reported for writing what other people like to read. I know you guys think your probably helping people by doing what you're doing, but your not, you're only p*** people off and making everyone hate you, myself included and honestly does it make you feel good to make others unhappy? Does it? are you the kind of person to go up to a kid and knock their ice-cream out of their hands, cos that is basically what you are doing to everyone that reads the stories you get deleted. So please, stop ruining others entertainment just because they are braking the smallest stupidest rule on this site.

I don't care if people enjoy them or not. I don't care if you got permission from the author to do so, and you think it's fun to do so. I also don't give a buzz if a lot of people have told you they enjoy it or not. The point is, is that it is in violation of the Guideline Rules. Entries Not Allowed #3 MST: Comments in between the flow of a copied story. You can have your "fun" while staying with in the Guideline Rules, the rules that everyone agreed to upon joining and, again, before posting a fic. You can whine all you like about them, you can scream at Xing until your throat becomes hoarse, the fact still remains you made the choice to break a rule, and you got caught. This is Xing's house, and he gets to make the rules, not you or your friends. Either learn to abide by the rules and accept the consequence that come upon breaking them, like *___* did, or leave. There are other sites besides this one that wouldn't mind the MST stuff, as long as it doesn't violate Copyright Law.

If you want to talk about copy righting then all of fanfiction should be shut down, because technically every story on this site is a violation of copyright seeing as we are using characters and setting that the original authors/creators made. But The Queens Champion fan made story and my story is a fan story, which is the point of this site, for fans to write fiction, which is what I am doing, so i honestly dont really care what you say, just because you spend all your time trying to get other peoples stories deleted. And also you are right, this is Xing's house, not your's and not Critics United's.

I don't care if it is a fan made story, MST is not permitted on the site. You could have just as easily shown your support for the authors works by writing a mini-story based in that universe, or post fan art, but you didn't and went with one that goes against the Guideline Rules. (The same rule that *___* got suspended for, and they were his own stories, and the admins still took it down for MST.) If you didn't care, as you proclaim, you wouldn't be whining so much about it, now would you. Nor is it yours, or your friends, as I have said before. At least, we respect the rules, unlike some ungrateful kids.

After that, I haven't heard from them since , and a few days later their story got deleted. Of course, a few weeks after, I found out that some defender was causing trouble with fellow CU members over this story.

And this one I just got recently.

I am not going to yell at you but perhaps talk with reason(although I doubt you will change your mind). FanFiction is suppose to be a site where people can use their creativity to write about what they want. When writing this story, I knew the punishments that were involved. But, I had chosen to write it anyways because I had thought I would enjoy it and everyone reading my story would too. So far, I have really liked working on this story and everyone reading it has seemed to be entertained. I'm sorry if you believe restrictions on stories is more important than writers freedom. Feel free to PM me back so we can talk about this some more.

It does not matter if you enjoy it, or if other people enjoy it as well. The fact remains that this site has rules, and your story goes against those rules that we ALL had to agree to before we joined, and again before we post. You can unleash your imagination, true, but as long as it stays within the Guideline Rules. It isn't that hard. Consider like this: In your house their is a set of rules you must follow, right? No jumping on the couch, no throwing ball in the house, etc. If you break one of those rules, you know you'll have to pay for it, correct? The same can be said for it you were to go to a friends house. Their parents have a set of rules also, they let you come into their home to hang out with your friend. It is reasonable you should respect their rules and follow them, right. If you broke a rule, you know your visit may be cut short, or you will have to pay for the damages while they call your parents, or whatever they decide. The same can be said for here. It is Xing's house, he creates the rules. He doesn't charge us, all he asks is that we follow such simple rules. We agreed to those rules when we joined, and again, when we post, we should respect that. I'm sorry if you are so blinded by your "greed" of fun, and have no respect for the rules you agreed to. But the fact remains that your story is in violation, and will be reported if not changed to follow.

I would like to know why you're so concerned with a story a stranger has written when it hurts you in no way what-so-ever. Are you on such a high horse that you believe that it's your job to be the admin.? Do you like the feeling of power it gives you to tell people what to do? Or do you really have such a warped sense of justice that you must tell on EVERYONE for EVERYTHING even if it is such a minor thing? This isn't like jumping on the couch where you can break a bone if you fall off. It's like playing a video game after your mom tells you to get off. It doesn't hurt the kid, it doesn't hurt the mom. But, it certainly isn't the kid's peer's job to tell on him to the mom.
1/2/2014 #3,092
Whimsical Symphony

Someone responded again to a PM exchange we had two months ago. For some reason I always get the odd ones who never respond promptly. For your amusement, this is the PM which I may just respond to if I feel up to it.

Reported or not, this website is stuck up about its guide lines and rules about POV's and critics' taste. If you think my story is against the rules, wasn't put up there for you, it's there so my friends...personal friends can read it. I never put up here to get it popular. So if you have a problem with MY story and wish for the changes, change it yourself. You are indeed a critic for you have EXPERIENCE in writing yourself. So go for it and take your critic-a** some where else, please.

I'm actually very confused about what's being said though, so if someone can speak fanbrat, I'd love a translation. I got lost after they said 'change it yourself', because if I truly had the power to control what they wrote, I'd have made their story compliant long ago. And then after that it becomes total gibberish. I have experience writing - so what?

1/11/2014 #3,093
CU Administration

This thread finally reached 3,100 posts!

It's been here since the group started and it has served us well, but it's time to let it rest and start a new one.

Please feel free to continue as usual in the Worst Review Responses, Notes and Shout Outs. V2!

1/11/2014 #3,094
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