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Cha's Aegis

Look! A spiffy new thread!

This isn't going to be a discussion thread. It's purpose is for announcements that mostly affect our CU members, and sometimes our visitors, that we don't want to get lost in the chat. I know not everyone checks the home page of this site for the latest updates, for example, so if something relevant comes up that you all should know about it'll get posted here by the mods. Otherwise, the thread is locked the rest of the time until the next announcement.

7/11/2011 . Edited by Spirit of Paladin, 1/17/2017 #1
Cha's Aegis

As most of our members and visitors know CU has been dealing with what we dubbed a stalker troll for months. Actually, calling them a 'troll' is a misnomer. I'm no expert on trolls, but I've spoken with quite a few to get a pretty good idea on how they work. A 'troll' is mostly interested in the lulz. They like seeing people react and get mad to their antics. Usually what they post isn't an accurate depiction of their personal beliefs, they are merely posting what they think is likely to piss people off the most. If they aren't getting the reactions they want or are merely tired of their current 'project,' they move on to something else. With most trolls, it's not about any sort of vendetta or quest for revenge. They troll for their own entertainment.

This is why CU adopted the policy of not going after trolls or 'feeding' them. Even if one account is removed, they'll come back with another. It's a waste of our energies.

However, our stalker troll doesn't fit this description. They aren't interested in the lulz, nor have they moved on when ignored. Everyone has a story about being tagged by our stalker troll since about last October. That's highly unusual for a troll and most trolls don't tag stories. They get more mileage posting an offensive story and will get a larger group of people to react. Our stalker troll has always been very specific in their targets, CU, any visitors and any story related to us via the Ever Heard of Constructive Criticism thread.

By now, our stalker knows we aren't going to react the way they want us to. We pretty much don't care enough to. So why do they still do it if not for the lulz of seeing us angry? Because they themselves are angry and vindictive, which is an unusual characteristic for trolls.

We recently discovered the identity of our stalker. Actually, we're certain they weren't alone and had a lot of help. No one keeps a pointless vendetta like this up, by themselves no less, for this long. I'll name all the suspects in a moment, but here's my purpose for this announcement. I DON'T want a witch hunt where these people's stories are flamed. One individual we're certain is the ringleader, but it's still possible the others I will name are innocent.

I'm asking that after you read this post, if you think I presented enough of an argument to persuade you to act, then please e-mail the site admins to pressure them into investigating. Nothing is ever truly 'deleted.' Not stories, not anon reviews, nothing. The site admins have a record somewhere, but it's getting them to look up those records that's difficult. If any or all of these people are involved, the site admins will know it and act accordingly. I'm showing you my probable cause as to why I think one or all are involved and need help persuading the admins to put an end to this nonsense.

So the one I'm certain is our stalker is Lady Natalie, aka Nat. She outed herself by accident and admitted to one of her friends that she had been leaving anon reviews. Now her suspected accomplices are NEEEEEECCCHHHAAAAAAAN aka mjm-chan and Melanie Sky.

Now, I'm going to lay out a brief history of our stalker that covers months. I'm going to reference several threads and specific post numbers. I apologize for not including them all for your convenience, but it would be too much information at once.

This goes back to a story CU was dealing with when I joined called 'the i in I phone.' Around this time three little girls (about 13-14) started showing up in the forum: mjm-chan, Nat and Melanie sky. As some of you know, all three got banned at different times for different reasons. Mjm-chan was the first, later followed by Nat and Mel.

I'm not referencing their appearances and behavior in the chat. If you're that curious start digging around Chat V2 about 20 or so pages back.

Mjm-chan's ban didn't go over too well with her remaining friends. Nat could be hostile at times, but she cooled her jets for awhile. She came storming in once to the Complain thread page 8 post #308. Now I know better and it was a setup. She seemed to convert to our side and eventually became friends with Mel and mjm-chan. In looking back over those posts, I think that early anon review Nat was angry about where someone posed as me either was an outright lie or that's where Nat got the idea to continue her antics. None of us saw that anon review, so it's hard to say.

