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Si vera sunt

Well, I'm mostly into OC stories, so if you like OC stories too, I'm certain you'll love these two:

Numbers by Generic Person the Fifth; Fandom: Pokémon (It's Rated M)

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: Over the Nexus by Spirit Reader; Fandom Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's

These stories do not have any canon pairings, since they are OC-centered.

7/27/2014 . Edited 7/30/2014 #31

I've come across some pretty good fanfics myself. :)

12/13/2014 #32
Iudex Mortem

Fanfiction : Author : Nigel Yearning Fandom : Pokemon

The quality of this is stunning . It makes it wonderfully creepy and slightly without going over the top

7/4/2015 #33

Since Pally asked for some good Star Wars fics, a lot of my favorites are AU epics, but gotta love the family relationships that come out in them. (As a word of warning: a lot of these make references to the Thrawn Trilogy/Rouge Squadron/etc. but most of the EU characters are introduced well enough to get them without having read the series.)

-By the Grace of Lady Vader by A21a-pFern - One in which Padme survives and joins Anakin's side under the Emperor. You will want to hunt down the sequel as soon as you finish, though it's not on FFn. Definitely worth it for the parent-child relations in all sets.

-Imperial by Aria Saralyn - With Han Solo taken under Vader's wing, the rookie Corellian takes a very different journey into the rebellion.

-Everything from Frodogenic, but Lord Vader's Limpet and its sequel Driving Lord Vader are especially great for short, funny family-based action fluff with three generations of insane Skywalker-Solo pilots.

-Masquerade by Plaid Butterfly - This one's still a WIP, building Anakin's redemption up slowly, but it does a nice job showing of all the good traits of Anakin from the prequel era - his brashness, stubborness, delusions of grandeur... Y'know, all the traits he shares with his daughter that make them butt heads even on the same side.

8/24/2015 . Edited 8/24/2015 #34

Is just anyone able to do this? Okay, then, I've got a few to share:

The first is a Halo 3 novelization. Self-explanatory. It's a really good, really fun read, and it captures the spirit of the game excellently. Aside from a few goofy-but easily-forgivable typos, it's well written, and even makes use of that 'password' Easter egg. Something to note, though: The story is being written as if the difficulty level is on 'Heroic,' so keep that in mind.

The second one, though, oh, my God, the second one. I don't care if you don't like the Call of Duty series, or are just neutral to it, as I am. The fact remains that you need to get this story in front of your eyeballs immediately. The basic premise is that it's a much grimmer, more realistic look at events from Modern Warfare 2, and how easily the conflict in that game could have spiralled into full-on nuclear war. (Spoiler alert: It does in this story). This is not one for the happy-go-lucky, and let me tell you, the ending chills me to the bone every time I reread it, but it's a fantastic piece of not just fanfiction, but literature in general. The leaders of the world would do well to read this story and keep it in mind.

11/26/2015 #35

I've read the second one myself and I concur with him: It's an amazing work.

11/26/2015 #36

This story is beautifully written. All characters are extremely in character and has so much detail in the plot that it leaves you on the edge of your seat for more. Sadly, it has been discontinued by the looks of it. It hasn't been updated in almost two years. It really leaves it at a cliffhanger, but it's too amazing to forget.

I've read a lot of Zelda fanfictions, but this one seemed to stick with me the most.

1/30/2016 #37

If anyone's a fan of Disney's Aladdin, know the controversy behind its rendition of 'Arabian Nights', and like a bit of humor, this might give you a small laugh.

2/15/2016 #38

I'm curious what it is (Aladdin).

My contributions:

-Powerpuff Girls (grown up, epic story)

-Big Hero 6 (short fic)

-Ace Attorney/Persona Crossover (huge cast of great characters)

-Totally Spies (epic length, deserves some kind of award)

-Star Wars Rebels (short & fun)

1/10/2017 . Edited 1/10/2017 #39

-Totally Spies (Very good writing)

Figured I should post one from my fandom that I write for, It's incomplete, but I'm leaving encouraging reviews.

But TS is an obscure fandom, due to the series ending over 3 years ago. Anyways-

1/14/2017 . Edited 1/14/2017 #40
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