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Here is the section where each of our members gives a brief description of why they joined. This is mainly just for me to keep organized who is in our movement. One post from each member, this isn't a chat section lol.

Well I might as well say why I started this group. I used to grow so annoyed when a fic was breaking the rules and the other refused to take it down, but I didn't have enough back up in order to have it removed. Not only that, but I found that me, Gaaras1Girl, and TheRealGoodyTwoShoes were the only critics I had seen in a long time. I wanted to band together ciritcs from different fandoms so we could work together in order to help those who want it and remove the garbage that has locked up the archives.

If you have not gone through the process to become a member with me, then you are not a member so don't post here until or if you become a member.

*Hiatus can only be up to four months. Longer than that, membership will be revoked and the author can come back once they have more time.

8/19/2010 . Edited 7/16/2012 #1
Whimsical Symphony

Hello, my fellow authors. I'm Whimsical Symphony, but I know that name is awfully long, so you may call me Whimsical or Symphony, either is fine. I was invited by Jewel to join just recently, and I can safely say I'm glad to be here. I'm from Canada, and I am seventeen years old. Whether I am male or female is kind of irrelevant, though, I can tell you it probably isn't your first guess (this is assuming that you speculate what most people do about my writing style).

People consider me slightly eccentric, nonetheless patient and helpful. When treated with respect, I will treat you with respect in turn. When I receive a scathing review reply, however, I don't sit back and take it. Although this account is relatively young, I have been writing fanfiction for a long time under a different penname. After realizing that my stories weren't as great as they could be, I took a break and started to lurk on the site, while working on my own original stories to up my writing skill for four years. Now, I started again with a new penname, and though there's always room for improvement, I can say I'm much better than before. I'm going into Political Science Co-op or Criminology next year for undergrad, and I'm aiming for Law in graduate school.

My reviews tend to be rather long (between 600-700 words on average). I try to be as polite as possible and find at least one good aspect of it to comment on before moving on to what needs work. I will work directly using quotes from the story, copy paste them into the review, explain what was wrong about it, and attempt to give suggestions on how to fix the error. When commenting on what I like, it's the same sort of format where I'll copy paste a section of the story and explain why I liked it and what was effective about word choice, syntax, sentence structure etc. I find it limits the amount of angry authors when I clearly give them evidence. It works for me so far, and really, I consider myself a gentler concritter, that is, until someone provokes me with an angry review reply. If calm, I will respond calmly.

Fandoms I dabble with are most of the Final Fantasy's (VII in particular, as it is my favourite), Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, Tales of Symphonia for games, and too many things to name in the anime/manga fandom. I also do Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Inheritance Cycle in particular for books, although there are more. More about this is on my beta profile.

W. Symphony

3/22/2012 . Edited by CU Administration, 7/20/2012 #2

For those who don't know of me I am MrGoodyTwoShoes, one of the founding members of CU and returning at the request of Son of Palpatine to help him get Critics United back to where it should be.

My reviews are impersonal by design and usually are always about the rule violation the author has committed along with a suggestion on how to fix it. I also generally bring in lots of stories to be reviewed so your work load just went up a notch. ;)

10/13/2012 . Edited 8/2/2017 #3

Hello, I am DarkSiren49. I was originally asked to join CU by Jewel back in 2012, but due to a move and lack of computer, I could not join at the time. Thanks to MrGoodyTwoShoes, and my life being kind to me so far, I am now a proud member of CU.

I joined the site back when I was thirteen with the old, embarrassing, stories to prove it. As I grew up, and my taste in what I read, and wrote, became picky for quality, my love for the site became almost non-existent thanks to all the Mary-Sues, Q&As, and other immature writing here. So I left the site, temporarily, and began wondering through the works at fictionpress. But the call of this site could not be ignored forever, and I began the slow process of becoming, once more, acquainted with it. Started with lurking about, dropping a review here and there, to becoming annoyed with how many rule violations there were cluttering the site and hiding the gems of it.

My reviews vary from kind, to apathetic, to even strict if the case calls for it. I try to keep my warnings short and to the point, but if I find something of interest, my reviews become longer than I originally intended. I love to help people out in any way that I can, even if the person is stubborn.

Though I know many fandoms, I no longer have much passion for posting fanfiction here, or anywhere for that matter. No. My passions have been more directed to helping the admins clean up this site. Even pulling some all-nighters to reporter older, abandon, rule violations. I usually linger around the Percy Jackson and the Olympian, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, and Rise of the Guardians.

7/11/2013 #4

Hey again! Huh, you lurk long enough and eventually you get pulled in. Warg, here, of Lord of the Rings, Wolf's Rain, Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Red Vs. Blue, Discworld, Animorphs, and Avatar: tLA/LoK fandoms, most of the time, with a number of others on my occasional reading list, finally jumping in to join after a couple years of watching this forum from Jewel, Cha, and now Goody's invitations. I don't usually review unless there's something specific I have to say about a story, whether that's a metaphor that made me squee or block paragraphs that killed my eyes, but most violators will offer very specific things to comment on, usually with the specific improvements that can be made.

12/3/2013 #5

Greetings fellow writers/reviewers/readers!

I'm ZadArchie, but Zad is just fine. I love mythology and depth psychology, and any stories that pertain to that sort of symbolism can easily win me over. I mostly read in the Teen Titans, Magic: the Gathering, and Five Nights at Freddy's fandoms. I love writing and discussing ideas with anyone, so always feel free to drop a line if you want someone to discuss OC's, unpopular pairings, and symbolism with.

Anyway, moving on to my reading and reviewing habits. When I review your work, I am not only interested in helping you improve, but I want you to learn how to make yourself a better writer on your own. If you have a multi-chapter fic, I try to make a point to review every 5 chapters. When it comes to matters of violations of Terms of Service, I am, by no means the end all be all authority on that. However, I know a violation when I see one, and I will give you a friendly reminder about it. The key term is friendly. I'm usually a nice guy about it. As a writer, and through events in real life, I've been there. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. However, I try to fix my mistakes, and I do expect that same effort from others. Believe it or not, ToS issues are usually a quick fix that do not involve changing the integrity of your whole story. Don't worry, I will also make suggestions on how you can accomplish those quick fixes, if you ask nicely. I will speak to you like a critically thinking adult. That's a good thing. It means I respect you as a fellow author and human being.

10/3/2016 . Edited 2/16/2017 #6

Yo, wassup? Needed to update this again.

I'm old enough to be the oldest member of CU right now and being among the true vets on this site. This account doesn't show it, but I have a nuisance on this site since the early 2000's. Fanbrats like to try throwing that against me, but who's the bigger loser? The one who loves writing and reading fanfiction as a hobby they indulge in while having a life, or the ones who are doing it as a passing fad until they get bored or graduate into the real world?

We don't have to agree on anything, but don't come at me like a twat. I will respect your opinion but will be an absolute sarcastic @ss if you come in hot and stupid. Calm down and I might help you if you want it. Otherwise, I will happily report your @ss to the site admins until your violation is gone.

6/9/2019 #7
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