By November, a kid going by Kit-kat showed up right after Nat, page 8 #324. Her posts are still in the chat and she goes by Faquesha now. She changed her name several five times so I refer to her as multi-personality. Multi (for short) came railing in because we shut down her favorite rule-violating story. She took it so far to start her own forum called the Revolution. A former LUer named Aquaman used to come around and he set up a troll account to attack the Revolution. I've got to note that he wasn't asked to, he did this all of his own volition. He set up his sock to look like a typical fanbrats. He put a picture of that wolf guy from Twilight and filled his profile with gushing, mis-spelled fangirl squeals. His handle was katielautner. So "katie" became a good pal of multi, to the point where she became a mod of the Revolution. He did stupid 13 yr old fangirl so well, it was really awesome.

Anyway, a week after he became mod he deleted *every* post at the revolution and posted a nice long essay addressing multi. He revealed himself and basically told her to grow up. It was beautiful.

Multi wasn't done yet. Eventually she sort of called a truce in her war with CU. However, she did not apologize to me or anyone else she had specifically acted like a brat towards. She faded away and hadn't appeared since.

Or so we thought.

I'm going to break away from the narrative for the moment to point out a couple of things I noticed looking up these posts in the Complain thread. Often Mel, Nat and Multi would end up saying the same thing one had already posted and our members and visitors (at the time) called them on it. I refer to page 9 #375. I mention this now because it's all these little bits show that either they're all the same person or they're in on it together. To keep up the anon 'flaming' for this long tells me that someone is encouraging and feeding Nat's little vendetta. What easier way to keep things going than to have friends who will encourage you to do so?

Alright, back to our story.

Goody and I compared notes and we're certain Nat aka Multi made a reappearance as SummerCat9, page 10, #483. That pretty much takes care of all the appearances in the Complain thread. So far the aliases are Nat, Kit-Kat, Faquesha, Loves Starbucks Coffee (I think), SummerCat9 and Alana. Kid gets around, don't she?

Nat reappeared also as Alissa-chan in the Review request thread, page 1 #40. She also briefly appeared in the chat until GG outed her. We weren't sure if it was Multi (we didn't suspect Nat at the time), but GG was like screw it and blew her cover. Chat V4, page 23, #1105 up around #1136.

There is one more appearance Nat/Multi made in the Tip Line, page 3 #104. They appear again, but this time I think it's Nat's older sister on a sock, page 6 #269. The red flags went up immediately as Nat had mentioned having an older sister who also had an account on this site. There was something in their words and we were like, that's got to be Multi and her sister. So I played along to get them to trip up. Allseeingreviewer doesn't think we suspect her, but the story of her 'friend' was written in the same exact style of our anon reviews.

Now that I'm mentioning similar styles, that's what has been consistent about the anon reviews from the stalker. You can tell they're pretty much copy pastes. Plus, the style and certain characteristics in the writing remained the same. That and the structure sounded like it came from an inexperience, young teen.

Now, we didn't learn about Nat's true identity until recently. Nat accidentally outed herself on her facebook account and admitted to dumping anon reviews at that point. I've got to point out that she only admitted to reviews she left as Radioisotopes, not anything prior. Worst Review, page 24, post #1151. I must note a couple of things here. Nat did not contact me on her main account, which I have never blocked. She only came to apologize once she was "caught." It wasn't simply because she was tired of the game. She also asked me to get her unbanned instead of going to Jewel. Jewel was gone at basic training during all of this, so she had no direct involvement. There was no reason for Nat not to go directly to Jewel. I may be a mod, but Jewel has the final say. The only reason Nat came to me was because she heard I would not only report her to the site admins, but also to the appropriate authorities regarding her harassment and cyber bullying. Nat also has made no attempt to exonerate her "friends" mjm-chan and Mel.

Some of you may wonder why I'm not forgiving Nat. It's hard to forgive someone who has promised, as Kit-Kat, to stop trying to act like a troll months ago. It's hard to forgive someone who deliberately copy/pastes explicit content in a review that other kids may see. Just because she has a filthy mind doesn't mean anyone else should be subjected to that. It's hard to forgive someone who didn't even get a legitimate review from a CUer because they had a violation and simply reacted out of anger. It's particularly hard to forgive someone who freaked out a few writers with her reviews, posing as CU members. Writers who believed their stories were getting pulled. Writers who never heard of or had any dealings with CU.

And we're supposed to forgive this?

