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Dr Facer

I heard the Jem movie has a 5 million budget, which is a joke, to be honest.

By the way... I liked the Misfits, their songs were better. :P

5/15/2015 #331

I'll say it now - that new Jem movie will be this year's DragonBall Evolution.

She is not truly outrageous....

5/16/2015 #332
Dr Facer

I don't know how many of you play RPGs or enjoy Square games, but I'm sure that for those of you this will be exciting news:

Final Fantasy VII remake trailer.

At last something in this franchise to look forward to again after the trash that was the XIII trilogy and the not so interesting (for me at least) XV.

Now, why can't Square do the same for Final Fantasy VI?

6/16/2015 #333
Whimsical Symphony
Haha I heard about this so many times today because my friends know what a huge FFVII fan I am. It's my favourite game! Totally looking forward to it since they said for so long they weren't going to do it. Guess they realized how much money they'll get out of it. Costs are going to be massive since the game is so large scale and I can expect things to be cut out. And like you said Doc - this is a nice change from the trash that was FFXIII. I'm looking forward to XV since the demo was awesome though. Square Enix finally realized they need to step up their game. This and Kingdom Hearts III are going to be awesome.
6/16/2015 #334
Yemi Hikari

I don't know if I've shared the following site with you, but I've been reminded of the site due to a plagiarist I called out and her supporters claiming there is nothing wrong with her copying large amounts from the source material.

www dot plagiarism dot org/plagiarism-101/what-is-plagiarism

To quote their list of things which are considered plagiarism.

copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or no

Doesn't change the fact the site admins don't allow ANY copying of works not in public domain, though the let things like catchphrases and such to slide.

7/6/2015 . Edited 7/6/2015 #335
Dr Facer

I found this map of the solar system created by Josh Worth and I think it's worth sharing, just to show how small earth actually is. Just remove the spaces.

h t t p : / / joshworth . co m / dev / pixelspace / pixelspace _ solarsystem . h t m l

Kinda makes you think, huh?

7/13/2015 . Edited 7/13/2015 #336

Road Wars - The imperator Strikes Back - A mad max/star wars mash up that looks really really good.

7/18/2015 #337
Spirit of Paladin

Admit it guys, you already watched it several times.

Star Wars - Episode VII new trailer.

10/19/2015 #338
Dr Facer

It's Halloween again, and since Paladin asked, this year we're going to talk about… Slasher films!

As in previous years, I present to you my Top Ten, this time of the Slasher genre:

#10 Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

The main reason why this movie dealing with the exploits of a traumatized young man who snaps after things don't go particularly his way is in my top ten is not because it's scary or because it features quality filmmaking (it doesn't) the reason why it's here is because of the ridiculous rampage the killer goes on near the end of the film, which I'm sure many of you are familiar with thanks to the "Garbage Day" meme.

#9 Alice Sweet Alice (aka Holy terror)

Ok, now we're talking about one movie that while not particularly scary, bloody or gory, it sets the mood quite well and it is very, veeeeeeery creepy. The film does a great job hiding the identity of the killer, and an even better job at showing how freaky jealous children can be. It is very well directed and acted, so I can really recommend it.

By the way, just ignore the whole Brooke Shields thin in the trailer. She's in the movie for just like 2 seconds, but the film was rereleased when Brooke Shields got her big break with Blue Lagoon so the studio tried to cash in.

  • Ok, from here on we're talking about the ones who got sequels, we're entering iconic killer territory, and we start with a little film called…

#8 Candyman

Candyman is notable not only because it is based on a short story by Clive Baker, but because it is a very interesting case of a film that is actually intelligent, I would go as far as to call it an intellectual slasher that still manages to creep you out and be scary enough. The movie is also quite well directed, acted and scripted, and it is one of the best examples of how an urban legend is made ever put on film.

The way Candyman is presented as not exactly evil, but as a figure who was born out of tragedy helps make this even more shocking. I believe that this one is, in fact, superior to the short story in almost every single aspect, expect for the Candyman, the one in the short story is actually far creepier and insane, but that does not retract from the film at all. Give it a try if you haven't seen it.

#7 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

To be honest, I find this movie's first act to be incredibly boring but by the second one, Texas Chainsaw Massacre starts bringing the creepy in spades, and it delivers mostly just on imagery alone but showing almost no gore, which is very impressive. The film is really a slow burner, but the gradual realization the viewer has about how insane the whole situation is helps a lot when it comes to enhancing the claustrophobic mood. Also, the movie does have a lot of iconic value, as it is arguably the first slasher movie that connected with the mainstream, and while Leatherface is not exactly an 'evil' killer, he is threateningly enough, which is why he is one of the big boys in the slasher genre.

