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Just to make everyone see it


It seems that as Goody said, there are trolls trying to get our attention or cause trouble for the group. I'm asking all our members to help us deal with this by ignoring any troll that shows up and instead send a pm to a CU moderator so they can ban the troublemaker.

Thank you.

So pretty much for the next week or so just be extra careful as we are currently in Spring Break (or just starting depending where you are) in North America which means bored little children are most likely going to be out there and trying ti stir up the drama pot.

Don't be shocked if like the other night we get more people coming in and purposely posting in wrong threads with baseless accusations and/or outright lies about us. Just do as the glorious leader suggested: let one of us mods know as soon as you see something and let us deal with it.

3/15/2014 #31
CU Administration

Due to our mods current schedules people wishing to join Critics United should contact MrGoodyTwoShoes. He will handle all membership requests for the tine being.

3/28/2014 #32
CU Administration

It came to our attention some time ago that someone created a forum in's sister site, and that they're using our name.

This person opened that forum without asking us for permission or notifying us about their intentions and, while people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in this case we believe that this could confuse people and cause our group problems that we don't need.

Therefore, we want to make clear that we do not support nor sanction any other forum that copies our name.

To make it clear: Critics United operates only on, and forums with the same name on other sites are not handled by us and have nothing to do with us.

If a CU member is ever questioned about this issue, please reference this post.

Thank you.

8/21/2014 #33

We're going to try and do a bit of a pilot project with the complain thread as a means to help people out a bit more. As of now anyone with a valid complaint and/or comment may post in the Complain thread. If it gets out of hand we'll just stop it and go back to how it currently is.

Also, if you haven't checked out the chat recently please do so. We are currently discussing the idea of bringing back the review request thread so if that interests you then please check it out.

11/22/2014 . Edited 12/5/2014 #34

The Review Request thread is reopened again as we've had members show interest in working with it. We're going with a few changes this time in that we won't have a specific lsit of reviewers and instead opening it up for all CU members.

Just remember that people are also busy so please be patient if it take a bit for folks to get to your request.

12/5/2014 #35
Cha's Aegis

I'm sure everyone has noticed the sudden influx of misguided white knighters/social justice warriors. Their appearance isn't by accident and is occurring because of misinformation, or very old information, that isn't true of what CU is today.

To all CU members, be this a reminder to our older members or advice to the new ones, keep going about your business. We aren't doing anything wrong or the site admins would've shut us down three years ago. We work well within the site rules and have never been about destroying writers. Our respect and appreciation for this site is our driving motivation.

So don't feed into the drama. Offer advice to writers who are willing to fix their stories as most violations can be fixed with a little effort. Suggestions can be found in the The F.A.Q. -Frequently Asked Questions- Cornucopia thread if you need a refresher on talking points.

Remember, if a writer can write and post said story in the first place, they can take the few extra minutes to make it compliant to the few, easy site rules we are asked to follow.

2/6/2015 . Edited 2/6/2015 #36

Just a head's up that it's Spring break time for many parts in North America so don't be shocked if things get a bit busier around here.

Just be on the look out for those who are bored with their time off and think it will be fun to try and cause trouble.

3/16/2015 #37

We've slacked off over the summer and it appears that a bunch of folks have disappeared in the process so it's time to do another member audit and figure out if people are still around or have just upped and left without bothering to tell us.

Those in question will be contacted within the next week. If you don't get contacted then don't worry about it.

9/28/2015 #38
Spirit of Paladin

Because of a very important personal event that is happening soon, I'll have to be on hiatus until March. In the meantime and until I come back, Goody is going to be in charge of Critics United, so be nice to him. ;)



And I'm back. :)

1/4/2016 . Edited 4/5/2016 #39

Just wanted to take this chance to give Literate Union a quick shout out as the group is prepping to call it a day and head onto chrome highway to Valhalla.

Our two groups rarely saw eye to eye on things but at the end of the day the LU did set the mold for other groups that followed so I think a quick "Happy Trails" and "Good Luck" is in order for the day.

8/18/2016 #40
Spirit of Paladin

Given some recent events, I think it is necessary to clarify one thing about membership requests.

If you wish to join, make sure that you read the Want to join up with Critics United? Read this to find out how... so that you don't botch your chances.

If we give you a negative answer it doesn't mean that you won't be able to join in the future, perhaps we'll simply ask you to spend time in the chat and help out in the Tipline thread so that other members know you and you can get the feel of the group.

However, if you start signing your reviews claiming that you are part of Critics United when you're not, or telling people in your reviews that you are a "Critics United Trainee" then we're simply not going to let you join.

Claiming to be part of Critics United before you are a member of the group is the fastest way to guarantee your request will be denied.