Either way, these anon reviews, the tone, the quality of writing all fits Nat's personality. She was a daily fixture in our chat, so it was easy to get used to her casual style of writing to recognize it elsewhere. Nat was a huge fan of the 'i and I phone' story and apparently is still pissed it got pulled. Nat always had a temper and she's the type to hold long grudges. I think she believes us to be self-righteous and need to be taken down a few pegs. It's about winning against us instead of accepting the fact that the site admins decided to pull the story. So it's within reason she'd be capable of this.

I'm pretty sure she created a sock account 'The CU member' to flame people with and get them pissed at us. Other socks she has used are Kawaii-Yu-Chan and I1ilL.

There's enough with everything laid out like for probable cause to at least get the site admins to investigate. If Mel and mjm-chan are innocent, then the site admins will exonerate them and they can leave the mess behind that was caused by Nat. This isn't vindictiveness on my part. What Nat did constitutes cyber bullying and harassment. Nat didn't restrict her antics to CU and its members. She upset a lot of people.

My emphasis is to badger the admins into investigating. They can tell by the IP address how many socks all these people have have and what they did with those socks. I understand it's possible they can track the anon reviews too. Nothing is truly 'deleted' on the internet, it's just a matter of getting the admins to look into it.

I also wouldn't doubt there will be people reading this post thinking, "Hey, I remember Nat saying this" and realizing they witnessed another piece of Nat's bad deeds. I'll be honest, I'm sure there are others who would be interested in hearing these examples. I know I would.

Now everyone has the full story and the identity of our stalker troll that I've been hinting at. For those wondering, this has been going on for months since late September and early October.

7/11/2011 #2
Cha's Aegis

I mentioned this back in May when the pm system was upgraded to what I lovingly refer to as the 'clown pms' that if anyone had any archived pms, they needed to make copies. Well, the time is fast approaching and I wanted to remind everyone about that.

Messages stored in the old PM system prior to 5/27/2011 are accessible via the PM archive link for 60 days of this announcement or until 7/27/2011. After July 27th, messages stored in the old system will be removed.

So there's little over a week left. If you guys have old pms you don't want to lose for whatever reason, then get cracking.

7/19/2011 #3

Just a quick note for people who are new members or those that may have forgotten but please don't waste any time and effort in alerting us to "anti-CU" or "anti-flamar" groups or the likes. Chances are we're already aware of such, as these kids like to PM people telling us, and we as a collective don't really care enough to get involved in whatever drama they may be trying to start.

Leave them be and don't go rushing into their forum to post and try to defend the group or to stir the pot. They're just proving the point that they are whiny brats so no point in lowering ourselves to their level.

8/9/2011 #4

In light of recent events and happenings I'm going to suggest that those members who have stories on their accounts turn off accepting anon reviews, if they haven't already, for at least the weekend till things blow over and people go back to doing whatever they did before with their spare time.

8/26/2011 #5
Cha's Aegis

It has come to our attention that there are site members claiming to be Critics United members. Whether it's tongue in cheek or a means to try stirring up trouble, I felt a reminder was in order for CU members, friends and lurkers alike.

Profiles claiming they're a member

If you do NOT see their name in the 'Our Members' thread, they are NOT a CU member.

We don't hide our membership. Everyone there is a current member of CU, regardless of how often our roster changes.

If still in doubt, ask a mod.

Anonymous reviews left by "us"

This is a recurring event and I doubt it'll stop anytime soon. All CUers are required to leave signed reviews. If it's not a signed review, it's not ours. We can take it just like we give it.


I'm feeling there needs to be a slight reminder on this.

Interacting with trolls gives them the attention they want. Same goes for discussing them. The only attention we give them is reporting their violations as much as possible until their stories and maybe their entire accounts are gone. We don't even warn them when we identify them. We just ban them outright and permanently.

Our members do their best to adhere to the site rules. Befriending a troll who deliberately violates these rules would make us hypocrites.

Please follow established guidelines regarding our policies. If you have any questions, contact a mod. That's what we're here for.

12/9/2011 #6
Cha's Aegis

Saw this on the front page of the site today. Since I know not everyone checks that, I'm making sure everyone is aware as I feel it's noteworthy:

January 5th, 2011 -- Notice: We are redesigning the storymarks (story bookmarks) feature and unfortunately the new system is incompatible with the current setup. If you have existing storymarks, please save them at your earliest convinence.

Siteminder: To prevent automated-bots and spammers, we will not accept account registration using disposable email addresses. If you have an existing account registered with an disposable email, please update your email to a valid one as soon as possible. Disposable emails are email accounts that are only valid for a few hours or a very short period.

