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The Dragon's Jaws

Greetings, Critics United. I'm The Dragon's Jaws, a long-time lurker on this site (since about September 2015 or thereabouts) but relatively new member here. Why am I here? Well, to put rule-breakers in their place, frankly. In my two years of lurking, I saw far too many rule-breakers, and their utterly appalling behavior when they were caught red-handed, and got fed up. So, whenever you need someone to deliver a proverbial sledgehammer blow of a review to a rule-breaker, which will undoubtedly involve me cursing them out without relent, I'll be here.

12/20/2017 #271
So, whenever you need someone to deliver a proverbial sledgehammer blow of a review to a rule-breaker, which will undoubtedly involve me cursing them out without relent, I'll be here.

I'm glad you take an interest in posting here after lurking so long, but I do want to highlight this sentence for just a moment. As a visitor, and not an official member of CU, you do have every right to review as you please. Your reviewing voice is indeed your own. However, if official membership is something you might be considering in the future, this is an attitude you'll have to drop at the door. CU members are prohibited from using profanity in our reviews and forum posts. We are also encouraged to not use it in PMs as well, as that could be easily misconstrued in a bullying case against us. However, I'm known to use an occasional H-E-double hockey sticks here or there. Still, we are all civilized people here. We're expected to act as such. Cursing and profanity does not yield positive results with an author who has a work in the rule-violating category. Our goal is to reach positive resolution first and foremost. That being said, when an author loses their cool, there's nothing we can do about them, but we still have to conduct ourselves with tact.

12/20/2017 #272
The Dragon's Jaws
However, if official membership is something you might be considering in the future, this is an attitude you'll have to drop at the door.

Honestly, I'm not. So don't worry.

12/20/2017 #273

Hello, I'm Saturn. I'm too paranoid to give my real name.

Anyway, about myself: when I was in middle school I discovered this thing called "fanfiction." I was amazed, because I had all of these ideas, all these what-ifs in my head about certain books or movies and suddenly I wasn't the only one with these ideas and there were whole stories written based on them! I used to post stories on Wattpad but...well, I realized I like ffnet better. I've been reading stories on here for a long time but made an account about two and a half years ago to post my own stories. Now I'm 17 and worried about my college applications not being accepted but my love for writing hasn't faded; in fact, it's only heightened!

I actually didn't know about CU until very recently. I remember first reading stories on this site and seeing your reviews and being like, "who are they, they are so annoying!" and thinking you were spamming or something but after looking through your forum for a while I've gained a lot of respect for what you guys do. Honestly, I'm usually very hesitant to tell people that I write and read fanfiction, because people rarely have good impressions of it. And part of that is because sometimes it takes ages and ages to find an actual, good, readable story. I mean, sometimes for some fandoms I'll have to go back four pages to find a story that's not just a character list or author's note or SYOC submission "chapter" without any story to back it up. And it's sad that people can't be bothered to follow the rules on this site.

As for my interests, my main fandom is Harry Potter; I know the books inside out. I also love The Hunger Games, but I've long since stopped reading fanfics for it because I could never find one that held my interest. Then there's The Lunar Chronicles, Merlin, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, RWBY, and a whole slew of Korean dramas.

Anyway, I did consider asking to join CU, but then I realized I'm not nearly thick-skinned enough for it. The amount of hate you guys get is mind-blowing. It astounds me that people get mad at you when you're not the ones at fault. I mean, you actually warn people about what's wrong in their fics before reporting them. Isn't that better than waiting for someone else to report their fic and then logging in and suddenly finding their story gone without knowing why?

Anyway, I suppose I'll content myself by remaining a lurker.

Sorry this became a lot longer than I intended.


1/20 #274

Hello, I'm an idiot. For some reason I completely missed the introduction thread the past ten times I've been here.

I'm Light Filled City, but call me Light for short. Technically I've been on this site for almost eleven years. I had an account in 2007 where I wrote for Harry Potter, got sick of the fandom and deleted my stories (which sucked by the way) and abandoned my account in 2014. In 2016 I came back and lurked until making my current account a few months ago.

One of my most hated type of stories in the HP fandom were those Reading the books fics and I'm not sure but I can vaguely remember seeing reviewers from Critics United (It might have been a different reporting forum) on those fics. So when I saw that rule breaking SU fic, I typed report in search and found FROG which eventually led me here.

2/4 #275

Hello! I've lurking on this forum on and off for two and a half years now, so I guess it's time I introduced myself.