#6 Scream

The reason Scream makes number 6 is not that it revitalized the slasher genre in the 90's when everyone thought it was all but dead, but because Scream, at least the first one, is a very smart, very well made film. It takes the normal conventions of the genre, uses them fully and still manages to surprise and be somewhat scary.

I would rate it higher if it featured more imaginative death scenes, but it's still one of the best slashers ever made and the Ghostface killer has earned a well-deserved place amongst the cinematic slasher icons.

#5 Maniac Cop 2

I have to confess that I simply love the Maniac Cop trilogy (enough to write a story for it). The three movies are entertaining, the first one is good enough and the third one is not bad though I'd say it's kind of an acquired taste. But Maniac Cop is arguably the best action horror movie ever made. The script is very solid, the direction is perfect, the acting is great and the setting is perfectly utilized to create a real experience. While the movie isn't scary at all (none of the Maniac Cop movies are) the story it tells and the way it presents it is so fun to watch that you can't help but really root for the titular villain, who even if he's particularly obscure for the mainstream, does appear in a fun trilogy to watch. If you're going to see a Maniac Cop, make sure it is this one.

#4 Child's Play

What? Did you think Chucky wouldn't make it to the top five? As far as iconic slashers go, Chucky is one of the most well-known, but he doesn't rank high enough to be a part of The Trinity. Still, his first film is legitimately scare at moments and is really creepy most of the time. The film is well directed and it presents its premise just seriously enough to give the viewer the chill without entering the overly ridiculous, and the way it plays with childhood fears is quite clever.

If you have not seen the first Child's Play film because you're only familiar with the dark comedies the latter films were, give it a try, you may be surprised at how effective the movie is.

  • Now we enter the trinity of slasher killers, which I'm sure everyone knows. This is just my personal order.

#3 Friday the 13th part 2

And here we have Slasher Trinity member number three, Jason Voorhes the Unstoppable killing machine, in his first featured film. Why part two and not the original film? Well, the thing is, our favorite teleporting undead killer Jason was (Spoiler) not the villain in the first movie, but once he got his chance in part two, he became the face of the franchise and one of the most enduring horror villains ever.

While the second Friday film is not as scary or effectively horrifying as the first one was, it more than makes up to it with atmosphere, creative deaths and a charismatic killer (not yet in his final form) that just won't stay down no matter what. The movie is well paced and very entertaining so feel free to give it a go.

The remake is decent, by the way, so you may want to check that one after seeing the original two.

#2 Halloween

Slasher Trinity member number two, Michael Myers, the Shape. Often considered evil made flesh, Michael is probably the most effective killer on this list. What sets him apart is that his origin movie is genuinely scary and a masterpiece of pacing and buidling suspense.

A lot of people consider it a slow burner, particularly when compared to horror movies today, but the point is that things escalate slowly and by the third act, the way Michael unleashes his fury it's all the most shocking. Also, this movie features one of the best heroic characters in horror films, Doctor Loomis.

The remake and its sequel are garbage, so avoid them.

#1 Nightmare on Elm Street

Slasher Trinity member number one, Fred Krueger, the Lord of Nightmares. This wise cracking, cold blooded and evil bastard is perhaps the only slasher who does what he does not only because he's an evil prick, but because he sincerely is having a blast and is going to make sure that you know he's enjoying himself, which is why I place it at number one.

But shockingly, Fred was not always like this. Freddy did not start being the one-liner factory most people know him as. In his first movie, Fred Krueger was legitimately dangerous (not that he wasn't in the sequels), scary and extremely creepy. The original Nightmare is one of the most effective and terrifying slasher films ever made, rivaling and sometimes surpassing the original Halloween in every single regard. The acting is great, the direction is excellent, the music is well used and the mood is chilling all through the movie until the surprising climax.

Oh yeah, there's a remake, but it's nothing but manure and very boring, so avoid it.

Honorable, or just creepy enough, mentions are: Sleepaway Camp (but only the first two), Hellraiser (highly recommended, but only the first one), Pumpkinhead (again, only the first one), Freddy VS Jason (one of the most entertaing slashers ever made), Behind the mask: the rise of Leslie Vernon (a very clever deconstruction of the genre), Deep Red (a giallo film and not a slasher, but we all can use some Italian horror cinema in our lives) and finally, Black Christmas (which is creepy, creeeeeeepy, really creepy).