1/9/2012 #7
Cha's Aegis

In light of the phony Literate Union clone, I just wanted to let all CUers know to engage the 3-I's'

For our newest members, and as a reminder to everyone since it's been awhile, the 3-I's are:

Identify, Isolate and Ignore.

George has identified an LU stalker/lunatic. We isolate them by not engaging said stalker and ignore them. We do this mostly for trolls as it's a fact giving them any attention feeds their egos.

So as tempting as it is to play with LU's stalker, please do not. I'm sure they'll hear about us from our own "fans" and we'll be dragged in regardless, which is why George was being so kind to warn us.

Rather than exacerbate the situation, we shall leave the poor, disgruntled fanbrat be.

4/18/2012 #8
Cha's Aegis

Fasten your seat belts, folks. There may be some site hiccups in the near future thanks to this announcement on the home page:

April 27th, 2012 -- Changes:

-Profile avatars/images just received a much needed upgrade which drastically improved the quality of the profile pictures displayed througout the site. All existing images' display quality have been enhanced but for the very best possible quality, we recommend member to reupload their avatars.

-To prevent spamming attempts by unauthorized third-parties and to further increase the security we provide to our members, captcha/image verification is now mandatory on account logins for both desktop and mobile version of the site.


-Feedback notifications for automated email alert deactivation for email delivery errors. To prevent the email delivery to inactive or inaccessible emails acount, we automatically disable all alerts settings for an account if we are unable to successfully deliver an email message. There will be a status notifying affected members so they can take the appropriate action.

-New image management system similar in spirit to Document Manager will be introduced.

-Pending image management system introduction, Forums and Communities will be able to have custom avatars/icons.

4/27/2012 #9
Cha's Aegis

Notice to all CU members:

Earlier today I visited the forum of one of our detractors, Authors and Readers United.

I broke my personal policy of posting in these forums because their forum administrator commented on a comment I made in our own chat. They implied that I was claiming they stole our thunder. I went there to defend my comments and promised not to return.

Although, I wasn't nearly as harsh as I could be and merely pointed out that I stood by my words. The structure and placement of certain aspects of their forum rules are quite similar to ours. Our rules evolved from our experiences over the past year and a half. They lack to experience to come up with those rules on their own. I don't think they liked my saying that not only did they take "inspiration" from our rules, but their review signature quite similar to Jewel's.

My post has since been deleted and I've no doubt I've been banned. I haven't bothered checking, so I don't know for sure. In light of this deletion I'm strongly emphasizing that our members engage the 3-I's and do *NOT* bother with these fools.

They made a known troll that got two previous accounts deleted by the site admins for their antics a mod. The forum administrator claimed the troll changed their ways. Although, they must be doubting their own decisions since they removed said troll as a mod.

Again, do NOT bother with these people. If they already have violating stories in our EHOCC or CS threads, then we merely continue reporting them. Business as usual.

Don't give them any more attention. They don't deserve it.

4/30/2012 #10
Cha's Aegis

This came up on my account page when I had to log back in again after midnight pacific time. It's good advice by the site admins. Please ignore their spelling errors, regardless of how amusing they are, because I bet they forgot to use the spellchecker. ;P :

Account Security and Privacy Best Practices

In this age of shrinking online privacy and increasing security risks, we would like to advise our users on how to avoid being exposed tocommon security and privacy pitfulls.

1. Do not give your site login/password to any 3rd party website or software. Doing so will put you at the highest risk of losing control of your account.

2. Do not fall for scams of 3rd party website or software charging money to access this site. We offer a 100% free service.

3. Avoid putting any personal photo or other personally identifiable information in any part of your account such as telephone number or address.

4. Always use a pen name/alias instead of your real name.

5. Always use a long password that is not composed of personal info such as name, date of birth, and pet name.

We take security seriously but your account can only be as secure as your own actions.

5/7/2012 #11
Cha's Aegis

This is announcement is geared more toward our lurkers.

As everyone knows there was a recent site-wide purge of violating stories. As nice as it is that Critics United is so well-known, we've been blamed for pretty much all of it.

The number of stories we actually reported that were removed by the site admins is considerably smaller than those affected in this recent purge. I say recent as this isn't the first, nor do I doubt it will be the last.

