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I'm sure we've all in our travels and reading and looking at the various stories here run into a few here and there we just can't figure out if they're a rule breaker or not so I thought making a section where we can just put the title of the story and others can look and post back here what they think before any sort of action is taken.

An example for me is this one that I came across today -

Title: 30 ways to Annoy Kakashi Hakate continued Author: idonthavewhatpeoplecallemotion Fandom: Naruto

Now, on the surface it looks like a list story based on the title but the first chapter appears to be a (very) short story. In the later chapters though, it's starting to look more and more like a list and honestly I have no clue what to make of it. Anyone have any insight about this?

8/11/2010 #1
CU Administration

I'm thinking it's okay from looking at it since they did write little short stories. If they turn a chapter into a list though, it's definitely not right.

8/11/2010 #2
Sincerely C

I deam it fit to live. It does have a spelling mistake here and there as most do. But the story is actually worth reading. It didn't seem too much like a list.

I would like to announce that the

Rant, by chaos destroyer, has been deleted.

I read some of his other stories and one that really struck me was, THE BOY DESTINY, its a Naruto/Dragon Ball Z crossover and it's atrociouse. I'm really not sure if it's against the rules, so I'd like you guys to take a look at it.

8/11/2010 . Edited 8/11/2010 #3

I was trying to find it when I realized that said author changed his name. Gotta love when they do that.

Anyway, I'm not too sure how strongly the bad spelling, grammar et all rule is applied here but it definitely violates that.If anything, the kid just needs a good beta reader to tell him how to fix it. Sadly, from what I've seen he's not the type to listen to advice so it would be a lost cause.

8/14/2010 #4
CU Administration

Lol, thinking they can escape.

This story I'm a little unsure about.

Story: Dear Pen Pal Author: Ripplecloud Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club.

The first chapter seems to be written in second person which is against the rules. It's like the chapter is just a letter and the readers are who he's writing to, like the readers are pen pals. The next chapter seems more along the lines of correct, but I'm not sure.

8/14/2010 #5

It looks more like a first person story given how the rest of it is written. What is troubling is looking at the reviews it's looking like it's interactive since people reviewing are writing letters to the character in the story and looking for a reply.

8/14/2010 . Edited 8/14/2010 #6
CU Administration
That's what I was thinking. That it was interactive since they were asking for responses to the characters. I'll have to review it when I get back to a computer.
8/14/2010 #7
Sincerely C

That one is tricky. I honestly have no idea if there's something wrong with it.

Anyway. There is this one that I am completely unsure about. It's called Rise of a False Warrior, by Herokiller12344.

The first chapter is in chat script, which I know is against the rules, but it is in normal writing on the others.

It clearly states in the summary that it is a self insert, which I thought was against the rules. And that it is called a crackfic. (I have no idea what that means)

I need someone to tell me if it's against the rules or not, because I am majorly confused.

8/14/2010 . Edited 8/15/2010 #8

Crackfic usually means that it's essentially not serious but just stupid mindless stuff.

I say the first chapter violates the chat rule and should be reported for abuse on that but I don't see the point in making a review since the rest of the story is fine.

8/15/2010 #9
CU Administration
I agree on reporting the first chapter, but since the whole thing isn't in script we all don't need to review it. I'm headed off to report it now.
8/15/2010 #10
Sincerely C

Ok good to know. They've been told about the chat script, so I guess we do need to report it.

8/15/2010 #11

Here's a noodle scratcher

Story: Author's Note Author: pandaloong1097 Fandom: Naruto - This one starts out as it seems and looks clear cut - some idiot author posting info about their life and their work instead of a real story. They they start to post an actual story in the next chapter.

I have no clue how to call it.

8/15/2010 #12

"...The chapter system is not to be used as placeholder for non-story content such as author notes. You can add short author notes to the beginning or at the end of stories but never as individual chapters."

If you could convince them to just remove the first chapter and/or meld it with an actual announcement, I don't think it'd be a problem.

Though, the title is more original than most "drabble-journals."

8/15/2010 #13
CU Administration

Welcome our newest member guys =]. I also agree. Let them know the first chapter is against the rules and if they refuse to take it down, we'll just report it and not all review since the whole story doesn't need to be taken down.

8/15/2010 #14

Ahh, OK. I'd do it but I have to leave for school.

And welcome aboard, GodofFlame!

8/16/2010 . Edited 8/16/2010 #15

This one isn't a "I don't know if it's broken any rules" but it fits into "which one does it break" category.

Story: naruto is sick! Author: THEMRSNARUTOUZUMAKI Fandom: Naruto - I admit, I didn't read the whole thing because my mind started turn to mesh just staring at the huge block of text. Truthfully given the spelling errors and such I did see I'm thinking this might be a troll fic with someone just trying to cause trouble.

8/17/2010 #16

Reading through it, I can't see that it violates the basic guidelines...however, it does clash with most of FFnet's 'Community Etiquette'.

It honestly looks as though it's an attempt at humor, with the formatting gone awry when the work transferred over to the site.

...Your guess is as good as mine *shurgs*

8/17/2010 #17
CU Administration

That was really ugly. I con be reported for the grammar, spelling etc., but it's not breaking any of the Entries Not Allowed. I reported that though. That was seriously ridiculous and I think it just might be a troll.

8/17/2010 #18

Honestly, I think the author is trying to write something.

If you look at the other works, it's clear that she understands how to use a paragraph and separate ideas...I think that it's the lack of any constructive response she's been given that hinders her (which is caused by her poor writing skills; brings new meaning to the term "vicious cycle" =/).