10/31/2015 #339
Spirit of Paladin

And the trailer for Captain America: Civil War finally arrived!

Watch the awesome here

11/25/2015 #340
Y. Honey

This is Underground, which is, in my opinion, one of Bowie's better songs, though my love of Labyrinth probably influences my choice... anyway, as the song says "it's only forever, not long at all...

Underground, by Bowie

1/11/2016 #341

Ever wanted to know what the Pokemon Black and White OST sounds like on Sega Genesis soundfronts? How about the Kingdom Hearts 2 OST on the SNES? Go to meepmeep189's YouTube channel to find out. Wackiest concepts for remixes ever, but I'll be damned if I say 'Embracing The Mission' from Pokemon B&W doesn't sound awesome on the Genesis.

2/10/2016 . Edited 2/10/2016 #342

PIEGUYRULZ of YouTube presents two videos about why the "don't like, don't watch" argument isn't a good argument:

It would be cool if someone made a video or something equivalent with the "don't like, don't read" argument.

3/7/2016 #343
Dr Facer

New Captain America: Civil War trailer just hit the internet.

Guess who's finally home?

3/10/2016 #344
Dr Facer

Didn't want to double post but...

Doctor Strange

First trailer and it seems it will be good.

4/13/2016 #345

Blitzkrieg bop - Kaori Shimizu

Yep, I lost a little more faith in the world after hearing that tonight.

4/14/2016 #346

Because the Undertale Q&Aers are stubborn morons, here's a pre-made forum we can direct them towards: Undertale Q&As

(It took me three minutes. Why they can't do this baffles me.)

5/5/2016 . Edited 5/5/2016 #347
Dr Facer

So, the Piano Guys have a new video...

I'm sure not just Indiana Jones fans will like it.

11/1/2016 #348

Saw this on Cracked yesterday, and while it's more connected to those who'd leave threats than those who say script format is "imaginative," thought it was nice to see something outside the site to rebut the "I can do whatever because FREE SPEECH!" - www. cracked. com/blog/no-free-speech-not-under-attack.-being-a2A2Ahole-is./

12/7/2016 #349
Spirit of Paladin

The first trailer for the new Spiderman is here.

Must say I think the Spiderman and RDJ scenes are awesome, but I think the whole Peter Parker on High School and his support cast there falls flat.

12/9/2016 #350

Since a new Star Wars flick is out and those of us who have seen it know what he does in it I figured it would be fun to post this vid I found of someone adding up Vader's Kill Count in both movies and comics.

Vader's Kill Count

12/20/2016 #351
Metal Navy

I just found a video that relates to defenders (and others) here at FanFiction. I'm aware that the focus of the video is about Nintendo fans, but what's said can be applied to much more.

I hope you enjoy.

5/19/2017 . Edited 5/20/2017 #352

Well...I was with this guy until he started using this video as an argument to defend copyright infringement. Still, there is something to take away from this about mob mentality.

In other news, found a new game that has fascinated me, and one I think could have very applicable use in the classroom. I would have liked more replayability, but overall, well done!

Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You

5/20/2017 #353
Metal Navy

I like to think that this video perfectly describes some of the "hostile" users here.

7/6/2017 #354
Spirit of Paladin

I want to share this song with you all.

Never Forget.

At the moment I'm posting this, it's probably the most adequate song I could share with Critics United.

Thanks everyone.

11/4/2017 #355

Well, 'tis the season once more. I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite Christmas songs:

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

And hey, I know there are several people on this site that would describe me this way anyway. But, if I'm being described by such an angelic voice as this, I'll live with it.

12/1/2017 #356
The Dragon's Jaws

Meh, I always preferred Snowmiser's 'I'm Mr. White Christmas' from Year Without a Santa Claus, but that's just me.

12/20/2017 #357

Well, after bad days of nasty PMs and whining defenders, I found this little video which puts me in my happy place.

Lucas the Spider

He's just so frickin' adorable! Makes me smile every time.

2/7 #358

Wow, while technically, this video is about an entirely different controversy, this guy actually makes a lot of points that we've said time and time again about the rules here on FFnet. When you agree to them, you agree to them, end of story. You don't get to break them after the fact just because you don't like them. Wish more people had this guy's common sense:

What Happened to the Nostalgia Critic

4/13 #359

Is that related to the new that's been coming out about Channel Awesome and the clusterf$%# it turned out to be?

4/14 #360
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