All the stories we have reported are listed either in Ever Heard of Constructive Criticism thread and the Clean Sweep threads. If a story that was removed isn't in there, we didn't report it.

The writers of the stories we did report knew from the beginning their story was in violation, why our member thought that and when the rest of the group started reviewing and reporting their story. The **KNOW** from the beginning. There have been some writers who **THINK** CU had a hand in getting their story removed. If they didn't get a review or pms from our members then we had nothing to do with it.

We do not just outright report a story. The first review a member gives is a warning with no report submitted on it. This is giving the writer a chance. Even if the story is reported, there's still time for the writer to fix the story as it takes the admins time to investigate the abuse reports.

CU aren't the site admins. We can't remove stories. We can only review and report.

We also aren't the only concrit group on this site. There's Literate Union and a few smaller ones like the Fanfiction Renaissance. Also, don't forget there are many readers out there who concrit on their own or will just report stories because they don't like them.

6/2/2012 #12
Cha's Aegis

In light of recent events I call on our members and our friends to enact the 3-I's. For those who may not remember, that stands for Identify, Isolate and Ignore.

The Complain thread is being abused because a writer who couldn't follow the few simple rules this site asks of us got their story deleted. They decided to hit the road with their sob story and tell it to anyone who would listen.

The Complain/Give Thanks thread was designed for the writers we deal with to have a place to publicly confront us. Sometimes those arguments come to a good resolution, even if it's only to agree to disagree.

However, thanks to the whiner who refused to take the time to fix their story, wasting it to focus on playing the victim (a role they have no right to) we got visited by people who aren't even writing violating fics believing we harass and bully people.

Since many choose to ignore the fact we ARE operating well within the site rules, I suggest we offer the same courtesy.

Ignore them.

We all know they can report and complain to the site admins to their hearts content. Again, we're well within the site rules, so we are certainly safe from that.

We know that any revenge reviews they give can be reported. Even if they're anon we can still e-mail the site admins with this information and let them handle the true harassment.

We know that even if we were all to decide to disband CU, each of us would continue doing what we are doing on our own. We all were doing this to some degree or other before joining CU and I know that we'd all be continuing to do so long after.

So our best course of action is to go with what has worked time and again. Ignore them. Let them rant. Let them report. In the end we will still be here.

Jewel's EDIT: To end confusion and people continously coming to us misinformed, CU members no longer curse in their reviews. After receiving a message from the admins of the site asking us not to, that will no longer be an issue; however, the admins are perfectly fine with us reporting abuse. This is the message I received from them:

DarkScareJewel...,Please note we have received quite a bit of reports regarding members and/or followers of your forum posting abusive reviews on several writers' stories.Altough you are not responsible for the action of your forum participants, as a forum admin, it is your responsibility to set a good example.

Reporting abuse is fine but I would highly suggest you to announce to your forum members that using coarse language within reviews is not to the spirit of the site. If users are posting something they shouldn't or aren't following rules, just let them know dryly minus any deragatory language. So as long as we aren't using coarse language, we are in the clear. We aren't required to be sweet and sugary in reviews; we are required not to curse.

6/3/2012 . Edited by CU Administration, 6/4/2012 #13
CU Administration

Alright guys and gals! Big news here:


Yes you read that right. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to work with the forum like I used to now that I'm in school along with my life in the military. Don't worry, the forum will not be closed. I'm passing off the reigns to Son of Palpatine and Atraxeus will be his right hand. Son of Palpatine will be taking over this account. I'm hoping that the forum will continue to thrive and that CU will still be able to help people with their writing as well as removing rule breaking fics. I've enjoyed my time in CU and will definitely be dropping by. For the members or those that have worked with CU for long periods of time, you can ask Axtraxeus or Son of Palpatine for my other account name if you would like to keep in touch.

Good luck CU as well as the other forums Literate Union, Fanfiction Renaissance, and other thriving forums! I'll miss you all!



10/6/2012 . Edited 10/6/2012 #14
CU Administration

Hello everyone,

This is a formal announcement of some of the things that will be implemented to CU in the following days; these changes were discussed between me and the other mods and we hope they will help the group in the long run.