I know! I'll give her InuYasha work a thorough and heartfelt review! She'll be so grateful to hear another author point out her mistakes that she'll turn to actively seeking criticism and become the next James Patterson...right?

8/17/2010 #19
CU Administration

Oh I see. I know if you try and update on an ipod touch, if you don't know formatting and html codes, it will turn out like that. I don't know if that's the case here, but I've definitely had to update from my ipod touch when my computer was down or I didn't have access to one.

Go for it GodOfFlame! Perhaps she'll be greater, like a modern Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe or Dr. Suess! (his books were gangster) Or she'll just get mad and go off on you for it. People are so strange lol. I was thinking of asking you to beta my Inuyasha stuff for me. GG already betas like everything I write and I don't want to ask her to beta my Inuyasha stuff too. Since it is your section of expertise as well, I would be grateful if you could help. Especially since you're good with sensory and vivid details, something I'm definitely working hard on perfecting. I warn you that we are going all the wayback, back to my first works as well as some of the newer ones so be warned that the older they are the more horrible they are! lol. I will be rewriting the chapters before sending them to you though. Some do have explicit sexual content so if that's not your thing, I won't ask you to beta chapters with that in it. My previous Inuyasha beta disappeared too. Geez.

8/17/2010 #20

Shakespeare is a menace to High School Children everywhere -_-; I will never ever read MacBeth or A Midsummer Night's Dream Again...well, maybe just one more time.

I'd be happy to help! Gaara just got done looking at some of my work: she was all like "Yeah I can see the imagery but your formatting makes my eyes bleed and it's all choppy. You suck." Alright, so I'm paraphrasing but that's what I took it as. So, essentially we'll be going back to the future with your works? Sounds great, let me go grab my coat. I don't have a problem with sexually explicit works; the harder it makes me blush, the better.

8/17/2010 #21
CU Administration

Aww, I loved Macbeth! Romeo and Juliet is over done though in high school haha. That is definitely a story that is read too much. I loved Anglo Saxon work in high school like Beowulf and Canterbury Tales.

Don't you just love her? Lol, she's the same with me and I with her. We don't hold anything back. The more she tears apart my work the better and the way we beta, we point out the mistakes, the things that are missing, the strange sentences and repetitive words and allow the author to fix it. To me this helps to learn how to fix your errors and know what to work on instead of completely depending on a beta.

Awesome! We'll have to establish a docx connection. I'll send you a oneshot first and alright, let's see if I can make you blush haha. That is my new goal in life

8/17/2010 #22

I now have a platonic infatuation with her - she's right. It's taken me years to stop abusing the comma and semi-colon, and even now I slip up and start putting unnecessary pauses in my sentences. Probably because the flow I have established in my head always gets confused with the flow that I should speak. It's gotten better as of late (Cat/Mouse, ISYNB, etc.) but the early stuff is atrocious. There are no excuses for just how shoddy some of the old stuff is - I've started removing entire paragraphs from old works because I couldn't understand what I wrong. I'm glad that Gaara pointed them out - even the one I actually enjoyed. She's a saint/nun/sand-ninja.

8/17/2010 #23
CU Administration

Yeah, I'm working on my repetitive word habit along with visual. I often use the same word over and over instead of switching it up a bit. I never notice it until it's pointed out to me lol. I did the same thing when I edited the first chapter of my first story the other day. I was like "why is this even here?". Some of the paragraphs didn't make any sense. I think sand-ninja fits the card lol. I on the other hand am a Leaf/Sand/Cloud/Rain ninja who is also part of the Akatsuki and holds the ten tailed beast. Sounds like one of those sad Super characters haha.

8/17/2010 #24
Sincerely C

Macbeth was okay. Lots of drama. It sounds weird, but I liked the old english version better. Beowulf was great. I wish we had read A Midsummer Night's Dream too. Maybe in 8th Grade. I haven't even read Romeo and Juliet and I know the basic plot, way, too overly done.

8/17/2010 #25

Ugh, I hated Shakespeare in highschool. We read Macbeth in grade 12 - it was good and I didn't mind it but it was an easy read since I read it in a span of about 2 days. My english teacher claimed it tied into star wars but he diverged from explaining more after dropping that bomb. We did A midsummer's Night Dream in grade 9 and it was bleh but that was mostly because the English teacher I had was an idiot. Grade 11 is when we tackled Romeo and Juliet and I could have care less. Girl likes guy, guy likes girl, families hate each other, they die, the end.I was glad in OAC (grade 13) we didn't have to deal with Shakespeare at all. I can't remember what we did in grade 10 but it must have been crappy if I've blocked it out ;)

Anyway, way too many people based their stuff off of Shakespeare's and it's as terrible as the original source material.

8/17/2010 #26
Sincerely C

Yup. Its pretty easy to see when they copy Shakespeare.

8/17/2010 #27

I hate it when they take Two characters who have no business being together (Who exchange like two sentences in canon) and totally rip off Romeo and Juliet with them, only letting them live at the end. Yuck.

8/17/2010 #28
CU Administration
Grad e 13? Where are you from, I only had 12 grades lol. I totally agree Taryn. I guess its easy to throw them together based on how Romeo and Juliet met each other (completely hated that they fell in love instantly) but still the characters have to die or find a twist amazing enough to pull it off, not just completely ignore the death scene.
8/17/2010 #29

I just finished Grade 13 ^_^'

Taryn's right. Nothing is more annoying than two canon characters who barely speak to each other magically falling in love.

"Kagome: Omygosh Sesshy-Chan I wans ta be your mate!1! Sesshoumaru: Okay! omnomnomnom*sexualnoises*"

True, give credit to writers who pull off those pairings remarkably well...the very few and far between writers.

8/17/2010 #30
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