I go by 'Talarc' on FFN and I've been active on the site for just over five years now, since December 2012. I write almost exclusively in the Pokémon category and this is my main focus when I'm reviewing. I tend to be quite busy and don't spend much time browsing the archive these days but I drop warning reviews if I spot any rule-breaking fics and give out more detailed reviews on compliant fics from time to time.

Nice to meet everyone!

2/15 #276
Katara Tojiro

Hello everyone, I'm Katara, but you can call me Kat. I've been lurking in this forum for a while, usually trying to figure out why the CU is so hated. During the time I've been here, I've found no reasons for the amount of animosity aimed at this group.

That being said, I would also like to commend all the CU members for, well, being members. By becoming a member of Critics United, as far as I can tell, you earn a lot of hate points from a lot of users. It takes courage to stand up for the rules, courage which you all seem to possess.

Anyways, you can find me hanging out in a couple different fandoms, but I'm usually browsing the Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, or Harry Potter sections. I try to write fics, but I don't have much motivation or skill. Still, I do the best I can. I love to review, especially if I can give suggestions for improvement, also known as constructive criticism. I love to play string instruments, sketch, and spend time at the library, cuz I'm a nerd. I hate squirrels, bad grammar, and I find rude people rather amusing, most of the time.

It's nice to meet you all!

2/15 . Edited 2/19 #277

Greetsing and salutations to the new folks.

Just a head's up Katara: we really do't care if someone is that salty and that petty and vindictive that they would waste all that time and energy into making a story bashing us as opposed to you know, trying to find a way to fit their writing within the rules of the site.

2/16 #278
Katara Tojiro

I understand. However, if that is so, what's the point of your "Worst Review Responses" thread? Wait, never mind. This wasn't supposed to turn into a debate.

My apologies for believing that you were pettier that you are. I'll remove that sentence/lnk.

2/19 #279

Young writer just trying to flex his creative muscles. Been writing a handful of stories featuring either original stories and stories based off of actual media. Games, shows, and anime

5/31 #280
The Gardener's Admirer

Hello. I'm just a young aspiring writer, about to be seventeen in August, who loves to use fiction as a way to tame the imagination's unquenchable thirst, which only grows more monstrous the more it's fed. FanFiction is a hobby I recently rediscovered my love for, but I decided to start off fresh with a new account and delete the old, unfinished stories I left behind from the last one. I'm here to write stories I'd want to read if I were browsing and came across them, have fun, and to improve my skill. I've decided to follow the rules of this site even though I strongly dislike some of them. I do not want to be the one to provoke the admins into making the rules even more strict, that's not fair to the people who do actually abide by them. I have another place to post things that aren't compatible with this site anyway. But sometimes the rules can be a bit unclear and confusing, and the admins don't exactly have the most merciful of reputations when it comes to actually telling people what they did wrong and giving them a chance to fix it before they get in trouble. I prefer Critics United's way of addressing violations to the rules, it's much better even though many don't realize it and think you guys are just trying to ruin people's fun. So, for that, I thank you guys.

6/8 #281

Welcome, Gardener!

But sometimes the rules can be a bit unclear and confusing, and the admins don't exactly have the most merciful of reputations when it comes to actually telling people what they did wrong and giving them a chance to fix it before they get in trouble.

You and I seem to be of a similar mind. Always feel free to use our Q&A threads or Stories You're Not Sure About area if you run into situations that are confusing. By no means are we absolute experts on the rules. But, a good many of our members have been around long enough to know a thing or two about what usually gets deleted and what doesn't.

6/11 #282

Hello everyone!

I'm a Christian. I am a self-taught writer who has Tourette Syndrome, Anxiety, and Depression. I've always been passionate about art and writing stories, and my gallery contains stories from old to new as I strive to become a better writer. I try to experiment with different writer's styles and techniques. In a world full of dirty, inappropriate, vulgar,and disgusting content, I created this page to provide clean and family-friendly writings for people of all ages to read. I know that writing fanfics is cheesy and silly, but I create these fanfictions to test the plot ideas I have in my mind. If it works, then I use the story for something else. If it doesn't work, then I scrap the story or recycle it into something else.

I take story/art requests, depending on what that specific request is ( state your request in your reviews or on my DA page ). If you like my stories PLEASE comment and review them, but, please, no cursing or inappropriate text. If you don't like my stories please recommend them to someone who will like them. :) If you comment as a guest then PLEASE make a FAKE NAME for yourself so I'm not just answering to "Guest."

I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism but, please, no cursing, swearing, or anything vulgar or inappropriate when you comment. This is a fanfic page for all ages- that includes little kids!