  • First of all, Cha and Goody will be back as mods.
  • The Ever Heard of Constructive Criticism thread will be renamed to Stories in Violation (SiV); it will continue working the same way it always has, but to make it closer to what its true purpose is, the new name will be implemented.
  • Some of the threads will be assigned to certain mods to monitor and supervise:
  1. Cha will help us with the chat thread.
  2. Ryu will help us with the OC Helpdesk and the review request threads.
  3. Goody will monitor the Clean Sweep and Stories in Violation threads.
  4. Son of Palpatine will take the Tip Line thread and will monitor the Worst Review Response, author's note and shout out as well as the Complain thread.
  • We will reinforce our banning policy for troublemakers. If a person is causing trouble in any of our threads, a moderator will give a warning and if it is ignored, the person causing trouble will be banned. Members of Critics United can also give a warning and contact a mod to notify the situation.
  • Trolls, as it always has been the case, will be banned on sight.
  • The current contents of the Writer's Helpdesk will be relocated on the Treasure Trove thread. After this, the Writer's Helpdesk will turn into a basic Q&A Helpdesk for visitors to issue questions for the group. If the question is already answered in the Faq thread, it will be easy to direct them there. This is with the objective of not derailing the chat with repetitive questions.
  • The current Complain thread will be closed. A new one will be opened and it will work the same way with only one difference. Starting today the complain thread will be restricted only to writers who have actually received a review by a CU member. Everyone else who is here to complain and has not received a review from us will be directed to the chat, the Faq thread or the new Q&A Helpdesk.
  • The Worst Mary Sue thread will be deleted.
  • All the old, locked chat threads will be deleted as well.
  • We encourage our members not to get involved in any drama that starts in any of the anti forums. It has always been a rule that CU members avoid these confrontations, so if you see something strange, please notify a mod.
  • For the stories that we review and report, we're going back to the three limit rule per rule-breaker story. We hope this will help limit the arguments that CU is a bully or a spammer group.
  • The forum description will be changed to the following: "A place for reviewers to gather and talk, exchange tales and support each other as we all try and help authors of the site."

This will be all, I hope that we can count with your help and support to implement these new changes.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us mods know by pm or in the chat.


10/12/2012 . Edited 10/12/2012 #15

Just a quick add on to the above regarding the redubbed "Stories in violation" as there has been a bit of confusion from a few people.

1) The "three review limit" works this way: If I were to review a story and bring it to Siv that counts as one review. If Cha and then GG followed up with reviews of their own that would count as reviews two and three. After that members should not review and simply report if they choose do.

People will mess up as there is a delay on the site between reviews but please do check so we don't appear to be ganging up on someone.

2) It appears there was a "time limit" or "time span" placed on when stories can be brought in after a review. That is no longer in effect. If you don't get a reply or if the author doesn't update then so be it.

Stories should only be posted in SiV by members if:

a) the author replies poorly

b) They update it and ignore your review

c) They update other works

Feel free to PM myself or any of the other mods if you have any questions or hit the Q&A thread and we'll get to your question ASAP.

10/17/2012 #16
CU Administration

The Story Contractor's Corner will be closed for the time being as it is currently under revision.

Since the current contractors have not contacted any of the CU mods or have visited the forum for a long period of time, we are sad to announce we will be letting them go. If they decide to join CU and work with us as members in the future, they will be welcomed into the group.

10/20/2012 #17
Cha's Aegis

After several lengthy discussions, Out of the Blue agreed to merge the Fanfiction Renaissance with CU.

Al officiall Fanfiction Renaissance members have an open invitation to join CU if they wish.

10/26/2012 #18

This is a special announcement to those that want to become a member of Critics United as well as some current members.

Never, ever claim you are a member of this group unless you get the approval from a moderator. Doing so will end you chances and you'll find your ass banned from here for good.

One should also keep in mind that if you think you're smarter than us and can pull a fast one by trying to incite trouble with people in CU's name then you are mistaken,. We will find out and we will not just let it slide. Member or non-member alike, you'll find yourself on the outside looking in very quickly.

This is not a drama club anymore. Those days are gone. If that's what you are aiming at then it's time for you to leave.

The reason for this post was that in the process of vetting a potential member (a liar that called himself "Sour Citrus" now calling himself "Liverandonions" to try and cover his tracks) it was discovered that not only are they claiming they are a member, without approval, but that they went to a specific blog, which shall remain nameless to cease any further issues, that isn't a fan of this group (or others but this one is tops on their list) and attempted to incite trouble in this group's name with them for whatever reason. This sort of action will not stand and the person in question has been dealt with.

