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Cha's Aegis

Since some of us are YouTube and link junkies, not that I'm pointing any fingers mind you, *Looks around with hands innocently clasped behind the back while whistling innocently* there needed to be a special place for them. This thread is for any links or miscellaneous stuff not necessarily related to fanfiction, but you guys felt you just had to share. Plus, we can discuss them to our heart's content!

So, just pop in the link with a brief description and any warnings that might be necessary. Not all things are PG-13 and you never know if you one of our members has a healthy fear of arachnid bovines. ;P Please be kind and don't try shocking folks.

Definitely, absolutely nothing so offensive or explicit. Use a little common sense folks in what you're posting. Enjoy!

To kick things off, I thought we needed a little Shakira to get our hips moving! Ojos Asi

12/28/2010 . Edited 12/28/2010 #1
Spartan Altego

.......The Cows......The Spider Cows.....

Now that the hips are moving, let's partner up and get the slow dance in. *Grabs Blue*

I always start getting headaches when I try to see the meaning in this There's just alot of ways to interpret it, from what I've seen.

12/29/2010 #2

Yay for a thread like this! Now we can exchange songs and AMVs without annoying the people who aren't so fond of it. ^.^ I promise to properly warn of incoming arachnid cows, too. ;)

*Dances with Spartan*

I love that Shakira song, Cha! I used to dislike Shakira a lot, but now that I've gone through some of her older music I'm starting to like it more and more. She really shines in songs like that; she should've stuck to that style!

Spartan, I like that song too. I keep learning about great bands from y'all; it's awesome. :) Breaking Benjamen reminds me a bit of Switchfoot.

Okay, AMV time! First of all, a fun dance one: Confession to the Dancefloor No warnings needed. :)

Next, one of my all-time favorites that combines my two latest obsessions, Soul Eater and Oasis's Falling Down: Fallen Souls. Tiny bit of blood, because there's fighting, but nothing too bad.

12/29/2010 . Edited 7/5/2011 #3
Yemi Hikari

Since Cassandra Claire's The Draco Trilogy was mentioned and some people are curious about said fanfic, here is a link to where you can still find the actual fanfic. You'll need to copy paste it. It is supposed to be HP fandom.

Edit 1: The first video posted reminded me how much I LOVE bollywood dance. So... here. Don't even know which movie this is from or the story.

12/29/2010 . Edited 12/29/2010 #4
CU Administration
This is the wikipedia entry on fanfiction. Net. It clearly says what entries are allowed, which ones were once allowed and when the changes were made.

I'm on my iPhone so just go to the regular site lol.

12/30/2010 #5
Yemi Hikari

That link reminded me of other pages that I use for research.

Tvtropes also has some of the old timey badfic listed, not to mention, they also have fic recomendations.

12/30/2010 #6
Dr Facer

It's probably the lack of sleep, but I think this video is extemely funny; be warned, as you will never see a Pepsi can the same way after you watch it:

Japanese Pepsi commercials.

And a very interesting (not to mention hillarious) short animation about popeye and certain anime characters who need the old sailor to help them defeat... floating babies of ultimate evil.

Popeye VS anime


Edit: Trailer of the movie DragonSlayer, for WritingCritic and others who might be interested.


12/30/2010 . Edited 12/30/2010 #7

OOohhh! New thread that I just now noticed.

This one was sent to me during finals week. I'm telling you, at 3 o'clock in the morning after having spent the entire day studying for a physics final, this was funny. It does have slight naughty language.

Depressed Whale

This one is for those that love soap operas! I don't know why I like this so much, but I found it last year. I think it's pretty safe as far as warnings go, except some slight violence.

Korean Romance

12/31/2010 #8
Cha's Aegis

I'm liking the vids and stuff everyone is submitting so far. Doc, the Pepisman commercials were hilarious!

Liked the Korean soap opera, but what kept going through my mind was I like their school uniforms better than those silly sailor outfits the Japanese make their kids go through. But then I got to thinking was maybe that's how to keep kids in line, make them wear ugly uniforms to break their obstinate wills. ^O^

12/31/2010 #9

Wow, thanks for the trailer on DragonSlayer. Now I have to rent the movie so I can see it again. Popeye and Pepsiman were great laughs. Thanks for sharing

Oh, Miss Rayne the soap was endearing. Nothing says love as will to take a beating for someone. ;)

12/31/2010 #10

Considering the fact that we've seen this fic around here recently, I decided to put these up for you guys to feast on:

I present dramatic readings of Legolas by Laura and Chapter 17 of My Immortal!

Warnings: Don't drink anything while watching these. And be careful for a couple stray F bombs in Immortal.

That diet Pepsiwoman scared me.... but my favorite one was the guy in the desert!