The stories I write are fiction k-t, no foul language or sexual content. Some stories will contain minor violence/ violence and intense moments, but its mostly just action and comedy and light-hearted stuff.

I try to post chapters/ short stories on the weekends or earlier if I can.

My DA page has pictures of my OC's, OC art, and art of scenes from my fanfictions. Just Google "funstorytime127".

7/2 #283
Moonlight Butterfree

Didn't notice this topic before.

I'm MoonlightButterfree. I joined this site a few months ago because I wanted to write stories and my friends directed me here. I've not really written for a few years, so I'm relearning how to write creative stories as I go.

7/2 #284

So what can I say about myself? Well..I am a die-hard Potterhead and I am here only for the Harry Potter series. Other than that, I am for India and have just recently finished my UG. I have been reading stories on the site for about three years now and I love it.

7/13 #285
Venomheart the Dreamer

Welcome to the forum. I should let you know that your story: counts as copyright infringement.

7/14 . Edited 7/14 #286

Oh. I am sorry about that. Should I put a disclaimer? Or will I have to remove the story entirely? If I have to put the disclaimer could you help me with the wording. I am new at this.

7/14 . Edited 7/14 #287
Let's move this to the chat thread, folks. While I wouldn't say that you need to delete your fic, Optimistic Rover, it's got sections that are listed pretty much wholesale from canon, with few if any wording differences. When you add a new character, I'm looking to see what she changes and what new perspectives and scenes she can add, not the poems and exact quotes from the books. You just need to summarize or rework the canon scenes to reflect a new character in a well known world.
7/14 #288
Thanks for the advice. It will take sometime for the changes but I'll make them. As you said we should take this over to the chat thread.
7/14 #289

Hello everyone, call me Splash for short. If you couldn't tell from my Fanfiction name, I'm a Warriors fan. What else to say about me... I have another account where I write stories, but this one is more for reading over other's stories and giving them constructive criticism. I figured it would be best to join this forum in this account, so people didn't start hating on my other one. Also, I've wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember. I started writing my first chapter book around second grade, and though I was so proud of myself them, I'm not afraid to admit it was terrible. Even now, I can't call myself the most fantastic writer, I still struggle a bit with personalities, being descriptive, but most of all, fight scenes. However, I'm working hard to make my writing better, and I'm proud to say I'm starting to see a difference. One last thing, it bothers me how many Warriors Name Generators are out there, being that they are interactive and nothing but lists.

7/16 #290

[post deleted]

7/17 . Edited 9/14 #291
Hi, I am Julyza. I discovered this forum this morning because I've been getting spammed since yesterday and in the thread where some of us victims complain someone pointed out it was cuz some one got angry at y'all...and now I am here. I am a mediocre writer and my inner editor only wakes up like a week after I post something. Unless I find one typo in a fic then it wakes up with completely unnecessary hypocritical anger.
9/12 #292
Lucita Rabbit

My original posts here have been taken down, but that's alright. Maybe I've violated some rules by mistake.

Since this is a place for self-introduction, well, I created this account because I've came across plenty of spammers, bullies, and trolls and I would like to let more people be aware about certain rude users. Since my previous posts have been deleted, I know that this isn't the place to mention these bullies by name. However, I am all for good, constructive criticism in stories and it saddens me to see that spammers and trolls are plaguing the site with reviews that aren't real reviews at all.

Well, that's my introduction. Since I'm new here, are there are rules I ought to be aware of? I'd be grateful if someone told me what I did wrong in previous posts.

9/17 #293

Lucita, I think the reason your post got taken down this time was because, again, your tip was in the wrong thread. You can always use the Tipline thread. However, there are some stipulations before you can post a story in there. You have to have reviewed one of their rule violating stories on your own, and only if the author has ignored you or given you a negative response can you add it to the Tipline. I hope that helps.

9/17 #294
Lucita Rabbit

Thanks! I'll see to it right away. Hope I haven't caused too much trouble or anything.

9/17 #295
Lucita Rabbit

Um, is there a link to this Tipline forum or thread or whatever it is? Thanks.

9/17 #296

Yes, it's actually just a little below this thread, but I'll link it here.

Also, the next time you have something to add, click on the little gear icon in the bottom right of your reply box, and then click Edit to add to a post. This prevents double posting and cluttering up a thread. Thanks!

9/17 #297
Hello, I am LovingGinger30. You can call me Ginger. I have been an user for a few years now. However I haven't gone around to write anything on my profile. I don't tell people on here my real name or anything too specific about where I am from. I don't tell my actual age either because it is rude to ask a lady about their age and weight. What I can tell you I am from the south in America.
9/18 #298
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