To the owner of said blog, as I noticed you do watch this page during my discovery of the moron's actions, I would like you ask that you contact me in some way (a private message perhaps?) so we can work out how Critics United can help you in dealing with the idiot tool that is attempting to cause trouble. You are entitled to your opinion (no matter how I may disagree with it and your claims) so what this person did isn't right especially with how they went about doing it.

11/28/2012 . Edited 11/28/2012 #19

Just a note regarding the "Tipline" and other threads:

As of today we will no longer be accepting any stories marked "troll fic" in the tipline. This is mostly because some were using the designation as a means to post and get this group to go after stories without them having to actually review it themselves.

We also no longer wish to give these trolls and troll wannabes the attention they are craving.

Any story posted in the tipline that is considered a "trollfic" will have that post deleted on sight.

Current CU members may still continue dealing with trollfics as they see fit but are now encouraged to refrain from posting them in the SiV unless absolutely necessary.

12/19/2012 . Edited 12/20/2012 #20
Cha's Aegis

Shows how much I've been paying attention, but site admins made a couple of new recent announcements on the main page of Most were issues that have been resolved already, but this one I thought was important to make everyone aware of:


We are introducing a new "Recovery" feature under the "Publish" tab in the admin area that allows writers to recover/un-delete accidentally removed stories up to 2 weeks after the initial deletion. P.S. March is going to be a monster month so hang on tight as we are just getting started.

Translation: The admins are going to do a bunch of tinkering that is going to make it frustrating for those of us actively writing and posting.

However, I'm also taking it as a good sign that the site admins are gearing up for another purge. Who knows how big it's going to be, but I don't doubt that we'll be seeing more stories disappearing.

3/3/2013 #21
CU Administration

This is an important announcement.

Starting today and for the next few months, CU won't be taking any new members.

We appreciate the continued support of all our visitors and we remind you that you can still help us with the Tip Line Thread until memberships are open again.

Thanks for your attention.

3/25/2013 #22

A quick announcement that all CU members need to head over to the proboards as soon as they can.

If you don't have the link or have lost your password feel free to PM any of the CU mods right away.

6/27/2013 #23
CU Administration

Today we have a series of new announcements:

The Review request thread will remain closed indefinitely.

The Tip Line thread is gone.

We will start recruiting members again. But it will be limited to our mods contacting possible members for the time being.

7/11/2013 #24

Just a quick note for folks who have been asking and such: The tipline is back.

Do not screw around with it this time. We had to close it the last time because too many people were using it as a means to target authors and stories they don't like as well as to try to draw CU into messing with trolls.

We know it wasn't everyone doing that but it was truly a case of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch and I don't think anyone wants to have that happen again.

8/15/2013 #25
CU Administration

Just a quick note asking our members to please go to the Proboards forum so that we can let you know about an important issue that we feel you all must know.

Make sure to drop by when you can, thank you.

8/21/2013 #26

It must be that time of the year again as once again we have a case of someone running around, attacking stories and people claiming t be a part of this group as well as a sock account for this group.

The little coward in this case is currently using the name "Babycaks1562" and seems to attaking stuff in the Percy Jackson area.

This isn't new as CU have had people in the past claim to be a part of the group when they're just bored little children who want to cause drama and trouble. Always double check the "Our Members" thread to see if the person is there. If they are not then they ain't us and just a cowardly little liar.

Oh, and FYI - CU members do not use sock accounts to review. Most of us have these accounts just for that purpose so why set up a third one? Doesn't make sense does it?

Again, don't believe everything in a review and just because someone says they are with CU doesn't mean they are no matter how much you may wish to believe it.

If we were coming at you we would do so openly and not like a little 12 year old who thinks he's funny by using a sick account. That's as low as running around and trying to claim one of our members died because you didn't like her reviews.

9/1/2013 #27
CU Administration

This new announcement is just to let people know we're accepting membership requests again.


11/5/2013 #28
CU Administration

The old Worst review response, author's note and shout out thread reached 3,100 posts and has been locked.

You can access the new version of that thread here: Worst review responses, notes and shout outs V2

1/11/2014 #29

Just a heads up to CU members about a recent spammer who has decided to bother all CU members via PM in their efforts to target and cause drama: ignore and block them.

This kid is a just a cast off from another (now essentially defunct group) who is looking to get their attention and drama kicks any way possible.

1/21/2014 #30
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