1/2/2011 . Edited 1/5/2011 #11
Cha's Aegis

Thank you for popping My Immortal up there, Tex! Now everyone can enjoy that infamous Mary Sue!

I've popped this into the chat thread before, but I don't think Tavia has seen it and I know she'd appreciate it! Donkey Kong attacks New York

I'm sticking this in here for Blue. This is another Shakira song off of the same album that Ojos Asi came from. The album is called Donde Esta Los Ladrones? and is a great album to have. It's Shakira's best in my opinion. Anyway, this song is called Ciega Sordomuda. There wasn't a good amv for it, so I'm going with the official video.

Edit: I keep forgetting this one! I've been wanting to share it for awhile. US3 Canaloop.

1/4/2011 . Edited 1/5/2011 #12

Oh, I remember that Donkey Kong vid! :D It gets better the more you watch it.

Thank you Cha! *dances* I think I might be buying the album off of iTunes in the near future. :) It's so new to me to find Spanish/Latin songs that I enjoy listening to. Spanish is such a lovely language but in my area all the Spanish radio stations only play that really traditional mariachi stuff, which I don't enjoy as much. That all starts to sound the same after a while, probably because I don't understand the language. ;P

Ooh, the My Immortal talk reminded me of a funny parody song I found a while ago. No warnings. The Life of a Mary Sue

Also, a very lovely song in Latin, Russian, and English from Ghost in the Shell. Which I haven't watched, but I do love the songtrack. ^.^ Inner Universe

EDIT: Texty, that leoglas by laura reader is the best I've ever heard. ^.^ Thank you for sharing, I love hearing dramatic readings...though I don't know how I could do it myself without bursting out laughing.

Ooh, love that jazz/hiphop vibe in Flip Fantasia, Cha! :D

1/5/2011 . Edited 1/5/2011 #13

^_^ I couldn't resist putting the Korean drama one up there. You're right WC, nothing says I love you like taking a beating for someone. Can't go wrong with Shakira!

Now this one has been around for a while and it's really nothing special, but I find the dog funny and the song makes me giggle like a little girl. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I also couldn't resist bring up this one either. My amazingly idiotic brother found this about two years ago and it's been sitting in the back of my mind for a while now. Only warning for this one is slight blood and gore. Ultimate Destiny

1/6/2011 . Edited 1/6/2011 #14
Cha's Aegis

Thought you'd especially enjoy Canaloop, Blue. ^_^ It's one of my favorites. You're right about a lot of the Spanish language music stations. I like mariachi music, grew up on that and tejano, but that doesn't mean I actually enjoy listening to it all the time. It's like Xmas music, small doses. ^o^

Here's a bit more R&B flavah with some Gnarl's Barkley, Crazy and Cee Lo Green, Forget You (Can't use the original version of F-you, I actually like that one better).

1/6/2011 #15
Sincerely C

Rayne- That video was amazing.

I've got a video I found on YouTube thanks to my strange friends.

Secret Asian Man- Warnings: May be offensive to some, but there's no cussing or anything violent. It will get stuck in your head.

1/6/2011 #16

Miss Rayne reminder me of this amv I saw many, many moons ago when I watched her Lions Sleep Tonigt.

This is old school dance music once know as disco. Be warned it funny but with a touch of violence. Please enjoy.

Mouse Raymond [Hot Chocolate - I Believe in Miracles]

Thank you for watching. ;D

1/8/2011 #17
Yemi Hikari

I've got one for you guys. You know how we have all these little girls who hate the way they look and want to look like these fabulous super models? Well, a person on Sesame Street saw that his adopted daughter wanted blond hair and white skin, yet she was a little black girl and he wanted to do something about that. This is what his response was. I Love My Hair

1/8/2011 #18
Spartan Altego

My return to the Chat is coming.....If that makes any sense. :P Hmmmm, time to begin my new regime on reporting. To celebrate, here's a few links I posted.

I got a serious sense of moral questioning during this video. Eventually I decided his sacrifice was worth it after seeing the movie: Seven Pounds. (Slight warning: Suicide. Not gory or bloody. Just a warning for anyone sensitive to the subject)

Wish Goody could see this. He's the reason I got hooked on the show afterall... Well, to absent friends I suppose. *Raises glass in toast*

And finally, something that's sure to get you all laughing: Right Here. Warning for some language, but other then that, laughs all around.

See you all on the Chat soon.

1/11/2011 #19
Cha's Aegis

Here's a couple I just found. Well, one Carissa told me about and I just had to dig it up. ^_^

Slight warning on this one, it's a bit freaky. Someone torched a Tickle Me Elmo and seeing Elmo laughing in his death throes was a tad bit creepy. Flaming Elmo!