If you happen to see any review from someone claiming to be a "Critics United trainee" or a "Critics United Apprentice" or anything similar, you can be sure that person has nothing to do with the group. Only members found in the Our Members thread can sign stating they are a part of this group.

1/17/2017 . Edited 1/17/2017 #41

Tweeked the rules for the group and forum a bit today to reflect some changes that were made since they were first posted.

Everyone is encouraged to give it a quick read over just to make sure they're all up to date on how things should be for member and non-member of this group alike on this forum.

8/19/2017 #42

With her return we get a chance to welcome Cha back to the mod fold. Let's face it, without her none of us would still be here.

Also, don't be shocked if threads vanish or posts just cut down. We're going to be doing a bit of housekeeping forum wise and what not while Cha helps in tightening up the FAQ thread since that one specifically is a bit of a mess organization wise.

I'll update this posting if anything more happens.

10/24/2017 #43
Spirit of Paladin

Hello, everybody.

I'm writing this post because I have a very important announcement for all CUers.

I want to let you know that I'm leaving Critics United. I no longer will be the owner of the forum.

There are many reasons for this but the most important is that my life has reached a point where I can't be a part of Critics United anymore; I am married now, with a full time job and soon I'll have new responsibilities to my family.

I have been a part of CU since it started way back in 2010, and after all these amazing years, my time has finally come to head off to new adventures… I'm not even sure what they are yet, but trust me--they will be wonderful.

It has been a joy to have worked with all of you during my time here, all the members of Critics United and all the moderators have been great to me. I couldn't have asked for better people to have spent time with in this site.

Going forward, MrGoodyTwoShoes will be the new owner of Critics United. I'm sure you all agree that he's the best person for the job, and I'm happy to leave the forum in his capable hands.

I want to thank Goody, Cha, Whimiscal and Warg for all they have done to help keep Critics United going during the years. Thank you guys, you're the best!

And thanks, too, to all Critics United members and moderators, past and present. You all kept the forum and what it stands for alive, even in the dark times (and we've had very dark ones) you kept it going. I can't thank you enough for that.

I wish you great success in your own adventures as members of Critics United!

All the best to all of you!

Spirit of Paladin.

*Takes off mod hat.*

11/4/2017 #44
CU Administration

Hey guys. Looks like we've got a bit of a case of people trying to blame CU for stuff we don't do but are too naive, gullible and plain dumb to think/see otherwise and rather LISTEN AND BELIEVE than to even attempt to verify if it's remotely true.

Without naming names of forums (no worries though, they stalk this place and all our activities so they will see this) let's address a few things to those that are making said noise and enough that I'm making this statement:

First off: we have known about you and your forum for some time. You can't hide on a public website so since we haven't said anything about you lot that should tell you something, which leads to the second point

We don't care about you, your anti-cu site (dress it up all you want but that's what it is) or whatever games you bored lot are doing to try and rile up folks to bully and intimidate us. You kids are as free as you want to do what you do just as we are as free and we are to do what we've been doing for the last 7 years (and well within the rules of the site despite what some of your more aggressive and lying pals say).

As an official statement on the deal: Critics United does not leave any sort of anonymous messages, reviews, threats or anything else under the sun.

Honestly, I think you've been had. Either someone you contacted is trying to rile you up for their own amusement because they see how easily you lot can be manipulated OR someone within your crew is trying to start something because they know they have nothing to use against us despite how much you lot want to believe it.

Best look within your own house before you start pointing the finger of accusation at others.

11/14/2017 #45
CU Administration

I wouldn't normally speak about this but given what's been happening over the weekend (and that I've been contacted by a concerned author) I think every CU member, prospect and visitor alike need to be brought up to speed and made aware of the current happenings if they're not aware already.

It seems someone, or a group of someones, is abusing the guest/anonymous reviewing system in a vain attempt to incite people of this site against us. I honestly think they're using a bot or a script in order to make it happen because it's quite difficult to make 50 reviews (or more in some cases) on one story within three hours manually given the measures and throttles in place to prevent spam reviewing like what's happening here. I give them credit for the co-ordination but it's going to fail as the admins will just flag and their ban their IP for spamming as opposed to do anything to us.

Right now I'm going to ask everyone who spots this to contact the author and alert them to the spam attack and that they should advise the author to moderate guest reviews and delete the spam without mention.I would also ask if you have contacts in other forums and/or authors who may not have received the spam to reach out and alert them to what's going on. This might help a bit and cut the perpetrator at the knees.

If members are wishing to do something they are encouraged to take screenshots and report accordingly.

Edit/addon: and for the record, there is no one associated with CU that uses the name "Mary", "MaryDJ" or any sort of combination of the likes. Anyone claiming otherwise is simply lying.

9/2 . Edited 9/3 #46
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