I don't know about you, but I never liked those Peep marshmallow candies that come out around Easter, so there's a sadistic satisfaction to watching this video. If you never heard of Peep war all I can say is you poor deprived child. ;P This is highly amusing. Peep War!

This one is kinda goofy, but goofy funny. I guess you could call it Peeps Gone Wild! Some minor cussing, but still PG-13 at worst. Peep Disaster!

1/18/2011 #20
Cha's Aegis

I was still tinkering around on YouTube when I decided I wanted to watch a video for a song I have on my iPod called Addictive by Truth Hurts. Then I found an Indian remake of the song also on YouTube. What's interesting is that the background vocals are from a song that was a hit in India about 20 years ago and Truth Hurts' record company got in trouble because they didn't obtain permission from the copyright holders of the original song. This is what Wiki says on it:

Though the original song, Lata Mangeshkar's Thoda Resham Lagta Hai, was used as the main base of the track within the chorus, the modern-style beats, rhythm, melody and even the video was copied from the original remake (first version), UMI10's "Kaliyon Ka Chaman Jab Banta Hain" (2000) featuring Meghna Naidu. This original remake was highly popular amongst the youths in South Asia, though it was almost non-existent within the West due to the language barrier. The first version was therefore only deemed popular to a specific niche market and culture. Although very little was changed to the original remake of the classic song, Truth Hurts' version was more marketable for mainstream release and therefore became more popular internationally whilst the original remake wasn't known to exist.

The song, produced by DJ Quik, utilized an uncleared sample of "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai" by Hindi artist Lata Mangeshkar. The copyright holders sued Aftermath and parent company Interscope Records for $500 million dollars, and issued an injunction against further sales or performances of the record.[1] A judge later ruled that the album was not to be sold without being stickered with proper credits for Mangeshkar.

Both versions are interesting and I thought you guys might like to be your Bali groove on. ;P

Addictive by Truth Hurts. Kaaliyon ka chamon by Meghna Naidu.

1/18/2011 #21
Cha's Aegis

Just stumbled on this and just HAD to post it. Once you watch it, I think you'll agree that there will be nerds at anime cons across the country dancing the Taiwanese Marcarna. It's a song called Bobee by Taiwanese singer Lotus Wang and apparently there are all sorts of vids being posted on it.

1/19/2011 . Edited 1/19/2011 #22

Well, I don't know how many of you out there are nerdy enough to enjoy this, but I found it hilarious! Amazing website, if you've never heard of it, it's called xkcd, it's full of nothing but stick figure drawings. Just hit random, sit back, and enjoy. This is the one from yesterday I do believe. I felt the same way last semester during my physics class. ^_^ Minor language.

Oh it got real

Edit: Dang thing won't let me link it. So here it is. For the website:

For the comic of the day:

1/20/2011 . Edited 1/20/2011 #23
probably deleting this account

This is just what I needed. I want to share "Nico Nico Douga Kumikyoku" with you all.

It's a 10 minute long epic combination of around 25 songs stuck into one and melded perfectly together. I just love the song. There's also a version that has different lyrics that are about Haruhi Suzumiya. That would be here:

I'm so glad this is here.

1/23/2011 #24
Spirit of Paladin

This is one of the strangest things I've seen. But I find it particularly funny and very well edited, something surprising when you are using old Tom and Jerry Cartoons (I love Tom, by the way.) just click on it: Tom and Jerry metal parody.

I guess some of you have seen this already, I think it is worth watching... Oh, it is Twilight related, and it explains its popularity: Why Twilight is popular.

1/29/2011 #25
Cha's Aegis

That Tom & Jerry parody was awesome, Bonus. At first I thought the band was Ramastein, but saw it was a different band. Finntroll fit much better and whoever made it did a great job editing. Now I understand the appeal of Twilight much better! It gave Lego bricks, er, uninteresting girls hope that they too can land their dream stud. ;P

Stumbled across these two and since I'm feeling in a more musical mood they fit. Both dances are performed by a woman named Sher Sanda. She doesn't just do that shimmy bit that most belly dancers seem to love, she actually performs. If nothing else, the music is really good. Performance 1 and performance 2.

2/6/2011 #26

I just thought this commercial is so cute and funny. No warnings, but maybe a teeny tiny bit of violence: Never Say No to Panda!

And this is reminiscent of the Apple ipad. Warning: must bring your common sense: The Apple "i"

2/7/2011 #27
Cha's Aegis

In honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow I'm posting this. Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe.

2/13/2011 #28

How about this one to celebrate corporate V-day! Sell, Sell, Sell people!

Love Stinks by J. Geils Band

or my favorite version:

Love Stinks by The Wedding Singer


2/13/2011 #29

If you ever need to Smell like a monster then this handy video can help you out. ;)

and here's one for all of us whose Blackberry stopped working.

finally, just because - Information High


2/15/2011 #30
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